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7 Souvenirs of August

Last year in August, Groundspeak had special souvenirs for 31 Days of Geocaching so I was wondering if they were having anything for August this year. Well, this time it's the 7 Souvenirs of August. It's a lot easier this month because you only have to find the various types of geocaches to get all 7 souvenirs. On Saturday, I noticed that I had a regular, multi, and puzzle cache all within the same subdivision in Ambler so that's where I went for the first 3 souvenirs. After that, I hit a bunch of geocaches in Skippack on the way to an earthcache in Salford, for the 4th souvenir. Then I did more geocaches in Zieglersville on the way to a letterbox hybrid in Limerick. So I got 5 souvenirs for the day! The 6th and 7th souvenirs will have to wait for a weekend when there's an event cache.

On Sunday, I returned to Ambler to finish other geocaches in town that I didn't get to on Saturday because of the rush for souvenirs. After that, I also went through Horsham, Warrington, Montgomeryville, New Britain, and Chalfont, generally clearing out the area. Although it was a rainy day, I still got some of the difficult caches. The highest-rated one was "Perplexing Pine Tree", a 5-star difficulty cache near the YMCA in Lower Gwynedd. I met with Handyman17, who'd already been searching for a while, at the cache site. He showed me the decoy caches he'd found. We searched together for a little while and then he had to leave. Wouldn't you know it, not a few minutes after he stepped away from the cache site, I spotted the cache! So I picked it up and quickly took it back to the parking area so he could sign in too before he drove off. It was a rather well-camouflaged cache that wasn't placed where most people would expect to find it, so it is difficult. I'm not sure it really rates 5 stars though because I've found much harder caches at the 5-star level. On the other hand, I never could judge difficulty accurately because there have been a lot of high-rated caches that were actually easy if you've seen those kinds of cache hides before. This particular cache is somewhere in the middle of the difficulty range, although I'd rate it higher just because of the annoyance of searching that particular spot. (a thick pine tree)

Saturday 2014-08-02:

Knights Park - Parks of Ambler (Pennsylvania)
Pick A Field (Pennsylvania)
Perky Rocks (Pennsylvania)
It's Elementary! (Pennsylvania)
LITTLE BOUTIQUE (Pennsylvania)
Watership Down (Pennsylvania)
Bones of the Revolution (Pennsylvania)
ONE BORING CACHE... (Pennsylvania)
Guardian of the Light (Pennsylvania)
OOIN #2 (Pennsylvania)
Around the Curve (Pennsylvania)
Just Hanging Around (Pennsylvania)
Don't Burn Me (Pennsylvania)
Picnic in the Park (Pennsylvania)
Close By Park (Pennsylvania)
Gotta Have It (Pennsylvania)
Iron Bridge (Pennsylvania)
Bed Time (Pennsylvania)
A Beauty That Time Forgot About (Pennsylvania)
Leaping Lizards (Pennsylvania)
Where the Wild Things Are (Pennsylvania)
I Love Scary Movies Alot (Pennsylvania)
To Boldly Go! (Pennsylvania)
Pond Feeder (Pennsylvania)
Snappy's Lair (Pennsylvania)
Mission Stardust (Pennsylvania)
Bus Stop (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to Coventry Glen (Pennsylvania)
Stairway to Heaven (Pennsylvania)
Special Mission Lady Chaplin (Pennsylvania)
This side of eternity (Pennsylvania)
Moonchild (Pennsylvania)
Professor Benson's Travel Bug Top Secret Base (Pennsylvania)
The Mighty Sons of Hercules (Pennsylvania)
A STRANGE camouflage (Pennsylvania)
SIGNAL! (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to the many springs! (Pennsylvania)
Tired Of Waiting #2 (Pennsylvania)
Cache n Mustashe (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2014-08-03:

Lamp Post, Again (Pennsylvania)
GRT XIII (Pennsylvania)
This Means War! II (Pennsylvania)
Fenced In! IV (Pennsylvania)
My Favorite Candy (Pennsylvania)
Fenced In! III (Pennsylvania)
Sylvan Picnic (Pennsylvania)
Perplexing Pine Tree (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to Horsham (Pennsylvania)
Travelers' Rest (Pennsylvania)
A Carefully Orchestrated Cache (Pennsylvania)
A Green Cache for ThePinkPurse (Pennsylvania)
Creekside Micro (Pennsylvania)
Fenced In! II (Pennsylvania)
Wood Imposter (Pennsylvania)
Horsham's Chestnut Creek Park (Pennsylvania)
No Dumping II (Pennsylvania)
Adopt a Tick (Pennsylvania)
Power to the People - Tertius (Pennsylvania)
Follow the trees... FTF (Pennsylvania)
Penguin's First Cache (Pennsylvania)
Creek View Cache (Pennsylvania)
Not a roodude Cache (Pennsylvania)
Life's No Picnic (Pennsylvania)
Twin Bridges (Pennsylvania)
Dead End Cache (Pennsylvania)
Shawshank Cache (Pennsylvania)
An Evergreen Cache for You (Pennsylvania)
Watch the Fish (Pennsylvania)

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