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SEPAG Storms the Castle, East Lehigh Valley

On Saturday, I went to Central Park Doylestown for "SEPAG Storms the Castle XI". To me anyway, this is the big annual geocaching event of the area. It's been going on for many years and it's always been well-attended. And, as always, there was a plethora of picnic foods. I noticed that the event started a bit later this year, so I had time to get some geocaches both before the event and afterwards. Since I'd been to the area recently, there weren't too many but I walked a few miles on the US-202 bike path for the "Mile..." caches and others. What I find hard to believe is PennDOT spent $200 million to reroute US-202, only to make it just another 40-mph two-lane road instead of a limited-access highway. But at least the bike path next to it is good for geocaching. :) Anyway, I took a picture of the meadow view at the high point of the bike path.

On Sunday, I went to Lehigh Valley again to continue my eastward expansion there. I hit Louise Moore Park for the "LMP" series of caches. This is a good series because I could park in one parking lot and find 11 caches in a circular (except for the nature trail spur) hike around the park. After that, I geocached around Easton, including part of the "WPBP" series on the Wilson-Palmer Bike Path. "My cache in the middle of the street" is the kind of cache placement that makes one think. At first, I wondered if the coordinates were a bit off since the GPS pointed to the middle of the street. Then after looking around for a while, it dawned on me that it really was in the middle of the street, except that I should've been checking out the sewer tunnel directly underneath!

Saturday 2014-07-26:

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night! (Pennsylvania)
Caution (Pennsylvania)
No Muggles Need Apply (Pennsylvania)
Easter Egg Hunt II (Pennsylvania)
Cache of the Day (Pennsylvania)
Meyer Way or the Highway (Pennsylvania)
Don't Fence Me In VII (Pennsylvania)
Trash In, Cache Out (Pennsylvania)
SEPAG Storms the Castle XI (Pennsylvania)
Daffodil Rock II (Pennsylvania)
The Forbidden Forest (Pennsylvania)
Bristol Road Next Signal (Pennsylvania)
Bridge Over Untroubled Waters XXVII (Pennsylvania)
By Special Request V (Pennsylvania)
Mile 6 3/4 (Pennsylvania)
Mile 5 1/4 (Pennsylvania)
Mile 4 1/2 (Pennsylvania)
Mile 4 3/4 (Pennsylvania)
$200,000,000 VISTA (Pennsylvania)
The Origin Of The RooDude (Pennsylvania)
German Baptist Meetinghouse (Pennsylvania)
And Yet Another Creek View Cache (Pennsylvania)
Oh Canada, hey? XI (Pennsylvania)
A Hole in the Woods (Pennsylvania)
The Lost Grotto (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2014-07-27:

Ladybug - Cory (Pennsylvania)
LMP 1 (Pennsylvania)
LMP 11 (Pennsylvania)
LMP 6 (Pennsylvania)
LMP 7 (Pennsylvania)
LMP 8 (Pennsylvania)
LMP 10 (Pennsylvania)
LMP 9 (Pennsylvania)
LMP 4 (Pennsylvania)
LMP 3 (Pennsylvania)
LMP 2 (Pennsylvania)
LMP 5 (Pennsylvania)
I've seen better days tree (Pennsylvania)
Hold on to me (Pennsylvania)
182 (plus a few more) (Pennsylvania)
in John's Honor (Pennsylvania)
Wise Guys - Twins (Pennsylvania)
Post Office (Pennsylvania)
Hole in a tree (Pennsylvania)
Launch or Cache 1 (Pennsylvania)
Stop Bugging Me #4 - Palmer/Beth. RT (Pennsylvania)
Palmer Riverview Park (Pennsylvania)
WFS: A stroll through the path. (Pennsylvania)
My cache in the middle of the street (Pennsylvania)
No Geese Here III (Pennsylvania)
Read Between The Lions (Pennsylvania)
NNN 1 (Pennsylvania)
NNN 3 (Pennsylvania)
NNN 4 (Pennsylvania)
WPBP 15 (Pennsylvania)
WPBP 16 (Pennsylvania)
WPBP 17 (Pennsylvania)
WPBP 18 (Pennsylvania)
WPBP 14 (Pennsylvania)
WPBP 13 (Pennsylvania)
WPBP 12 (Pennsylvania)
A Remission Wish For All (Pennsylvania)
Sheesh (Pennsylvania)
AquariAnne’s ZodiaCache Virgo (Pennsylvania)
Supermarket Sweep (Pennsylvania)
DeAd EnD (Pennsylvania)
AquariAnne’s ZodiaCache Sagittaruis (Pennsylvania)

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