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Jersey Shore, near the end

Continued geocaching up the Jersey Shore this weekend. This time, I went to Long Beach Island (LBI) and Seaside Heights. I think this will be the last daytrip targeting the Jersey Shore because it's about as far as I'd like to go. I'm saving the next stop, Point Pleasant Beach, for when I do a mascot gig there in May.

On Saturday, I got a bunch of geocaches in Manahawkin and Stafford Township before taking the causeway to LBI. LBI was chock full of geocaches because those were mostly placed for an event last November. I was surprised so many of those caches survived too because they were all regular-sized plastic boxes and ammo boxes and all placed in really obvious spots. Most of LBI is private property, so it was good that the caches were placed with permission of the various businesses. I got to talk to one of the business owners (the cache was sitting among one of many furniture/yard items outside his store) and he showed me his spinning wheel of swimmers. The exception was the bicycle store owner, who for some reason, didn't know about the geocache. Strangely though, he just let it sit by his fence all those months without even trying to find out what it was! Island living must put folks under some kind of spell. Anyway, I had a great time and went all the way to both ends of LBI, a 40-mile round trip just on the island alone.

On Sunday, I went to Seaside Heights, Lavallette, and Seaside Park. There weren't as many geocaches in that section of the beach, so I spent more time in Toms River and Island Heights before and Beachwood and Bayville afterwards. Seaside Heights, unfortunately, looked like a disaster zone. Although some parts of the boardwalk had been rebuilt, many streets and some parks were still closed for construction. I was able to detour around the closed roads to get to some of the geocaches, but I think the others are gone or inaccessible. Later in the day, I got to see Virginia, the Bayville Dinosaur. It's one of those roadside oddities you come across when traveling local roads.

Saturday 2014-04-26:

Look out for Franky!! (New Jersey)
Last Call For Alcohol (New Jersey)
Can you hear me now? (New Jersey)
why not have a picnic (New Jersey)
Smokey (New Jersey)
21 cache (New Jersey)
Lighthouse View (New Jersey)
Team Turkalina Targets M.O.I. & T.D.K. (New Jersey)
If You Don't Find It, I'll Live (New Jersey)
Snow, Trees, Travelbugs, and Streaks! (New Jersey)
Half apps... But full of LOVE! (New Jersey)
Trolling for Smileys (New Jersey)
Girl Scout Troop 609- A "Step" on our "Journey" (New Jersey)
Unguarded (New Jersey)
LBIGT - Gateway to LBI (New Jersey)
LBIGT - I've Got a Lovely Bunch of.... (New Jersey)
LBIGT - Straw (New Jersey)
LBIGT - T - Dock (New Jersey)
LBIGT - Board and Boat (New Jersey)
LBIGT - Morning Stretch (New Jersey)
O, it's father's day, daddy (New Jersey)
Ocean Watch (New Jersey)
Bay Watch II (New Jersey)
Hurricane Sandy Cache (New Jersey)
LBIGT - Peddlers (New Jersey)
LBIGT - Perfect End to Your Day! (New Jersey)
LBIGT - Nautical Exchange (New Jersey)
LBIGT - Trinkets (New Jersey)
LBIGT - Fudge and Chowda? (New Jersey)
Maritime (New Jersey)
LBIGT - Rx (New Jersey)
Home By The Sea (New Jersey)
Pole-land (New Jersey)
Under the Boardwalk (New Jersey)
Sure Shot (New Jersey)
Terrapin Station (New Jersey)
LBIGT - LBI Travel Bug Hotel (New Jersey)
This is the end... (New Jersey)
Come Together (New Jersey)
LBIGT - Junebug (New Jersey)
LBIGT - Bay Launch (New Jersey)
LBIGT - ReClam the Bay (New Jersey)
LBIGT - Mangia (New Jersey)
LBIGT - Sunset Beach OWL (New Jersey)
Harvey Who? (New Jersey)
LBI Beach House (New Jersey)
LBIGT - Hacienda (New Jersey)
GRF315 (New Jersey)
LBIGT - Rain Garden (New Jersey)
LBIGT - Tennis Anyone? (New Jersey)
LBIGT - Turtle Crossing (New Jersey)
Welcome to High Bar Harbor! (New Jersey)
HIking Viking (New Jersey)
Killed by Bacon (New Jersey)
LBIGT - Ole Barney (New Jersey)
OLD BARNEY (New Jersey)

Sunday 2014-04-27:

CMPT Extra (New Jersey)
8 Ball - Corner Pocket Redux (New Jersey)
Flower From Heaven (New Jersey)
A View of Zork V (New Jersey)
house walk (New Jersey)
Oh! No! Not another Gazebo Cache! (New Jersey)
Hummel Seaplane Base (New Jersey)
Verdun (New Jersey)
slippy's hideout (New Jersey)
Gotta Hava Xtra Long Parking (New Jersey)
Sign me up! (New Jersey)
Presidential Sunset (New Jersey)
Ortley Outdoors #1 (New Jersey)
Pirate Booty (New Jersey)
Welcome to Nan and Pop's (New Jersey)
Pier Pressure (New Jersey)
Charles M. Hankins (New Jersey)
Ally's Booty (New Jersey)
Knucklehead Booty (New Jersey)
The 366 Challenge's Li'l Friend (New Jersey)
Crazy Eggs: Crazy Fat Eggthel! (New Jersey)
366 Challenge's Bigger Brother! (New Jersey)
It (Gave Me) Fits!! (New Jersey)
Beachwood Booty (New Jersey)
The Bayville Dinosaur (New Jersey)
The Dark Knight (in honor of TDK) (New Jersey)
Buzzard Bait (New Jersey)
Poppop's birthday /1000 find double feature (New Jersey)
Ghost Town Micro (New Jersey)

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