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Bucks County

Just finishing off more of the dense swarm of geocaches that is Bucks County this weekend. On Saturday, I started in Warminster and continued through Jamison, Buckingham, Holicong, and Solebury. On Sunday, I covered Warminster again, and Huntingdon Valley, Feasterville, Bensalem, and Northeast Philadelphia.

This time, I attempted some of the higher-terrain geocaches because it wasn't right to keep passing those by without even taking a look. Those were as I expected. Generally, anything rated 3 stars and above was in a dense tangle of vegetation in the summer. Still, with a bit of patience and a pair of hedge clippers, I was able to get to and find most of them. Some wooded areas weren't so bad once I broke through the weeds at the tree line. However, I didn't attempt the set of geocaches in Dark Hollow Park because I couldn't even see the trail!

Nicest geocache this weekend was "Season's Greetings". It's a box that looks like a Christmas present. It was placed for Christmas 2012, so I was actually nearly a year and a half late but it's still in good condition and well-stocked with holiday decorations. Also notable was "Cathedral Studio & Shops Cache", which is near the Bryn Athyn Cathedral. I got the impression that the cathedral is quite a landmark in Northern Philadelphia but until Sunday, I hadn't seen it.

Saturday 2014-06-14:

Crooked Billet (Pennsylvania)
Airport Phantom (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to Warminster Community Park (Pennsylvania)
Off the Runway (Pennsylvania)
For Those Who Think They've Cleaned Out the Park (Pennsylvania)
Don't Fence Me in XX (Pennsylvania)
Louis II (Pennsylvania)
Happy Tax Day, 2014 (Pennsylvania)
Christmas Shopping ROCKS! (Pennsylvania)
#900 (Pennsylvania)
Try to Find This Cache (Pennsylvania)
Pond View Cache (Not) (Pennsylvania)
Prickerland (Pennsylvania)
Another Kwality Kache (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Over Untroubled Waters XXIII (Pennsylvania)
Woodrose Manor (Pennsylvania)
Hidden cache at Hidden Pond Park (Pennsylvania)
Don't Worry, I'll Think of a Name II (Pennsylvania)
My Final Hide 5 (Pennsylvania)
If You Prick Us, Do We Not Bleed? (Pennsylvania)
Bison in the Pines VI (Pennsylvania)
Peninsular Cache (Pennsylvania)
My Second Creek View Cache Today (Pennsylvania)
I Don't Got to Show You No Stinkin' Hints! (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Closed (Pennsylvania)
G.I. Army Ant - Jamison (Pennsylvania)
Cache and Carry (Pennsylvania)
Some Berries for Stretchy (Pennsylvania)
Season's Greetings (Pennsylvania)
Holicong Park (Pennsylvania)
A Donation (Pennsylvania)
Across From Remembrance (Pennsylvania)
Across From Forgetfulness (Pennsylvania)
Been Go by SW (Pennsylvania)
Real World - BÖC (Delaware)

Sunday 2014-06-15:

3-Phase Start (Delaware)
Hideaway Cache at Hideaway Swim Club (Pennsylvania)
A Well Developed Spot (Pennsylvania)
Retreat from Moscow - 1941 (Pennsylvania)
Grist Mill Detour (Pennsylvania)
Room for One More (Pennsylvania)
800:400, 2:1 (Pennsylvania)
Take-Out Cache #2 (Pennsylvania)
I've Been Working on the Railroad, Five (Pennsylvania)
I've Been Working on the Railroad (Pennsylvania)
Ave Caesar, Morituri Te Salutamus (Pennsylvania)
Naughty Natty (Pennsylvania)
American Prickers (Pennsylvania)
Harding Graveyard (Pennsylvania)
Old Boneyard (Pennsylvania)
Well Now There Is One (Pennsylvania)
Theater Tragedy VI (Pennsylvania)
Who Knew Pigs Could Fly #1 (Pennsylvania)
Somerton Springs (Pennsylvania)
Do Cachers Value Smileys? - ceithre (Pennsylvania)
First to Find Streak to 100 (Pennsylvania)
A Death Defying Cache - Decimus (Pennsylvania)
My Fourth Hide (Pennsylvania)
A Nice Little Park (Pennsylvania)
Cathedral Studio & Shops Cache (Pennsylvania)
The Purple Martin (Pennsylvania)
Holey (Pennsylvania)
Lunch Break (Pennsylvania)
Dead Center (Pennsylvania)
Pineapple Express (Pennsylvania)
Yes, It's a Maul Cache (Pennsylvania)
She Wore Blue Velvet (Pennsylvania)
My Third Hide (Pennsylvania)
10 Months Per Year (Pennsylvania)
Ides Martii Venerunt (Pennsylvania)
Guarding the Lizards (Pennsylvania)
Strike Anywhere?? (Pennsylvania)

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