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WWFM XI, Doylestown, Bensalem, Newtown

On Saturday, I went to "WWFM XI: Flagger Force in Warrington, PA". It was one of over 700 world-wide flash mob geocaching events happening around the world. The instructions for this flash mob said to bring a flag. I still had a New Jersey state flag from back when I got it for the Anthrocon 2009 fursuit parade, so I brought that. Anyway, at around 1pm, we gathered by the strip mall parking lot in Warrington. There were about 130 of us with a variety of flags: lots of USA flags, some state flags, some sports team flags, and a few geocaching logo flags. Then we took our flags and paraded around Chick-Fil-A. It was a fun event. For the rest of the day, I geocached around Warrington and Doylestown. I didn't see any more big clusters of geocaches on the map but I still got quite a number in one afternoon.

On Sunday, I tackled the Bensalem and Newtown area. This is a much tougher area to go geocaching in than Doylestown. It appears that many of the geocaches here were placed during the winter. Well, in the summer, what used to be open woods and meadows are now dense thickets of vegetation. SOCDAF XII, XI, and X, in particular, were the toughest in that regard. I had to wade through knee-high weeds and bramble across a meadow to get to those geocaches, although remarkably, I didn't get any ticks.

Saturday 2014-06-07:

Septa 80-310 (Pennsylvania)
Horsham Powerline Trail, This Side (Pennsylvania)
Les Sanglots Longs des Violons de L'Automne (Pennsylvania)
Still Hangin' Around (Pennsylvania)
Can You Hear Me? (Pennsylvania)
The Penguin (Pennsylvania)
Don't Go Postal! (Pennsylvania)
Ivyland Commons (Pennsylvania)
Ivywoods (Pennsylvania)
WWFM XI: Flagger Force in Warrington, PA (Pennsylvania)
Well House II (Pennsylvania)
Where Mile 9 Used To Be (Pennsylvania)
Mile 7 3/4 (Pennsylvania)
Mile 7 1/2 (Pennsylvania)
Where Mile 8 Used to Be (Pennsylvania)
Farm Market (Pennsylvania)
Stop, Drop & Roll (Pennsylvania)
Bike & Hike 12 - Jack rides again (Pennsylvania)
In honor of 2 love birds (Pennsylvania)
Will You Be My...Finder? (Pennsylvania)
Look Homeward, Angel (Pennsylvania)
Sowing the Seeds (Pennsylvania)
Get Your Feet Wet (Pennsylvania)
Out with the Old, in with the New #9 (Pennsylvania)
Don't Get Your Feet Wet II (Pennsylvania)
Aldie Mansion (Pennsylvania)
Can't Stop the Caching! (Pennsylvania)
Mixed Wood (Pennsylvania)
Do Not Enter (Pennsylvania)
Bison in a . . . (Pennsylvania)
Go to the Doctor! (Pennsylvania)
Batter's Box (Pennsylvania)
Hey Geo-Ben, Remember Ranger Rick? (Pennsylvania)
Shells & Skittles (Pennsylvania)
I Broke My Streak! (Pennsylvania)
Stop Bugging Me #3 - Hansell Park (Pennsylvania)
My Second Streak! (Pennsylvania)
No Cussing in the Preserve (Pennsylvania)
AGX3 #1! (Pennsylvania)
For All You Tick Lovers (Pennsylvania)
Twerpskull Lackland I (Pennsylvania)
Parking for ggggeo2 Only! (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2014-06-08:

TMIOBY PH-15 (Pennsylvania)
A Neshaminy Creek View Cache (Pennsylvania)
A New Cache for a New Month (Pennsylvania)
Show Me the Cache! (Pennsylvania)
Metal Sentinel (Pennsylvania)
Be Kewl -- Order Pizza (Pennsylvania)
One Sweet World #1 (Pennsylvania)
Banana Split For My Baby (Pennsylvania)
One Sweet World #2 (Pennsylvania)
STOP, and sign the log! (Pennsylvania)
Quick hide before dinner (Pennsylvania)
Reach High (Pennsylvania)
Bison in a Pine for Langhorne (Pennsylvania)
Exertrail 7 (Pennsylvania)
Middletown Community Park (Pennsylvania)
Turtle Portation (Pennsylvania)
Penderella Memorial (Pennsylvania)
The Janney Cache (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Over Untroubled Waters XXVIII (Pennsylvania)
N.I.C. Creek (Pennsylvania)
LOL (Pennsylvania)
WTF!? (Pennsylvania)
OMG! (Pennsylvania)
End Of The Line (Pennsylvania)
I've Been Working on the Railroad, Ten (Pennsylvania)
Railroad Remains (Pennsylvania)
A New Cache for Newtown (Pennsylvania)
SOCDAF XIV (Pennsylvania)
SOCDAF XIII (Pennsylvania)
SOCDAF XII (Pennsylvania)
SOCDAF XI (Pennsylvania)
SOCDAF X (Pennsylvania)
Sewercide XIV (Pennsylvania)
Sewercide XV (Pennsylvania)
Another Ball Field Cache (Pennsylvania)
Do Cachers Value Smileys? - trí (Pennsylvania)
Benny Hill-Billy (Pennsylvania)

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