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Lehigh Valley, Snakefest, South Jersey, and the last two souvenirs of August

I actually wasn't sure which direction to go for geocaches on Saturday but the Whitehall part of Lehigh Valley looked good. Aside from the urban area, I also went farther north to Laury's Station and Walnutport to hike part of the D&L rail trail. "Message in a Bottle" was one of the geocaches along this trail. When I checked the likely hiding spot though, I saw a snake coiled up inside the hollow log! This is one reason to always look before putting your hand in something. It's only a small snake though and it stayed far back enough so I could still retrieve the cache. The most amusing cache of the day was "Whitehall Zephyr Cache". The cache container looks like a gargoyle, a demon or something like that. It's quite a character.

Sunday was the day I planned to complete the 7 Souvenirs of August. I only needed an event cache and there was an event that afternoon in Florence. I actually hadn't been up that part of South Jersey in a while, so there were lots of new geocaches to do along the way, although not as many new caches as in Pennsylvania. Later that day, during the event, I learnt that a stricter approval process in New Jersey could be the reason. Anyway, it was a good event and after that, I went for some geocaches in and near Florence before going home.

Saturday 2014-08-09:

Star Spangled Banner (Pennsylvania)
Y Not? (Pennsylvania)
Gotta Have One (Pennsylvania)
McCheers (Pennsylvania)
Old School Stop (Pennsylvania)
Meeting Place #2 (Pennsylvania)
Snow Days 3 (Pennsylvania)
DON'T FALL !! (Pennsylvania)
Snow Days 1 (Pennsylvania)
Snow Days 2 (Pennsylvania)
NHL - Montreal Canadiens (Pennsylvania)
Cache and Dash in Whitehall (Pennsylvania)
Ladybug - Betty (Pennsylvania)
You Get Down From a Duck (Pennsylvania)
Piger's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Thanks for the ride - Rocky & Bullwinkle (Pennsylvania)
Boppin' on that ... (Pennsylvania)
Katydid (Pennsylvania)
NBMA dam (Pennsylvania)
Not So Hard (Pennsylvania)
New home for baby #67 (Pennsylvania)
lucky number seven (Pennsylvania)
Budders the Drick (Pennsylvania)
Message in a Bottle (Pennsylvania)
Treichlers C&D (Pennsylvania)
Chrome cache 27/69 (Pennsylvania)
Little Kid Cache (Pennsylvania)
Feeling Lucky? (Pennsylvania)
Timber! (Pennsylvania)
Whitehall Zephyr Cache (Pennsylvania)
Snow Days 5 (Pennsylvania)
Snow Days 6 (Pennsylvania)
Snow Day 7 (Pennsylvania)
Wise Guys - Miners (Pennsylvania)
Along the Turnpike (Pennsylvania)
Snow Days 11-12-13 (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2014-08-10:

Need More Ammo (Air Drop) (New Jersey)
Fourthmeal (New Jersey)
The Asparagus Tree Bark Park (New Jersey)
4 x 50 Challenge (New Jersey)
2 x 100 Challenge (New Jersey)
38 70 Split & the Primrose Path (New Jersey)
Everyone needs a little ....... (New Jersey)
We Shall Never Forget (New Jersey)
Anti-Coffee: Pooh don't do the brew! (New Jersey)
Clearance Cache (New Jersey)
Over and Out (New Jersey)
Historic Riverton (New Jersey)
Barnacle Bill's Treasure (New Jersey)
Riverton Yacht Club (New Jersey)
Inspector 54 (New Jersey)
If the Tooth be Told (New Jersey)
Welcome to Delanco! (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #65: No Man's Land (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #64: JFK Visit (New Jersey)
Year of the Fishcake (New Jersey)
Alphabet Soup: J is for jdawg87 (New Jersey)
Tango Roo (New Jersey)
Summer Get Together 2014 (New Jersey)
Hootie! Letterbox (New Jersey)
Alphabet Soup: R is for RedHotRutabaga (New Jersey)
Alphabet Soup: A is for aufbau (New Jersey)
A Bend in the River (New Jersey)
Alphabet Soup: G is for G-Pirate (New Jersey)
A Bend in the River III (New Jersey)
A Bend in the River IV (New Jersey)
The Polar Vortex or Jasmer Desert? (New Jersey)

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