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Cape May

As winter winds down, the search for places I hadn't geocached continued. I actually got this idea last weekend because I went as far as Millville and Vineland before it started to rain. If I kept going on Route 49, I'd be in Cape May, which I hadn't visited in at least 6 years! That, plus the fact that Cape May is not as far away as Salisbury, made it a winning choice for this weekend.

On Saturday, after finishing one last group of geocaches in Millville, I continued onwards to the northern part of Cape May. (Cape May Court House) I'd planned on hitting two caches in Cape May County Park and Zoo but stayed a while to photograph some animals. What's great about the Cape May area is there is a series of geocaches, the CMCST series, that take you on a tour of interesting sites there. So I saw more on this trip than on previous trips to Cape May.

I returned to Cape May on Sunday to continue the CMCST series. This time, I hiked in some beach areas. I also collected some quartz stones at Sunset Beach. Those were specimens for an earthcache but I'm saving them. Even if it was a bit cold and windy towards the evening, the beach areas were nice and quiet. I figure the off-season months are a good time to grab some beach geocaches before the summer crowds come in.

Saturday 2014-03-08:

Don't Over Look Me (New Jersey)
Not so Pleasant at Mt. Pleasant (New Jersey)
On a Perch. (New Jersey)
The troll in Billy goats gruff (New Jersey)
Just Hanging around (New Jersey)
Shark eye moon rise (New Jersey)
A Stroll in the Park (New Jersey)
A mirrors view (New Jersey)
Stay & Play (New Jersey)
Mother Knows Best (New Jersey)
For the dogs (New Jersey)
A matter of survival (New Jersey)
Welcome to my pond. (New Jersey)
West Creek Cemetery Cache (New Jersey)
Like Lakes or Ponds ? (New Jersey)
Waiting in Traffic... Trinity and Allison's first. (New Jersey)
CMCST - Park/Zoo (New Jersey)
Hear me Roar!!! (New Jersey)
Heroes (New Jersey)
CMCST - History (New Jersey)
Who's got a boo-boo? (New Jersey)
the wheels on the bikes go round and round (New Jersey)
cherokee run 2 (New Jersey)
Mmmm at Wwww (New Jersey)
CMCST - War and Memories (New Jersey)
CMCST - NW Meadow View (New Jersey)
Down By The Sea (New Jersey)

Sunday 2014-03-09:

Buckshutem Restoration Project (New Jersey)
TC Oak (New Jersey)
CMST - CMP Meadows (New Jersey)
Cape May Diamonds (New Jersey)
SJCC: Elderberry (New Jersey)
Zoey's Run (New Jersey)
Salt Marshes and Tidal Flats (New Jersey)
CMCST - Leaming's Run (New Jersey)
Ack Ack Avalon (New Jersey)
Fore! (New Jersey)
Base to Final (New Jersey)
Bennetts Bogs (New Jersey)
Union Bethel (A Spirit Quest Cache) (New Jersey)
CMCST - FSDJMP (New Jersey)
1 - The Alpha Numeric Bike Path Series (New Jersey)
0 - The Alpha Numeric Bike Path Series (New Jersey)
Nature Center TB Seaside Resort (New Jersey)
CMCST - Physick House (New Jersey)
Oh No! A nano on Beach Ave (New Jersey)
Continental Cache (New Jersey)
The Rotary (New Jersey)
CMCST - Wilbraham Park (New Jersey)
Off Broadway (New Jersey)
What is this? (New Jersey)
CMCST - Beanery RF: CMBO (New Jersey)
This Place is for the Birds (New Jersey)
A town that washed out to sea (New Jersey)
CMCST - CMP Bunker (New Jersey)
CMCST - NWC: CMBO (New Jersey)
CMCST- World War II Tower (New Jersey)
sunset beach (New Jersey)
How Low Can You Go? (Delaware)

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