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Memorial Day Weekend, Bucks/Montgomery Cache Factory

It was a hot weekend with little rain. I decided not to travel too far, which of course, still left hundreds of geocaches in the densely-packed Bucks/Montgomery County area. However, I decided to get out to some of the larger parks too to hike out to geocaches. On Saturday, I started in Upper Gwynedd and Lansdale. I knew "Willow street park cache" was owned by @ellotherefox, so after finding the cache, I tweeted him. Right away, he came over to see me. Turns out he was right nearby, so that was a quick meetup! Then I went to the Trooper area and Evansburg State Park. The terrain was a bit more challenging there and the hardest one of all was "Music on Little Silver Discs". The cache was placed in such a way that I had to make my way downhill to the bottom of a gully and climb up to the cache site. Any other approach would've been too steep with too much loose dirt. It's funny that I think of this as challenging now. Back when I lived in North Jersey, there were a lot more geocaches around this kind of hilly terrain.

On Sunday, I headed over to Benjamin Rush State Park in Northeast Philadelphia. There have been a number of changes to this park since my last visit years ago. I don't remember too much from back then but the most obvious change to me is the park entrance is now on a quieter street instead of US-1. Some of the geocaches in this park were very difficult. The main problem was those caches were placed during the fall and winter when the vegetation was sparse. Now that the bushes are thick and leafy, it's hard to see what's inside. Many areas around Northeast Philly and Bensalem are rather trashy too, so in making my way through the overgrowth, I had to be careful about that too. At "Boundary Creek View Cache" in particular, there was an iron spike, just a few feet from the geocache, sticking out of a pile of concrete blocks. I thought was a particularly dangerous trip/impale hazard.

On Memorial Day, I started in Hatfield (where I have yet to see a field of hats :) ) and continued the caching trip to Dublin and Peace Valley Park. I did not get to do as many geocaches in Peace Valley Park as I planned because the place was crowded! So I only went for a few geocaches on the periphery of the park, saving the rest for another time. Landis Park in Plumstead Township was a lot quieter, so that's where my hike, which was shorter but still good, ended up being. "Storybook Weaver" in Landis Park is an interesting idea. In addition to the log book, there is another book with a story in it and each visitor can write a paragraph or two to add to the story. The snag was some folks have poor handwriting, so it was hard to read the story. My handwriting was admittedly not that great either, but I did write a bit.

Saturday 2014-05-24:

Bridge Over Untroubled Waters XXVI (Pennsylvania)
Don't Fence Me in XXII (Pennsylvania)
Do Cachers Value Smileys? - sé (Pennsylvania)
Where the water flows (Pennsylvania)
Preserve This Cache, Too (Pennsylvania)
Not the Green Ribbon Trail (Pennsylvania)
Don't Fence Me in XXIV (Pennsylvania)
Parkside Place Park (Pennsylvania)
A Death Defying Cache - Sextus Decimus (Pennsylvania)
Willow street park cache (Pennsylvania)
Across from Hancock Street Park (Pennsylvania)
Rexdale Park (Pennsylvania)
Line Street Park #1 (Pennsylvania)
Line Street Park #2 (Pennsylvania)
Dear Diary. . .I'm evil (Pennsylvania)
Merope's Heirloom (Pennsylvania)
They Played Here (Pennsylvania)
Gadzooks (Pennsylvania)
TMIOBY PH-91 (Pennsylvania)
Game of Thornes (Pennsylvania)
"T" Time (Pennsylvania)
Music on Little Silver Discs (Pennsylvania)
Outdoor Destinations 6 (Pennsylvania)
Delta Rho - Millennia Man (Pennsylvania)
Horsey (Pennsylvania)
Hanging Around (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to Sweetbriar Park (Pennsylvania)
Backdoor cache? (Pennsylvania)
Raptors' Dominion (Pennsylvania)
In Memory of E.C.S. Jr. Who loved a good cache! (Pennsylvania)
Behind The Sad Trombone III/Brass In The Pocket I (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2014-05-25:

