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Rainy Weekend, Ambler/Chalfont, Ephrata/Reading

This weekend, it rained continuously for two days. I avoided taking any long hikes because I'd have to carry an umbrella around the whole time. Still, there were plenty of geocaches that weren't far from parking areas and roadsides. On Saturday, I went geocaching in the Montgomery/Bucks area in the towns of Ambler, Lower Gwynedd, Horsham, and Chalfont. As is usual for that area, most of the caches were by Taxman. Two of those, "This Is Goodbye" and "My Farewell Cache", were "goodbye" caches, in which he announced his retirement from placing caches. I think it's a running gag because he was still putting those out as of a few days ago.

On Sunday, I was planning to attend a geocaching event in Collegeville but by the end of the day, I changed my mind because I was wet and muddy, and perhaps a bit too messy for Wegmans. Anyway, I went to Ephrata for the "Well Trained Monkey" series. These caches were mostly puzzles but I knew the solutions all led to easy park & grab cache sites. This cache series was a bit spread out, so I went from Ephrata to Denver, Adamstown, Sinking Spring, Spring Ridge, and Bern, up by Reading. While in those areas, I got whatever other caches that I figured were easy to get to in the rain, and some that weren't so easy. After finishing the monkey series, I hung around Wyomissing and Kenhorst and actually finished a bunch of other geocaches that I couldn't find on previous trips. These caches were the kind that were hidden by vegetation, which fortunately was still sparse after the long winter. In particular, "Three Little Pigs: Straw" was really obvious now that the bush is bare!

Saturday 2014-03-29:

Do Not Enter the Parking Lot (Pennsylvania)
Blue Bell Cache (Pennsylvania)
Sentry Cache (Pennsylvania)
Wings Field Trail (Pennsylvania)
Spring House (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Over Untroubled Waters XXV (Pennsylvania)
Sewercide XXII (Pennsylvania)
My Prophecy Is That You Will Find a Cache Here (Pennsylvania)
Mind your Manor (Pennsylvania)
Down in the Valley (Pennsylvania)
Bird Blind? (Pennsylvania)
Hidden Offices (Pennsylvania)
Is 14 Really Better Than 3? (Pennsylvania)
This Is Goodbye (Pennsylvania)
My Farewell Cache (Pennsylvania)
A Monumental Cache (Pennsylvania)
Do Cachers Value Smileys? - dhá (Pennsylvania)
I'm Back in the Saddle Again (Pennsylvania)
A Death Defying Cache - Quartus Decimus (Pennsylvania)
Cache By The Creek (Pennsylvania)
Bridgewater Cache (Pennsylvania)
Another Evergreen Cache for You (Pennsylvania)
North Branch Baseball Cache II (Pennsylvania)
Not So Obvious (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2014-03-30:

TOA - New Firehouse 23 (Pennsylvania)
I See Dee Nine Times! (Pennsylvania)
P.O. Box - Ephrata (Pennsylvania)
Well Trained Monkey 16 - Night Monkey Edition (Pennsylvania)
Well Trained Monkey 24 - Patas Monkey Edition (Pennsylvania)
Well Trained Monkey 19 – Woolly Monkey Edition (Pennsylvania)
Well Trained Monkey 23 - Green Monkey Edition (Pennsylvania)
Well Trained Monkey 20 - Marmoset Edition (Pennsylvania)
Well Trained Monkey 21 - Macaque Edition (Pennsylvania)
Inside The White Box#9 (Pennsylvania)
Stumped to Find 2 (Pennsylvania)
Well Trained Monkey 22 - Dryas Monkey Edition (Pennsylvania)
The Great Ice Cream Challenge-Adamstown (Pennsylvania)
Klingon Invasion! (Pennsylvania)
" Reduce-Reuse-Recycle " (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - J8 (Pennsylvania)
Well Trained Monkey 15 – Woolly Spider Monkey (Pennsylvania)
Well Trained Monkey 18 - Howler Monkey Edition (Pennsylvania)
Dr. Jekyll (Pennsylvania)
Well Trained Monkey 2 (Pennsylvania)
Under The Knife (Pennsylvania)
Well Trained Monkey 9 - Squirrel Monkey Edition (Pennsylvania)
Well Trained Monkey 17 - Saki Monkey Edition (Pennsylvania)
Well Trained Monkey 1 (Pennsylvania)
A Horselady9 View (Pennsylvania)
Well Trained Monkey 12 - Capuchin Edition (Pennsylvania)
S.O.S. KISS(inger) OF DEATH (Pennsylvania)
X-SBUX @ Wyomissing (Pennsylvania)
Three Little Pigs: Straw (Pennsylvania)
Three Little Pigs: Bricks (Pennsylvania)
Family Fusion Wisdom Hunt: 4 (Pennsylvania)
Takin' it to the Streets (Pennsylvania)
Presidential Cache- Lincoln (Pennsylvania)
Down By The Roadside (Pennsylvania)
A Closed Mind (Pennsylvania)
Don't Be A Penny Pincher (Pennsylvania)
A Penny Saved.... (Pennsylvania)
170 CacheDash (Pennsylvania)

Tags: berks county, bucks county, geocaching, lancaster county, montgomery county

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