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Cache In The Parks 2014, Lehigh Valley

On Saturday, I attended "Cache In The Parks 2014, Upper Macungie Township" at Upper Macungie Park in the Fogelsville area. Like "Cache In The Parks 2013", this geocaching event is a teaching event with a talk and a few practice geocaches to introduce the activity to new geocachers. However, it's also a normal geocaching event with door prizes and lunch, and there was a new geocache in the park, so there was something for everyone. Anyway, I had a good time. After the event, I headed over to Allentown to continue the "urban" series of geocaches I started finding last weekend. There were plenty of other caches too, some near unusual sculptures, like this tree trunk one.

Sunday was another trip to Lehigh Valley, although I started in Trumbauersville and Quakertown to get a few geocaches that I'd received info on. Then I headed north to southside Allentown and Emmaus. The challenge cache I got that day was "U.S. Challenge: A Cache for Every State". This challenge requires not finding a cache in every state, which would've been much harder, but finding 50 caches whose titles contain all the state names. I qualified for this trivially because of the "50 States" series in Montgomery County a while ago, so no problem there!

Saturday 2014-07-19:

Travel Bug truckstop (Pennsylvania)
Cache In The Parks 2014, Upper Macungie Township (Pennsylvania)
A New Cache for a New Event (and After) (Pennsylvania)
evil eye rest stop (Pennsylvania)
In the shadow of big blue (Pennsylvania)
Medic 2 (Pennsylvania)
Doctor's Orders (Pennsylvania)
Medic 1 (Pennsylvania)
MLAS & CYN !! (Pennsylvania)
Lamp Post Inspector 1 (Pennsylvania)
Mountain King (Pennsylvania)
Trix R4 Kids (Pennsylvania)
dorneyville c&d (Pennsylvania)
Lamp Post Inspector #2 (Pennsylvania)
Clue Series - Mr. Green (Pennsylvania)
Spanish Vets (Pennsylvania)
urban19 (Pennsylvania)
urban18 (Pennsylvania)
urban15 (Pennsylvania)
urban14 (Pennsylvania)
urban10 (Pennsylvania)
urban11 (Pennsylvania)
urban6 (Pennsylvania)
O the Great and Powerful [ Cache] (Pennsylvania)
urban 2 (Pennsylvania)
urban 3 (Pennsylvania)
urban4 (Pennsylvania)
st george woods (Pennsylvania)
cedar creek troll (Pennsylvania)
union terrace 2 (Pennsylvania)
union terrace 1 (Pennsylvania)
All parks need a cache 2: Daddona Lake Terrace (Pennsylvania)
UT again (Pennsylvania)
in the park (Pennsylvania)
this park needs more caches (Pennsylvania)
thinkin of the Hollies (Pennsylvania)
Secret passage to the parkway (Pennsylvania)
Art Or Junk?? (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2014-07-20:

Ospreys and Chinooks (Pennsylvania)
U.S. Challenge: A Cache for Every State (Pennsylvania)
Ain't That Peculiar? (Pennsylvania)
Creekside Fishing (Pennsylvania)
Sit Down and Ponder (Pennsylvania)
between a Redhead and a King (Pennsylvania)
I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me (Pennsylvania)
trout creek crossing#2 (Pennsylvania)
Eye-Catching (Pennsylvania)
Clue Series - Mrs. Peacock (Pennsylvania)
The Pits (Pennsylvania)
Travel Bug BBQ (Pennsylvania)
4 dueces (Pennsylvania)
Nothing here yet (Pennsylvania)
Ladybug - Susan (Pennsylvania)
sawdust? (Pennsylvania)
parkway center (Pennsylvania)
Lighthouse (Pennsylvania)
Pine/Apples (Pennsylvania)
A little Cedar (Pennsylvania)
Just some rocks (Pennsylvania)
mitchel rocks (Pennsylvania)
Fix Or Repair Daily (Pennsylvania)
Home Sweet Home I (A view of the Airport) (Pennsylvania)
Between Bob & Ben (Pennsylvania)
not the rail (Pennsylvania)
S Mall 4 (Pennsylvania)
S mall 1 (Pennsylvania)
S Mall 3 (Pennsylvania)
Dont drain the budget (Pennsylvania)
4 A Buck (Pennsylvania)
Ladybug - Michelle (Pennsylvania)
Luck of the Irish "4" (Pennsylvania)
South Mountain Gateway Cache (Pennsylvania)
sports fun (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to the family #1 (Pennsylvania)
RBox 1 (Pennsylvania)
Li'l Red (Pennsylvania)

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