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Labor Day Weekend, Green Lane, Reading, Southern Delaware / Salisbury

It was a 3-day weekend because of the Labor Day Holiday on Monday. I hadn't planned any vacation trips so I went for some geocaching events in the area. On Saturday, I attended "August Souvenir Celebration". It's at a cafe in East Greenville. I haven't been to that area much and I especially had not been to the nearby Green Lane Reservoir Park in years, so after the event, I went geocaching there.

On Sunday, I went to The Pagoda in Reading for the "Berks Quarterly Trackable Swap and Flash Mob" event. We had a group hike afterwards to attempt the "Peace be careful" geocache, which is up on a steep rock face. It's actually an interesting landmark because of a large Peace sign painted on the rock face. It had been raining though, so the rock face was too slippery and dangerous. We sent two people who were good at climbing to get the cache, while the rest of us waited below, possibly to catch them if they fell off. (Not sure what the plan was there. :) ) Anyway, that was the most exciting part of it. We also went for the other geocaches along the same trail.

On Labor Day, I thought it would be nice to go somewhere other than to Pennsylvania for a change. So I hit Southern Delaware and Salisbury, Maryland, for a bunch of new geocaches that had been placed since my last trip that way. The day was more driving than finding, but there were some amazing geocaches, like the elaborate birdhouse geocache outside the Courtyard Marriott in Salisbury. I also got to use the Woodland Ferry again.

Saturday 2014-08-30:

Where is Nemo? (Pennsylvania)
Hardware (Pennsylvania)
Java Good Cache! (Pennsylvania)
August Souvenir Celebration (Pennsylvania)
A Shot & A Slice (Pennsylvania)
Down by the pump house (Pennsylvania)
Lets Glow Fishing (Pennsylvania)
Around 4 1/2 ft (Pennsylvania)
In The Cove (Pennsylvania)
Tied Down (Pennsylvania)
Lake Side (Pennsylvania)
C D R # 2 (Pennsylvania)
The Red Soil (Pennsylvania)
V.F.W. Post 5954 (Pennsylvania)
Off The Beaten Path (Pennsylvania)
Just Not Right (Pennsylvania)
Old Red (Pennsylvania)
Love At First Cache (Pennsylvania)
The Fallen (Pennsylvania)
Car Junk (Pennsylvania)
Games People Play (Pennsylvania)
Searching..... (Pennsylvania)
Be Prepared (Pennsylvania)
The Line in The Corn (Pennsylvania)
Keystone Cache (Pennsylvania)
Go Green II (Pennsylvania)
Corner Cache (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2014-08-31:

I did not start the FIRE (Pennsylvania)
God Bless America (Pennsylvania)
Race to Joanna Furnace (Pennsylvania)
Don't Push the Picnic Button! (Pennsylvania)
Berks Quarterly Trackable Swap and Flash Mob (Pennsylvania)
peace be careful (Pennsylvania)
Last Airbender sender (Pennsylvania)
Tree Army (Pennsylvania)
The Last Airbender FAIL! (Pennsylvania)
Tower over Reading (Pennsylvania)
Building Block #2 (Pennsylvania)
Do KNOT overthink it (Pennsylvania)
BYE: Year 1 (Pennsylvania)
Babbling Brook (Pennsylvania)
The Return Home (Mountain Trails) (Pennsylvania)
Down the Creek (Pennsylvania)
Ken Ken Conundrum (Pennsylvania)
Black Bird (Pennsylvania)
Old Skool (Pennsylvania)
Never Sink, Albert!! (Pennsylvania)
3970 Cache (Pennsylvania)
Another Penny-sylvania Park (Pennsylvania)
Last one out.....hit the lights (Pennsylvania)
A Penny for Your Thoughts (Pennsylvania)
Red D. or Not (Pennsylvania)
Call Me! (Pennsylvania)

Monday 2014-09-01:

Green Winged Teal (Delaware)
Tree Hugger (Delaware)
Doesn't Belong Here, Either (Delaware)
Ivory Billed Red Herring (Delaware)
GR Cache (Delaware)
Spring Gathering Bonus (Delaware)
Royal Pain (Delaware)
228602 (Delaware)
Brain Grain (Delaware)
P.O. Box - Bridgeville (Delaware)
P.O. Box - Seaford (Delaware)
Dollar Pizza (Delaware)
Odd Man Out (Delaware)
A Founding Father's Find (Delaware)
Sleepy Hollow (Delaware)
On The Way From Woodland (Delaware)
Woodland Ferry-Seaford side (Delaware)
Saint George or Saint Patrick? (Delaware)
WGD 2014 - Town of Delmar (Maryland)
WGD 2014 - Courtyard (Maryland)
Bry Ain't The Best Lane To Buy (Maryland)
Dead End Division (Maryland)

Tuesday 2014-09-02:

Ice Cream Social LPC (Delaware)

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