Bluecoat (Pennsylvania)
PECO Old Lincoln Highway meets PennDOT bridge (Pennsylvania)
PECO Old Lincoln Highway South (Pennsylvania)
PECO Old Lincoln Highway (Paved) Powerline Trail (Pennsylvania)
Benjamin Rush Park ~ Trail Rest Stop (Pennsylvania)
Benjamin Rush's Treasure (Pennsylvania)
PECO Burling Ave Powerline Trail (Pennsylvania)
PECO Burling Ave Power Line Trail 2 (Pennsylvania)
Benjamin Rush Park ~ 100 Acre Wood (Pennsylvania)
Cache in a Bottle II (Pennsylvania)
Beer Pretzel Cache (Pennsylvania)
Grassy Pathway (Pennsylvania)
Don't Fence Me in XXI (Pennsylvania)
No Foolin' (Pennsylvania)
A Fool and His Cache Are Soon Parted (Pennsylvania)
All Fool's Day Cache (Pennsylvania)
Pole Vault II (Pennsylvania)
Trashland (Pennsylvania)
Shopping Cart Graveyard (Pennsylvania)
Who Knew Pigs Could Fly #2 (Pennsylvania)
Can't Have It Your Way 2 (ver 2.0) (Pennsylvania)
Alphabet Soup: W is for wakkanne (and Woof!) (Pennsylvania)
Wcbill fun facts : Bensalem we are number nine (Pennsylvania)
Do Cachers Value Smileys? - seacht (Pennsylvania)
Field of Dreams (Pennsylvania)
Feed the Mosquitos II (Pennsylvania)
Boundary Creek View Cache (Pennsylvania)
Pole Vault VII (Pennsylvania)

Monday 2014-05-26:

Schweiker Park (Pennsylvania)
Don't Fence Me in XXIII (Pennsylvania)
Hatfield Township Park (Pennsylvania)
It's a Green TaxmaRoo (Pennsylvania)
Got Yer Souvenir Here #2 (Pennsylvania)
A Promise Kept (Pennsylvania)
A Rock of a Different Color (Pennsylvania)
A Death Defying Cache - Quintus Decimus (Pennsylvania)
Weather Report Suite Part 1 (Pennsylvania)
Do Not Disturb (Pennsylvania)
The Barn's Not Saved! (Pennsylvania)
Don't Fence Me in XVII (Pennsylvania)
Deep Run Sports Fields (Pennsylvania)
Deep Run Sports Fields II (Pennsylvania)
And We Bid You Goodnight (Pennsylvania)
Play Ball! (Not) (Pennsylvania)
Trick or Treat Cache #2 - Peace Valley (Pennsylvania)
Hello, Sailor! (Pennsylvania)
A Peaceful Christmas 2011 (Pennsylvania)
Over The Bridge (Pennsylvania)
When Irish Eyes are Smiling ... (Pennsylvania)
Landis Greene 2: Creepy Crawlies (Pennsylvania)
Landis Greene 3: Take Me Out To The Ballpark (Pennsylvania)
Storybook Weaver (Pennsylvania)
Landis "Green" 1 (Pennsylvania)
SPACE2081 [2.5/2.0] Green, Not Easy It Is Being (Pennsylvania)
Kick Back and Relax (Pennsylvania)
Those Aren't Magnetic! (Pennsylvania)
Animal Crossing (Pennsylvania)
Midpoint (Pennsylvania)
The Path To Nowhere (Pennsylvania)
FTF - Geoben Master of Disguise (Pennsylvania)
Could Be A Bug's View Of The World (Pennsylvania)
Supplee Park (Pennsylvania)
Into the Out of (Pennsylvania)
Happy Mother's Day! (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Over Untroubled Waters XX (Pennsylvania)
Black and Yellow Duck (Pennsylvania)

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