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Fur the 'More 2014, Peanuts Burgers & Fries XXI

For the weekend, I went to Fur the 'More at the Hunt Valley Inn in Hunt Valley, MD. I stayed at the hotel from Thursday to Monday and jbadger joined me on Saturday. Although attendance has doubled since last year, the con is still small enough that I could find everyone I wanted to meet up with easily. Yet despite the size, the con had a lot of panels and activities going on that were of interest to me. So there wasn't a dull moment. I liked that they were trying new things, such as the QR code game. Also, this is the first con in quite a while in which I didn't go to the dances but that was only because of the good video programming going on at the same time.

My only suggestion to con staff was to move the fursuit games later in the day because it was hard to get up early on Sunday morning after staying up Saturday night for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Even that wasn't too much of a problem. Because of the way the games were set up, I could still join in even though I was a bit late. I think the biggest disappointment this year is we didn't get Frankie and Vinnie's, the 50s diner, because another group, International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, had that section of the hotel. Maybe we'll get it next year.

I took an additional vacation day after Fur the 'More to go to the "Peanuts, Burgers, and Fries XXI" geocaching event on Tuesday. This is a monthly event at Five Guys in Toms River. The last one I attended was in December, so I figured it was time to go again. I guess I was still tired from the con, so I woke up late that day but I was still able to do a bunch of geocaches around Berkeley/Holiday City and Toms River before the event. Anyway, it was a good little gathering and I used what I learnt there to finish a puzzle cache before going home.

Thursday 2014-03-13:

return promptly (Maryland)
Lorien (Maryland)
Red Shoe Box Hide - #3 (Maryland)
72whalers 366 Placed Dates of a Year Challenge (Maryland)
Cache to Eagle #6 - BAC, Harford District (Maryland)
Local watering hole in Aldino (Maryland)
Goosefeathers (Maryland)
Cache to Eagle #4 - BAC, Harford District (Maryland)
GingersPlace (Maryland)
Maryland House VI--Have a Picnic (Version 1.0) (Maryland)
A Bird In Hand (Maryland)
Atari 2600 Tribute: Circus Atari! (Maryland)
PD #1 - Pooh Sticks Anyone? (Maryland)
The bank of light (Maryland)
Thank You Cache (Maryland)
TRaptures Big Red Box #3 (Maryland)
Corner Park #6 (Maryland)
Corner Park #5 (Maryland)
TRaptures Big Red Box #4 (Maryland)
Yellow Box # 8 (Maryland)
Lip Service (Maryland)
Yellow box # 4 (Maryland)
SlayTherSlay (Maryland)
On The Way To The Market (Maryland)
Atari 2600 Tribute: Defender! (Maryland)
TRaptures Big Red Box #7 (Maryland)
CAM 2012 - Mariner Point (Maryland)
Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner (Maryland)
Barking up the Old Tree (Maryland)
Round the Way Cache (Maryland)
TRaptures Big Red Box #2 (Maryland)
Nothing but Aces (Maryland)
Coffee Paradise! (Maryland)
Angry Pig (Maryland)
Raven Maniac II (Maryland)

Friday 2014-03-14:

got-u-go? (Maryland)
Smoke Em' if U got Em' (Maryland)

Saturday 2014-03-15:

H. V. Overlook (Maryland)
Hot Chocolate Surprise (Maryland)

Sunday 2014-03-16:

CAM 2010 - Ashland Iron Furnace (Maryland)
"Vox" Turtle Cache (Maryland)
Legend of Bill (Maryland)
Don't forget the Pepperoni (Maryland)
Phoenix Express (Maryland)
Blue on Blue at Green Glade (Maryland)
Carroll Manor: Then and Now (Maryland)
Bobby's Black Mud (Maryland)
Long Green Pike Winery Cache (Maryland)
1,2,3, You're Out (Maryland)
Hydes Road Hide (Maryland)
Zacchaeus - 11-12-13 (Maryland)
Magnificant (Maryland)
Good Will Cemetery (Maryland)

Monday 2014-03-17:

Marble(s) Anyone (Earthcache) (Maryland)
Miles' First Hide (Maryland)
Another Pot O Gold (Delaware)
Lucky Pot O Gold (Delaware)
Heavy Metal: The Black And Silver (Delaware)

Tuesday 2014-03-18:

Let It Snow Challenge (New Jersey)
Hidden Among the Pines (New Jersey)
A False Dead End (New Jersey)
4 our Girls (New Jersey)
In The Heels of Alamogul 14 (New Jersey)
Holiday City Rail Trail (New Jersey)
Holy Stop Sign, Batman! (New Jersey)
Triple Play (New Jersey)
Home Away From Home (New Jersey)
W.R. Enclosure (New Jersey)
Franklin And Cache (New Jersey)
Peanuts, Burgers, and Fries XXI (New Jersey)
Two Year Cachiversary (New Jersey)
NT: #8 I Am The D.J. (New Jersey)

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