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Ambler, Montgomeryville, and also a bit of Cecil County

On Saturday, I started with a few geocaches in Flourtown. I wasn't doing so well there, so I decided I might as well return to my town to take care of an oil change, so I won't have to get that done Monday or Tuesday evening just before leaving for Anthrocon, when there might not be time. After that, I spend the rest of the afternoon going for a few geocaches here and there in Perryville, Port Deposit, and Rising Sun in Cecil County, Maryland. It's not a cache-dense area, so I save a few geocaches there for times when I don't want to travel too far. There were some interesting sites, like the little chapel in Brookview Cemetery, Rising Sun. The 3 geocaches in Funk's Pond, on the other hand, required some of the toughest hiking in recent memory. I'm guessing this hike is best done in the winter when there isn't as much vegetation, but I got to the end of the trail and still had to step across a creek and climb up a hill to get to the cache, while another cache was on top of a different hill with no trails.

On Sunday, I continued where I left off in Ambler. This day was mostly about mhornbaker, who I believe only started placing geocaches since my last trip to the Ambler area, but has since filled the area really well. I also took the opportunity to tackle some of the multi-caches and longer hikes that I couldn't do during the winter because of temperature and lack of daylight. In the summer, on the other hand, there are bugs and humidity, so it's really a trade-off. In addition, I cleared a few DNFs, "Lowe Seas II" and "Hollowed be thy name", although I had to wonder if those caches had been altered. Both were in fairly obvious hiding spots that I'm sure I checked the last time too.

Saturday 2014-06-28:

My Rainbow Purse (Pennsylvania)
GREEN means GO! (Pennsylvania)
Bysher Park - Flourtown (Pennsylvania)
Blythedale Guard (Maryland)
Miles to cache (Maryland)
Frenchtown Waterhole (Maryland)
CJS - Port Deposit #2 (Maryland)
River Billboard (Maryland)
FUNKY (Maryland)
Cromleys Mountain (Maryland)
FunkyBearz Cache (Maryland)
Little Chapel On A Hill Revisited (Maryland)
Good as New! (Maryland)
Jimmy the Giraffe's Geo (Maryland)
Glen Still Hopes you find it (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2014-06-29:

Koopa Troopa of Ambler (Pennsylvania)
Boro Park - Parks of Ambler (Pennsylvania)
Wondrous Wall Of Wissahickon (Pennsylvania)
Pen-Ambler Park - Parks of Ambler (Pennsylvania)
Ingersoll Park - Parks of Ambler (Pennsylvania)
Dager Road Trail (Pennsylvania)
Heart of Spring House (Pennsylvania)
Geese Hangout (Pennsylvania)
Fenced In! (Pennsylvania)
Centennial Trail #4 (Pennsylvania)
Centennial Park Trail #3 (Pennsylvania)
Centennial Park Trail #2 (Pennsylvania)
Centennial Park Trail #1 (Pennsylvania)
Three Tuns Park - Parks of Ambler/Upper Dublin (Pennsylvania)
You Have Met Your Match (Pennsylvania)
Retreat from Moscow 1812 (Pennsylvania)
Tannerie Run Park - Parks of Ambler (Pennsylvania)
Drum Roll (Pennsylvania)
Maple Glen Cache (Pennsylvania)
Hollowed be thy name (Pennsylvania)
Xylophilous Cache (Pennsylvania)
Pond View Cache VIII (Pennsylvania)
Blessent Mon Coeur D'Une Langueur Monotone (Pennsylvania)
T's Serenity (Pennsylvania)
Tower of Chimes (Pennsylvania)
Mine at Last! (Pennsylvania)
The Pit Of Irony (Pennsylvania)
Island in a Field (Pennsylvania)
Worldwide Geocache (Pennsylvania)
The Linden Leaner of Montgomeryville (Pennsylvania)
Lowe Seas II (Pennsylvania)
My Blue Purse (Pennsylvania)
Buckle Up (Pennsylvania)
Between A Rock And A Hard Place Off Forest Road (Pennsylvania)
A Banquet For Trackables (Pennsylvania)

Tags: bucks county, cecil county, geocaching, montgomery county

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