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SOASJ I, Cape May, Northeast Philadelphia, Bensalem

On Saturday morning, I headed out to Vineland for the "SOASJ I" event at Golden Palace Diner. "SOASJ" stands for "Souvenirs of August South Jersey", so it's meant for those who still needed an event cache for the Socializer Souvenir in the 7 Souvenirs of August. Of course, I'd already gotten it two weeks prior, so I just went for fun and for breakfast. After that, I continued onwards to Cape May for the "CMBPS" series of caches along the Cape May Bike Path. I also got the caches along the west side of Cape May, which I didn't have time for on my last trip out there during the winter.

I didn't have a proper plan for Sunday, which normally would be a problem but in Northeast Philadelphia, it just meant I started at one spot and just went from cache to cache until the end of the day. Among the interesting locations of the day were ruins at "Defunct Factory" and a sign in an abandoned lot, where the business had actually moved a bit down the road. "Small Hide in a Small Park" was challenging because I could only get half the info I needed, but I figured out where the final part could be and found it anyway by exhaustive search.

Saturday 2014-08-23:

Franklin Twp Sports Complex (New Jersey)
Malaga Lake-A Greenie in the Woods (New Jersey)
Foul baaaall! (New Jersey)
SOASJ I (New Jersey)
Mom-Mom and Pop-Pops little house remembered (New Jersey)
Salt Marshes and Meadows (New Jersey)
Goshen Landing (New Jersey)
Stop your Wining! (New Jersey)
CMBPS (20) (New Jersey)
CMBPS (19) (New Jersey)
CMBPS (18) (New Jersey)
CMBPS (17) (New Jersey)
CMBPS (16) (New Jersey)
CMBPS (15) (New Jersey)
CMBPS (14) (New Jersey)
CMBPS (13) (New Jersey)
CMBPS (12) (New Jersey)
CMBPS (11) (New Jersey)
CMBPS (10) (New Jersey)
CMBPS (9) (New Jersey)
CMBPS (8) (New Jersey)
CMBPS (7) (New Jersey)
CMBPS (6) (New Jersey)
CMBPS (5) (New Jersey)
CMBPS (4) (New Jersey)
CMBPS (1) (New Jersey)
Ferry nice view (New Jersey)
Townbank Treat (New Jersey)
Shore is a Nice Micro! (New Jersey)
Giggles and Poo (New Jersey)
Psycho Sunset (New Jersey)
Bike path (New Jersey)
CMCST - Beasley House (New Jersey)
CMCST - 4 Moore (New Jersey)
CMCST - Bike or Hike (New Jersey)
Nature Trail (New Jersey)
83 Beavers and a Swamp (New Jersey)

Sunday 2014-08-24:

Breakfast Club Challenge (Pennsylvania)
Defunct Factory (Pennsylvania)
Childhood Memories ~ Barnstormin' Bustleton (Pennsylvania)
Cachenet (Pennsylvania)
Old Street Road, Calico Corner, Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania)
H. R. Trek (Pennsylvania)
Rabbit Hole (Pennsylvania)
Red, White and Blue: for "Taxman" (Pennsylvania)
Neshaminy Station (Pennsylvania)
Small Hide in a Small Park (Pennsylvania)
Waiter, There's a Cache in My Soup! (Pennsylvania)
Another One for Tamenend Park (Pennsylvania)
Becoming a Typical TAXMAN 1 Cache (Pennsylvania)
Limited Use (Pennsylvania)
X Marks The Box (Pennsylvania)
Posted: No Parking! (Pennsylvania)
Take a Peek on the Peak Trail (Pennsylvania)
I Trust You to Find This Cache (Pennsylvania)
401(k) (Pennsylvania)
Stumped (Pennsylvania)
A Rowdy Cache (Pennsylvania)
I Love A Blank Log (Pennsylvania)
0 (Pennsylvania)
What A Nice Avenue! (Pennsylvania)
Madamé Margerita (Pennsylvania)
A New Smiley Leads To A Beautiful Smile (Pennsylvania)

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