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Upper Bucks County

It was a fine weekend to close out May and begin June. Both days, I went geocaching around Franconia, Salford, Perkasie, Sellersville, and Quakertown in Upper Bucks County. On Saturday, I finished off the suburban and urban geocaches and on Sunday, I hiked the parks and state gamelands for a more rustic experience. It was an interesting two days. There were creative geocaches, weird found objects, and unusual sculptures. I was surprised that the Perkasie locals knew about geocaches around town. I talked to two of them and they said they'd seen other geocachers find those. They also told me about the history of the trolley tunnel and Liberty Bell trolley line near the "Slow Train" cache site.

"Perkasie in Plane Sight" was the real treat on Sunday. It's a Wherigo, a kind of outdoor adventure game. Some GPS models support Wherigo directly but I just use an app on my phone. Basically, there is a story in the game and you have to complete various tasks by navigating to specific coordinates, picking up and dropping virtual items, making decisions, and answering questions. What's nice about this particular Wherigo is it integrates the other 8 geocaches in Markey Park, so including the Wherigo cache itself, it's essentially a 9-geocache loop hike of the park! As a bonus, during this hike, I was finally able to find "Art's Imports", a geocache that I could not find 10 years ago. It's not the original cache container though. I read the cache logs over the past decade and saw that it had been replaced a few times and relocated once. In fact, I now know that the reason I could not find it previously was it was actually missing that day. Closure is beautiful!

Saturday 2014-05-31:

Happy Ides of March (Pennsylvania)
Slytherine's Stone (Pennsylvania)
MMC 4 - Sticky situation (Pennsylvania)
Under the Tree (Pennsylvania)
Gringott's Goblet (Pennsylvania)
Intelligent Headgear (Pennsylvania)
His Parseltongue Pal (Pennsylvania)
Mark of a Killing Curse (Pennsylvania)
Gathering Flowers for the Master's Bouquet (Pennsylvania)
Pole Vault (Pennsylvania)
Basket Snow (Pennsylvania)
FTF - Perkwhite (Pennsylvania)
Seany's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Meet Me in the Meadow (Pennsylvania)
Crazy Fingers (Pennsylvania)
Branching out of the Wayne (Pennsylvania)
No Dumping (Pennsylvania)
Tennis Anyone? X (Pennsylvania)
Snow Daze (Pennsylvania)
Belated Birthday Cache (Pennsylvania)
Petro1 (Pennsylvania)
Just STUCK on you (Pennsylvania)
Baseball Backstop Blunder (Pennsylvania)
Rotten Apples (Pennsylvania)
Oh Boy! (Pennsylvania)
Perkasie Well Cache (Pennsylvania)
Down In The Bottom (Pennsylvania)
Off The Beaten Path (Pennsylvania)
Hide Away (Pennsylvania)
G.I. Army Ant - Perkasie (Pennsylvania)
Prescription Nano (Pennsylvania)
Another Micro for Perkasie (Pennsylvania)
Still Another Creek View Cache (Pennsylvania)
DOWN & DIRTY (Pennsylvania)
Covered Bridge Cache (Pennsylvania)
Sewercide VIII (Pennsylvania)
Midway (Pennsylvania)
Funeral March For A Marionette (Pennsylvania)
Listen, do you smell something? (Pennsylvania)
Dueling Restaurants (Pennsylvania)
Just cant put my finger on it! #1 (Pennsylvania)
Bison in a Pine for Quakertown (Pennsylvania)
Wally's Still Watching (Pennsylvania)
Pole Vault IV (Pennsylvania)
Didst I Stump Thee? (Pennsylvania)
Sewercide XVIII (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2014-06-01:

SALFORD'S PINE (Pennsylvania)
Blue Dragon Cache (Pennsylvania)
Yellow Trail TB/Geocoin Hotel (Pennsylvania)
Rock of Ages (Pennsylvania)
Pole Vault VI (Pennsylvania)
Heaven Help The Fool (Pennsylvania)
Something Will Turn Up (Pennsylvania)
Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking (Pennsylvania)
Connected To The Next Rain (Pennsylvania)
Touch of Grey (Pennsylvania)
A Quick One for Perkasie (Pennsylvania)
Slow Train (Pennsylvania)
"Art's Imports" Cache (Pennsylvania)
PIPS: Part 2 (Pennsylvania)
PIPS: Part 3 (Pennsylvania)
A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. (Pennsylvania)
Ridge Rd TB / Geocoin Hotel (Pennsylvania)
PIPS: Code 1 (Pennsylvania)
PIPS: Code 2 (Pennsylvania)
PIPS: Code 3 (Pennsylvania)
Wherigo: Perkasie in Plane Sight (Pennsylvania)
WHOOP Greenducks, I found it, YAHOO!!! (Pennsylvania)
The Frozen Logger (Pennsylvania)
Back In The Boonies (Pennsylvania)
Great Wide Open (Pennsylvania)
Rock Sandwich (Pennsylvania)
The swamp's rookery (Pennsylvania)
Quakertown's swamp (Pennsylvania)
Disturbed swamp (Pennsylvania)
G.I. Army Ant - South Quakertown (Pennsylvania)
My Purple Purse (Pennsylvania)
A Mummy For You On Mother's Day (Pennsylvania)
Hide-And-Go-Tree (Pennsylvania)
Spiderman Geocache - "The Return" (Pennsylvania)
What's Smurfin' (Pennsylvania)
Twisted Metal (Pennsylvania)
13' - 8" (Pennsylvania)
A Powerline Cache for Quakertown (Pennsylvania)

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