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Harford County, Reading, and Maker Madness

I missed out on getting the Maker Madness souvenir last weekend, so this weekend, I planned my trips around two Maker Madness events. I was actually able to make it to both events, so the second one was gravy but both were pretty good and definitely worth attending.

On Saturday, I went to Cedar Lane Regional Park in Bel Air, MD, for the "HCGP Makers Madness Event". It was a simple event, just a table set up in an unused section of the parking lot. But it was pretty nice and I got to see some of the Maryland geocachers whose caches I'd been finding on previous trips to Harford County. Only real problem was it was a windy morning so stuff kept flying off of the table. After that, I went geocaching around Bel Air and Fallston, including a short hike on the Ma & Pa Trail, which is actually the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Trail, not the Mama and Papa Trail as I originally thought. :) I know I've complained a lot about Maryland in the past but this trip was quite enjoyable. There was a lot of variety in the area in terms of cache hides and terrain.

I planned Sunday around the "Maker Madness Easter Flash Mob-Bison Tube Exchange" event. It was an Easter-themed geocaching event in the food court of Fairgrounds Mall in Reading, PA. I actually knew more people at this event than at the Maryland event because apparently, the folks going to Berks County events are the same ones who go to Bucks County and Lehigh Valley events. After the event, I headed out a bit northwest to do the "I Love Lucy" series of geocaches. These are all puzzles based on Lucille Ball's TV, movie, and radio career. I skipped part of this series because the terrain in the eastern section looked unbelievably hard, but the western section was a nice hike across a ridge and some dust bowl areas. I ran into a bunch of people doing target practice in the woods but I talked to them and they stopped (for a beer break) so I could find the cache. They'd been firing in that direction the whole day without knowing it!

Saturday 2014-04-05:

HCGP Makers Madness Event (Maryland)
Try Again (Maryland)
Bark, Bark (Maryland)
NUMC Choir Tour 2K12 1st stop (Maryland)
South Side of Bel Air (Maryland)
Vixen (Maryland)
Corner Park #3 (Maryland)
Corner Park #4 (Maryland)
Root Of The Problem (Maryland)
Cycle Valley (Maryland)
Corner Park #1 (Maryland)
Just off the beaten (MA & PA) Trail (Maryland)
Fire and Ice (Maryland)
Yield to No One (Maryland)
Collin's Cache (Maryland)
Holy Moly (Maryland)
Zacchaeus - Hunters and Gatherers (Maryland)
All Tuckered Out (Maryland)
Over a river and a view of the woods (Maryland)
Bel Air Town Run #2: Sky Hook (Maryland)
Bel Air Town Run #3 (Maryland)
Shire Town: Bel Air (Maryland)
Corner Park #2 (Maryland)
The Roadhouse (Maryland)
Tie a Yellow Ribbon (Maryland)
The Hunger Games: Buttercup (Maryland)
Cache to Eagle #8 - BAC, Harford District (Maryland)
PMC Lite - Monty Python HG (Maryland)
Gnarly Dude (Maryland)
Ma & Pa County X-ing (Maryland)
Natural Seat (Maryland)

Sunday 2014-04-06:

Timber (Pennsylvania)
Smoother Operator (Pennsylvania)
Xanadu (Pennsylvania)
1812 Overture (Pennsylvania)
Batman's Endgame (Pennsylvania)
Big Yellow Taxi (Pennsylvania)
Views A-Cross Reading (Pennsylvania)
Maker Madness Easter Flash Mob-Bison Tube Exchange (Pennsylvania)
9 ScrabbleD Planets (Pennsylvania)
Catastrophe - Pluto's Revenge (Pennsylvania)
In the zone (Pennsylvania)
I Love Lucy #25 (Pennsylvania)
11-12-13 (Pennsylvania)
I Love Lucy #22 (Pennsylvania)
I Love Lucy #11 (Pennsylvania)
i Love Lucy #12 (Pennsylvania)
I Love Lucy #13 (Pennsylvania)
I Love Lucy #14 (Pennsylvania)
i Love Lucy #15 (Pennsylvania)
I Love Lucy #23 (Pennsylvania)
I Love Lucy #6 (Pennsylvania)
I Love Lucy #5 (Pennsylvania)
I Love Lucy #2 (Pennsylvania)
I Love Lucy #1 (Pennsylvania)
i Love Lucy #20 (Pennsylvania)
I Love Lucy #17 (Pennsylvania)
I Love Lucy #18 (Pennsylvania)
I Love Lucy #16 (Pennsylvania)
The Gratest Story Ever Told (Pennsylvania)

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