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Lower Gwynedd, Millsboro TAD

On Saturday, I thought I'd go to Montgomery/Bucks County again since I had no problems last weekend, despite the snow. Well, the difficulty increased over the past week, apparently. The snow had partially melted and refrozen, so it's now hard. I had to be a lot better at guessing where the geocache was under the ice because trying to dig through too much of that would tire me out quickly. Even so, I had some success. Sometimes it was pure luck but sometimes I had just enough insight into the cache owner's habits to be able to scan the area and figure out the exact spot. Anyway, this time, I hiked the Green Ribbon Trail in Ambler and Lower Gwynedd. I thought the stream crossing was tricky because the ice-cold water was running over the crossing stones but I've heard that the water level can be a lot higher at times.

On Sunday, since I was tired of the snow, I decided to go to Southern Delaware to do a cache series that was placed near Milford for the mid-January event, which I missed. There was also a new extension of the TAD (Trails Across Delmarva) powertrail near Millsboro. The TAD series is marked in such a way that you can do all westbound caches first, then turn the car around and do all eastbound caches. This time though, since there was very little traffic, I decided to just drive one way and cross the road when necessary. This way, I could go home up the other side of Sussex County after finishing TAD and grab a few more caches along the way. I was amused that when I was at TAD #254, pigs came over from the other side of the mud field to see what I was doing.

Saturday 2014-02-08:

Tanks for your service! (Pennsylvania)
GRT XVI (Pennsylvania)
Sewercide XX (Pennsylvania)
GRT XV (Pennsylvania)
GRT XII (Pennsylvania)
3300 lb micro (Pennsylvania)
GRT XIV (Pennsylvania)
Danger, Keep Off Bridge (Pennsylvania)
GRT X (Pennsylvania)
GRT XI (Pennsylvania)
GRT IX (Pennsylvania)
A Large Cache for Greenducks (and you) (Pennsylvania)
Tennis Anyone? (Not) II (Pennsylvania)
Treweryn Farm Trail #1 (Pennsylvania)
Treweryn Farm Trail #2 (Pennsylvania)
KRIS' KACHE (Pennsylvania)
Lower Gwynedd Township (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2014-02-09:

Not your average... Guard Rail Cache (Delaware)
Bayberry Belle (Delaware)
Candy Canes (Delaware)
Jingle Bell (Delaware)
O Christmas Tree (Delaware)
Frosty the Snowman (Delaware)
Urban Wetlands Of Kent County (Delaware)
Beginners Cache (Delaware)
Grotto’s Christmas Bonus Cache (Delaware)
Windy Day Cache (Delaware)
Tribute to DE Caching and DE Cachers (Delaware)
Heart (Delaware)
Old School Cache (Delaware)
(R1) Kaitlynns Kache (Delaware)
Cache Me If You Can ( R2 ) (Delaware)
TAD #254 E (Delaware)
TAD #253 W (Delaware)
Happy New Year - 2014 (Delaware)
TAD #252 W (Delaware)
TAD #251 W (Delaware)
TAD #250 E (Delaware)
TAD #249 W (Delaware)
TAD #248 W (Delaware)
TAD #247 W (Delaware)
TAD #246 W (Delaware)
TAD #245 E (Delaware)
TAD #244 W (Delaware)
TAD #243 W (Delaware)
TAD #242 W (Delaware)
TAD #241 W (Delaware)
TAD #240 E (Delaware)
TAD #239 E (Delaware)
TAD #238 W (Delaware)
TAD #237 E (Delaware)
TAD #236 E (Delaware)
TAD #235 E (Delaware)
TAD #234 E (Delaware)
TAD #233 W (Delaware)
TAD #232 E (Delaware)
TAD #231 W (Delaware)
TAD #230 E (Delaware)
TAD #229 W (Delaware)
TAD #228 W (Delaware)
TAD #227 W (Delaware)
TAD #226 W (Delaware)
TAD #225 W (Delaware)
TAD #224 E (Delaware)
TAD #223 W (Delaware)
TAD #222 W (Delaware)
TAD #221 W (Delaware)
TAD #220 W (Delaware)
Friday The 13th (Delaware)
A Cache For flyinbacon (Delaware)
Feeling Blue (Delaware)
Happy Thanksgiving - 2013 (Delaware)
Tim's Favorite Place (Delaware)
Not your average... Lamp Post Cache (Delaware)

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