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Northeast Philadelphia, Bensalem, Langhorne, Newtown

Both days this weekend, I went geocaching in Northeast Philadelphia, Bensalem, and Langhorne. On Sunday, I added Newtown. I wanted to tackle the tougher geocaches and get those done once and for all. Not all were as difficult as rated but there were a few that I really had to skip because there were no visible trails from the woods edge. So much of the wooded area in this part of Pennsylvania is just a dense wall of vegetation.

Of the ones I attempted, "Mount Pleasant Path" in Clark Nature Center was probably the hardest. It was only about 40 feet from the trail but that was a really tough 40 feet. There was a thick wall of brush, then a drop down to a creek, and then a climb up the other side of the creek into another thicket. I brought hedge clippers so with some patience, I was able to cut a hole through the bushes and punch my way through. Thank goodness it wasn't a difficult cache hide because I didn't think I'd be able to wander around much in the bushes on the other side of the creek! I was informed by the cache owner that there's a footbridge (although I didn't see it at all) and there used to be a trail on the other side of the creek, which is now overgrown because the township didn't maintain it.

Aside from the challenging stuff, there was also time to look at old buildings, the Cobra King, and chicory, plus a dinner trip to Philadelphia Chinatown on Sunday night.

Saturday 2014-06-21:

Pennypack Park on the Delaware (Pennsylvania)
Pleasant Hill Pond (Pennsylvania)
STOP! DO NOT ENTER (Pennsylvania)
Every storm needs a cache (Pennsylvania)
Behind the Bulls Eye (Pennsylvania)
Pennypack RULES! (Pennsylvania)
Pegasus (Pennsylvania)
Pennypack Troll (Pennsylvania)
Pennypack Rocks! (Pennsylvania)
The Man in Black (Pennsylvania)
SPACE2081 [3.5/2.0] Star Trek Trivia Cache (Pennsylvania)
Rad Penny Cache (Pennsylvania)
A Historical View of Geocaching (Pennsylvania)
The Blue and the Grey (Pennsylvania)
Bensalem Firefighters Park II (Pennsylvania)
Take-Out Cache #5 (Pennsylvania)
OOIN #14 (Pennsylvania)
"Ce" I "Ment" to leave it here (Pennsylvania)
Pilgrim's Playground? (Pennsylvania)
Down By The Creek (Pennsylvania)
Forgotten Battlefield (Pennsylvania)
Speed Limit 40 (Pennsylvania)
My Way or the Byway (Pennsylvania)
Fountain View Cache II (Pennsylvania)
Lots o' Rocks (Pennsylvania)
All We Are Saying (Pennsylvania)
Cobra King (Pennsylvania)
Little Devil's a Wrap (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2014-06-22:

Perils of Laurine - NO - Is it Cache or Trash (Pennsylvania)
Guard Troll for the billy goats (Pennsylvania)
LANDSLIDE!!! (Pennsylvania)
Did you loose your keys? (Pennsylvania)
Bicounty Cache (Pennsylvania)
Lin Park (Pennsylvania)
Road Trip (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for a brit (and you) (Pennsylvania)
Helen's Hide (Pennsylvania)
Not a Bison in a Pine (Pennsylvania)
Bison Not in Pine (Pennsylvania)
The Octagonal Learning Center (Pennsylvania)
Mike and Mary Anne  (Pennsylvania)
Ye Olde Spring House (Pennsylvania)
Middletown Grange (Pennsylvania)
A Death Defying Cache - Unusdecimus (Pennsylvania)
Clark’s Collapse (Pennsylvania)
Mount Pleasant Path (Pennsylvania)
Clark's Car-go (Pennsylvania)
Word Find (Pennsylvania)
Bucks - Playwicki - Cache to Eagle # 5 (Pennsylvania)
Trolley Time (Pennsylvania)

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