Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey and Jersey Shore, continued

This weekend was yet another step towards finishing the Jersey Shore geocaches before beach season starts. I didn't get to Atlantic City until Sunday because Saturday was mostly working my way along the Route 322 corridor through Glassboro, Clayton, and Williamstown, getting some new geocaches placed since my last caching spree down that way. There were a few sites of interest, like the ruins of a dugout / pit house and Unexpected Road. When I reached Hammonton and started looking for "Just log the DNF now", I met the cache owner, jct.jr. That was an extremely tricky 5-star geocache and I was glad he supplied the hint and the required tool for that one. Then he was nice enough to take me on a tour of some of his geocaches around Hammonton, which were a lot of fun. And finally, I grabbed a few geocaches farther southeast in Mays Landing before dinner.

On Sunday, after a few geocaches in Mays Landing, I finally hit the seaside area, from Longport, through Margate and Ventnor to Atlantic City. I didn't think this stretch was as good as the beach areas to the south but there were some things to see, such as Lucy the Elephant and King Neptune. The downtown part of Atlantic City, aside from the casinos and outlet mall, was a bit sketchy so I didn't stay there too long. But there were only a few caches there anyway.

The final stretch of this tour will be Long Beach Island. And beyond that, I'll save Point Pleasant Beach for when I have to travel there anyway to do a charity mascot gig. So I should be done before Summer, easily.

Saturday 2014-04-19:

Chase's Creepy Crawly Cache Series #7 (New Jersey)
Cliff Hanger (New Jersey)
Still Gotta Have It (New Jersey)
Nestled amongst the Pines (New Jersey)
Scrapple egg & cheese on a kaiser roll please (New Jersey)
Harlan's View (New Jersey)
WAREHOUSE (New Jersey)
the keys to rollbacks (New Jersey)
Zip Codes #4 (New Jersey)
A Place You've Never Been (New Jersey)
Hat Trick3: The Racetrack (New Jersey)
Diamond In The Rough (New Jersey)
Why Did The Turkey Cross The Road? (New Jersey)
Secret "Passage" (New Jersey)
the blocks (New Jersey)
The Dugout (New Jersey)
Jackson Cemetery (New Jersey)
Small Town Cemetery (New Jersey)
August Rush 13 (New Jersey)
Midnight Drives (New Jersey)
Blueberries (New Jersey)
Sled Away (New Jersey)
Just log the DNF now (New Jersey)
70's street Hockey (New Jersey)
Here kitty kitty kitty (New Jersey)
60's family reunion 2 (New Jersey)
60's family reunion 1 (New Jersey)
Those Evil Little Love Bugs... (New Jersey)
Mo' Better Blues (Birthday Edition) (New Jersey)
Our other Sunday Geo meeting place (New Jersey)
Don't look down (New Jersey)
It's Rite there (New Jersey)
I got the POWER! (New Jersey)
To all who serve (New Jersey)
Sir Olli's Game (New Jersey)
Wildcat Country - The High Road (New Jersey)
The Blue Comet: D'Arrest & Westphal (New Jersey)
The Garden of Eternal Rest (New Jersey)
"HALLOWEEN #2" (New Jersey)
Nemracpiks First (New Jersey)
"HALLOWEEN #1" (New Jersey)

Sunday 2014-04-20:

Oh No! Its A Micro At Malaga Park! (New Jersey)
While Billy's Away Frank Will Play (New Jersey)
Who's a Turkey (New Jersey)
Antiquity - The secret world of Mrs. Bryfogle (New Jersey)
Missing clover (New Jersey)
Another goose is loose (New Jersey)
The Beautiful BettaP (New Jersey)
Golfer Dump (New Jersey)
Anniversary cache (New Jersey)
What would you do for a smiley?? (New Jersey)
Like Boats? (New Jersey)
Madison Micro (New Jersey)
Home Run Derby (New Jersey)
Beach books (New Jersey)
Shore'ly the Best #1 (New Jersey)
It's Time to Hit the Heights (New Jersey)
Stuck on Ski Beach! (New Jersey)
Seashore Cocktail (New Jersey)
Sandcastle, Just Waiting! (New Jersey)
Skate Zone (New Jersey)
The Civil Rights Garden (New Jersey)
Neptune is watching you! (New Jersey)
"Kelly's Cache" (New Jersey)
Hoo-Ray at Haa-Rah's (New Jersey)
"HALLOWEEN #3" (New Jersey)
August Rush 31 (New Jersey)

Tags: atlantic county, geocaching, gloucester county, jersey shore

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