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I'd nearly run out of Jersey Shore after the last weekend, so this weekend, I returned to areas closer to home. I centered a pocket query on Doylestown and just used it both on Saturday and Sunday. So it was basically Doylestown South, the cache factory annex.

On Saturday, I went to Warminster, Hatboro, Huntingdon Valley, Southampton, and Richboro. The longer daylight meant I actually had time to hike the Pennypack Parkway Trail and parts of Tamanend Park. I also had time to tackle some of the more difficult cache hides that I had to pass by during the winter. The "Old R8" series was tricky but those just took patience and a good eye. In the evening, I had the opportunity to revisit the Tanner Dairy cows.

Sunday's trip was to the same area, just somewhat to the west. I was in Warrington, Chalfont, and Doylestown. It was a relatively warm day but I hiked Lower Nike Park anyway since the caches weren't that far down the path. I spent most of the afternoon in Turk Park though because for some reason, that park escaped my notice for years and there's now a ring of geocaches around the ballfields. In the evening, I quickly finished a bunch of geocaches along the Route 611 corridor before leaving the area.

Saturday 2014-05-10:

Beware the Ides of March, Again (Pennsylvania)
Eaton Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Oh Canada, hey? IX (Pennsylvania)
Station Park (Pennsylvania)
Boileau Park (Pennsylvania)
Tarzan's Transport (Pennsylvania)
Trust Me! (Pennsylvania)
Park That Way (Pennsylvania)
A Walk in the Pennypack Woods (Pennsylvania)
My 3rd 63rd (Pennsylvania)
Pond at Masons Mill (Pennsylvania)
On the Good Side of "Posted" II (Pennsylvania)
Caching Madness (Pennsylvania)
Knotta Farm (Pennsylvania)
Under Cover 3 (Pennsylvania)
Under Cover 1 (Pennsylvania)
Under Cover 2 (Pennsylvania)
The Old R8 - County Line (Pennsylvania)
The Old R8 - Upper Southampton (Pennsylvania)
Don't Fence Me in XXVI (Pennsylvania)
Game Balls (Pennsylvania)
Sewercide XIII (Pennsylvania)
Long and Winding Trail (Pennsylvania)
The Old R8 - Churchville (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Over Untroubled Waters XXIV (Pennsylvania)
Crossroads (Pennsylvania)
Bison in the Pines V (Pennsylvania)
A Death Defying Cache - Duodecimus (Pennsylvania)
A Debt Defying Cache (Pennsylvania)
Mallard (Pennsylvania)
Oh Canada, hey? VI (Pennsylvania)
Waterfall Cache (Pennsylvania)
TMIOBY PH-07 (Pennsylvania)
Nike Ajax (Pennsylvania)
Their Other Store (Pennsylvania)
Happy Valentine's Day (Pennsylvania)
Don't Fence Me In VIII (Pennsylvania)
A Sporting Cache (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2014-05-11:

US Blues (Pennsylvania)
Babylon Cache (Pennsylvania)
Power to the People - Sextus (Pennsylvania)
Around and Around (Pennsylvania)
Caching for Dollars (Pennsylvania)
A Grate Cache for You (Pennsylvania)
Bounce the Rubble (Pennsylvania)
Power to the People - Quartus (Pennsylvania)
Cache in a Bottle (Pennsylvania)
Pond View Cache VII (Pennsylvania)
Nike! (Pennsylvania)
Throwing Stones (Pennsylvania)
Might Hurt Just a Little (Pennsylvania)
The Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo) (Pennsylvania)
A Death Defying Cache - Quintus (Pennsylvania)
Geeeee, now where could this be? (Pennsylvania)
Tennis Anyone? III (Pennsylvania)
Play Ball! (Pennsylvania)
Don't Fence Me in XXV (Pennsylvania)
A Recycled Cache (Pennsylvania)
Cache in a Bottle III (Pennsylvania)
Turk Road Park III (Pennsylvania)
Turk Road Park II (Pennsylvania)
Spring in Autumn (Pennsylvania)
There's a "Spring" in My Step (Pennsylvania)
Sink or . . . (Pennsylvania)
Power to the People - Encore (Pennsylvania)
Bison in the Evergreen (Pennsylvania)
Christmas Cache 2011 (Pennsylvania)
Home Sweet Home (Pennsylvania)
A Buffalo Roams Home (Pennsylvania)
Theater Tragedy I (Pennsylvania)
A Cool, Dark Place IV (Pennsylvania)
If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home by Now (Pennsylvania)

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