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Lancaster LXI, 38 Mack Fire Engine, Jersey Shore continued

On Saturday, I went to Lancaster to attend the "38 Mack Fire Engine" flash mob geocaching event. Yes, we actually had a 1938 Mack firetruck to gather around. As with almost every Lancaster County trip, this one was interesting for the variety of caches. For "1.6 Away", I waded across a creek to the island where the cache was. The water temperature was perfect that morning and it was fun to dip into. Plus, the view of the dam under the bridge upstream was picturesque. "Thar She Blows!" was another interesting one. To retrieve the cache, one has to blow on one end of a U-shaped pipe to make it pop out the other end. "Eyes are on you" brought me to a creepy mural on the side of a bowling alley.

For Sunday, I decided to continue my cache marathon up the Jersey Shore in order to finish most of it before beach season begins. I got up to Avalon on my previous trip, so this time, I did Sea Isle City and Ocean City. This is one stretch that is chock-full of caches. Nearly every block in Ocean City had one. There were some interesting things to see too, like the pirate ("end of the road"), the stone turtle ("SEE THE ISLE"), and the sandal tree. ("Christmas tree...Ocean City style")

One thing I had no idea about was that the Doo Dah Parade was this weekend. Most of the beach areas looked rather quiet and there was no indication that anything major was going on. I have no interest in attending Doo Dah, but had I known it was this weekend, I would've stopped by the central boardwalk area on my way up Ocean City to see if any of my friends were hanging out. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Saturday 2014-04-12:

1.6 Away (Pennsylvania)
38 Mack Fire Engine (Pennsylvania)
Power? (Pennsylvania)
HACC V Beware of Baby Muggles (Pennsylvania)
HACC VI When Pigs Fly (Pennsylvania)
HACC VII Pitney Power Cache (Pennsylvania)
Thar She Blows! (Pennsylvania)
Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler (Pennsylvania)
quack Quack QUACK (Pennsylvania)
Passing Peacefully (Pennsylvania)
Grass (Pennsylvania)
Olympic Dreams Start Here (Pennsylvania)
Inside The White Box #12 (Pennsylvania)
Best of Breed (Pennsylvania)
SOS - A Light for You (Pennsylvania)
Luca's Turkey (Pennsylvania)
S.O.S. Fire (Pennsylvania)
Motorcycle Safety: LCPSTC (Pennsylvania)
Trail Watcher #7 (Pennsylvania)
Critter Cache #3 (Pennsylvania)
S.O.S. - STOP the Insanity (Pennsylvania)
Down By The Creek (Pennsylvania)
Is someone watching you? (Pennsylvania)
CCWA 1 (Pennsylvania)
Place Your Order (Pennsylvania)
Let's Play - Play Ball!! (Pennsylvania)
BRS - I smell pine (Pennsylvania)
On Comet.....The Reindeer Series (Pennsylvania)
Stick To It (Pennsylvania)
Who Left the Gate Open ? (Pennsylvania)
Nanny Nano Boo Boo #6 (Pennsylvania)
Cove Outlook Park (Pennsylvania)
Dodge the bullet (Pennsylvania)
Beyond the Bridge (Pennsylvania)
Trout Fishing (Pennsylvania)
The Eyes are on you (Pennsylvania)
Church Cache (Pennsylvania)
Think Outside the Box (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2014-04-13:

032 Cache (New Jersey)
Home Tweet Home (New Jersey)
"Something Fishy in Sea Isle" (New Jersey)
"United We Stand" (New Jersey)
CMCST - Board in Sea Isle (New Jersey)
Play by the Bay (New Jersey)
Sandy Andy by the Sea (New Jersey)
A.B Beach House (New Jersey)
The Dread Pirate Roberts (New Jersey)
"Y" Not Take A Walk In The Park" (New Jersey)
"SEE THE ISLE" (New Jersey)
end of the road (New Jersey)
58th Street in Ocean City (New Jersey)
Above Average Swimmer (New Jersey)
On the way to "Rusty" (New Jersey)
The "Rusty" Krab (New Jersey)
Starfish (New Jersey)
Christmas tree...Ocean City style (New Jersey)
Jellyfish (New Jersey)
Seagull (New Jersey)
Clamshell (New Jersey)
SandCrab (New Jersey)
RBSN #3 (New Jersey)
Sandy Feet (New Jersey)
30th at 30th...Again (New Jersey)
RBSN #2 (New Jersey)
Just another beach cache (New Jersey)
27th Street has a Wedgie...Again! (New Jersey)
Can't think of a good name... (New Jersey)
Yet another beach cache (New Jersey)
A Cache holding up a telephone pole? (New Jersey)
Smoke 'em if you got 'em (New Jersey)
Chase Around Ocean City (New Jersey)
Illumination Station (New Jersey)
Dead end for Surrey's (New Jersey)
MuggleBucks (New Jersey)
Have a seat with O'Rourke (New Jersey)
This one's for Potbelly (New Jersey)
Village Cache (New Jersey)
No Toys Here (New Jersey)
Sunday Cache Run Meeting Place (New Jersey)

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