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Salisbury without steak

I checked webcams to see if areas to the north had thawed out yet but there were still vast expanses of snow all over. I figured I'd give it another week, so once again, I headed south to Delmar and Salisbury to continue the group of geocaches I started tackling last week.

On Saturday, I visited mostly the built-up and mall areas around Salisbury. Although one would expect mostly cache & dash caches in those areas, there were some good puzzles in the bunch. The "Question Mark" series had a lot of algebra. "Caching Among the Stars!" was a puzzle having to do with the first geocache on the International Space Station. I actually researched that one on the spot using WiFi because I'd neglected to prepare, but it wasn't too difficult. "It's Always the Green One" was a cache up in a tree near a mall parking lot. Luckily I had the right tool to retrieve the cache because I wasn't sure if I could climb that tree without attracting undue attention.

On Sunday, I did more geocaches in park environments like Salisbury City Park. While the urban parks are the same as anywhere else, the wooded areas had some good, albeit convoluted, trails for walking. Towards the end of the day, I hit some caches closer to the downtown area of Salisbury. I noticed that some cache descriptions caution not to visit at night for reasons of safety, so that was a bit worrisome. Also, according to cache logs, one geocacher found a gun on the ground near a cache site. Later, they determined that it was only an air pistol but with the crime rate in the area, I can see how it could have been somewhat alarming. I didn't see anything untoward myself. The biggest danger I encountered was people were riding their bicycles on sidewalks in the downtown area and I had to be careful not to get knocked over.

Saturday 2014-02-22:

The Blue Hen Mall Is... EVIL! (Delaware)
Road To Nowhere - Delmar (Delaware)
Happy Easter 2013 (Delaware)
No crying in Delmar (Delaware)
Still Crying ? (Delaware)
Welcome To Maryland (Maryland)
The Hardy Boys (Maryland)
Road To Nowhere: Express Yourself (Maryland)
WGD 2013 - Leonards Mill Park (Maryland)
Barbed Wire Pond (Maryland)
Hot Koals In The Fire (Maryland)
Brrrrr!! (Maryland)
In the lettuce Micro (Maryland)
Wear A Five Foot Rue Dress Below Famous Barn 21 (Maryland)
Bullseye Pond (Maryland)
It's Knot In The Bullseye (Maryland)
Orange You Glad You Have A Pet Tractor At Home (Maryland)
Mr. Fix It Strikes Again (Maryland)
”OYR” Wanna Be #24 in Salisbury, MD (Maryland)
King Richard (Maryland)
Road to Nowhere - Salisbury 1 (Maryland)
Question Mark # 1 (Maryland)
Road To Nowhere: Salisbury (Maryland)
Find your way (point) (Maryland)
Question Mark # 4 (Maryland)
Question Mark # 3 (Maryland)
Question Mark # 2 (Maryland)
Question Mark # 9 (Maryland)
Trimming the Tree (Maryland)
It's Always the Green One (Maryland)
Question Mark # 10 (Maryland)
Question Mark # 8 (Maryland)
No Good Reason To Stop (Maryland)
The Mighty Oak (Maryland)
Caching Among the Stars! (Maryland)
Extra! Extra! (Maryland)
One Bored Evening... (Maryland)
No Longer Naylor (Maryland)

Sunday 2014-02-23:

.--- ..- ... - .- --. .-. -.-. .- -.-. .... . (Delaware)
10-21-19-20 1 7-21-1-18-4-18-1-9-12 3-1-3-8-5 (Delaware)
Just Off Track (Delaware)
MML 2013 - Delmar District 1 (Maryland)
WGD 2013 - Henry Parker Athletic Complex (Maryland)
Bike or Hike - Higher Ground (Maryland)
WGD 2012 - Poplar Hill Mansion (Maryland)
GSTDMI- Dead Like Me (Maryland)
MML 2013 - Salisbury District 1 (Maryland)
Poseur In The Park (Maryland)
Recycling is Fun 2 (Maryland)
Pitch In (Maryland)
Village in the Park Cache (Maryland)
WGD 2013 - Salisbury Zoo (Maryland)
The Troll Of Salisbury City Park (Maryland)
WGD 2013 - Salisbury City Park (Maryland)
Cowabunga Raphael (Maryland)
Happy Birthday Donna!! (Maryland)
Sweet Pink Thang (Maryland)
Dead End Goliath (Maryland)
You Just Got "SERVED"! (Maryland)
Who Ya Gettin' FRESH With? (Maryland)
Your Mom Goes To College (Maryland)
"Recycling is Fun" (Maryland)
No Broken Hearts (Maryland)
The States (Maryland)

Tags: geocaching, sussex county, wicomico county

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