Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Northwest Baltimore, Doylestown

On Saturday, reasoning that more of the snow would've melted down south, I went geocaching in Northwest Baltimore. I targeted the "Northern Pkwy Walk & Grab" cache series, which was nice but not that interesting since it's just a 2-mile walk on the side of a road with no sidewalk. After that though, I went to the Cylburn Arboretum, which was a better place to walk around in. Then I continued northwest-wards to Pikesville, Owings Mills, and Reisterstown until it was time for dinner. Anyway, while heading up Route 140, I noticed that I'd passed at least 3 seafood places. Since I hadn't had a crab cake in a while, I figured why not? The closest one to Reisterstown, the Blue Point Crab House, is more of a market than a restaurant, so I had a simple, unpretentious crab cake platter. I should get more of that when I go to Fur 'the More next month.

Sunday's geocaching trip was to Warrington, Jamison, and Doylestown, with the idea of heading down to Philadelphia Chinatown for dinner afterwards for the (3rd day of) Chinese New Year. The Doylestown area was still rather snowy/icy but that posed little difficulty for the caches I attempted.

While I was in northwest Baltimore, I noticed that there were red light cameras and speed cameras on practically every block of some roads. I wasn't comfortable with that. It's like being watched all the time, treated like a kid needing constant supervision. Here's where I'm somewhat conflicted though: I don't like it when people drive recklessly but I also think that trying to prevent that by putting up cameras everywhere is a bit Orwellian. I have to wonder though, if you take one of those traffic camera ticket cases to court, can you face your accuser? Maybe the state will then have to take the camera down from the post and bring it into the courtroom.

Saturday 2014-02-01:

Magnolia Pole (Maryland)
White Marsh & Honeygo Blvd (Maryland)
The Perfect Choice (Maryland)
It's Preakness Time Again! (Maryland)
Northern Pkwy Walk & Grab #10 (Maryland)
Northern Pkwy Walk & Grab #9 (Maryland)
Northern Pkwy Walk & Grab #8 (Maryland)
Northern Pkwy Walk & Grab #7 (Maryland)
Northern Pkwy Walk & Grab #5 (Maryland)
Northern Pkwy Walk & Grab #4 (Maryland)
Northern Pkwy Walk & Grab #3 (Maryland)
Northern Pkwy Walk & Grab #2 (Maryland)
Northern Pkwy Walk & Grab #1 (Maryland)
Northern Pkwy Walk & Grab #6 (Maryland)
Put a ring on it (Maryland)
An Army of Frogs, a Knot of Toads! (Maryland)
A Seed to a Snag... (Maryland)
Diamond in the Rough (Maryland)
Jewelry Store (Maryland)
Just because... (Maryland)
Target: It's Christmas! (Maryland)
Spinning Dreidle #3 (Maryland)
Dress For Less (Maryland)
Member Shopping #2 (Maryland)
Bullseye!! (Maryland)
Waaa, Waaa, Waaa... (Maryland)
Main Java (Maryland)
Moo? (Maryland)
Where The Lions Are Fed (Maryland)
North End? (Maryland)

Sunday 2014-02-02:

Open arms (Delaware)
It's Not Easy Being Green (Delaware)
Happy Guy Fawkes Day! (Pennsylvania)
Niagara Falls (Pennsylvania)
Happy Election Day! (Pennsylvania)
The Green, Green Grass of Home (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Over Untroubled Waters XVI (Pennsylvania)
On Your Way Into Warwick Park.... (Pennsylvania)
PMC Lite - Resistance is Futile (Pennsylvania)
Giving Thanks (Pennsylvania)
Happy Sadie Hawkins Day! (Pennsylvania)
Alms for Poor Cachers (Pennsylvania)
This Is What Prickers Look Like When They Grow Up (Pennsylvania)
Sewercide IV (Pennsylvania)
A Cool, Dark Place II (Pennsylvania)
A Cool, Dark Place (Pennsylvania)
Our First Cache "My Final Hide Beta" (Pennsylvania)
MMC 10: Eeny, "meanie", miny, moe (Pennsylvania)
A Revolutionary Cache (Pennsylvania)
Where Did the Train Tracks Go? (Pennsylvania)
A Shootin' We Go! (Pennsylvania)
Don't Fence Me In V (Pennsylvania)
Keeping the Streaks Alive! (Pennsylvania)
MMC 11 : On Fire (Pennsylvania)

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