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LVGC Breakfast, Lancaster LXIV

Saturday morning was the LVGC Breakfast geocaching event at Borderline in Bethlehem. This was a pretty last-minute plan since I didn't notice the event in the list until just two days prior. It was a rainy day, so I opted not to hike one of the Lehigh Valley rail trails afterwards. There were still many geocaches around Bethlehem, Hellertown, and Springtown that were one-offs and not too far from parking, so I could hurry back if the rain picked up. The only disappointment in this area is some geocaches were never maintained, even after getting ruined over the winter. I replaced one of the caches since it had been confirmed missing by others and I knew the hiding style.

Sunday was another trip to Lancaster, this time covering the areas north of US-30 in Manheim, Lititz, and Warwick. Mostly, those were geocaches placed for previous monthly events (which I did not attend because those were on weekdays) and a new World War II puzzle series. In contrast to Saturday, the weather was great for walking around and I continued seeking a set of geocaches along a rail trail in Manheim that I started months ago. Also came across a curious structure, a fort-like stone wall that surrounds a drain near a park and library that aren't actually that old. But this is Lancaster, so if a castle can be a prison (see last weekend's entry), then a fort can be a drain. :)

Saturday 2014-09-13:

LVGC Breakfast in the Lehigh Valley 2014, 3rd Qtr (Pennsylvania)
Clearview Park Changes (Pennsylvania)
No Geese Here IV (Pennsylvania)
Wings Over America VIII (Pennsylvania)
Wings Over America VII (Pennsylvania)
Wings Over America VI (Pennsylvania)
Wings Over America V (Pennsylvania)
Out of the Office and TB Motel (Pennsylvania)
Snow Days 4 (Pennsylvania)
It must be a sign (again) (Pennsylvania)
Stewart's Little Cache (Pennsylvania)
Cache At The End Of The Tunnel (Pennsylvania)
Chinese Harmony Pavilion (Pennsylvania)
First Things First (Pennsylvania)
At Least I Found One (Pennsylvania)
"THGS": District 07 (Pennsylvania)
78RW: Welcome to Ride Park (Pennsylvania)
ROCK ON !! (Pennsylvania)
It's Gooooood (Pennsylvania)
G.I. Army Ant - Hellertown (Pennsylvania)
Polk Valley Park - Pond View (Pennsylvania)
Wise Guys - Listening Post (Pennsylvania)
Thanks for the ride - Dr. Who (Pennsylvania)
It's the living who scare me. (Pennsylvania)
A Rest at Pleasant Hill (Pennsylvania)
Down By The Farm (Pennsylvania)
SPACE2081 [2.5/1.5] Captain on the Bridge! (Pennsylvania)
Shelter From The Storm (Pennsylvania)
Watching The River Flow (Pennsylvania)
I See Dead People (Pennsylvania)
big... (Pennsylvania)
Nockamixon Power Trail (Sort Of) #1 (Pennsylvania)
Nockamixon Power Trail (Sort Of) #5 (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2014-09-14:

Leaky Cauldron (TBs) (Pennsylvania)
Battle of the Philippine Sea (Pennsylvania)
Battle of the Coral Sea (Pennsylvania)
"Mighty Mo" (Pennsylvania)
Doolittle Raid (Pennsylvania)
Sileo In Pacis - Unknown Cemetery #2 (Pennsylvania)
USS Yorktown (CV-5) (Pennsylvania)
Weaver (Pennsylvania)
LOST in the MTCP - South (Pennsylvania)
LOST in the MTCP - North (Pennsylvania)
Guarding Bloomfield (Pennsylvania)
Waiting on the Warhawk (Pennsylvania)
Lady Bug Got Your Tongue? (Pennsylvania)
CSI Lancaster 2 - Evidence (Pennsylvania)
Groceries (Pennsylvania)
Hole In A Tree. (Pennsylvania)
Protect the Children!! (Pennsylvania)
Zeus' Treasure Cache (Pennsylvania)
Sileo in Pacis - Unknown Cemetery #1 (Pennsylvania)
BYE: And So It Begins... (Pennsylvania)
Rocky Mountains (Pennsylvania)
Is this Charlie Brown's Tree (Pennsylvania)
On Dancer.....The Reindeer Series (Pennsylvania)
Tower of Terror (Pennsylvania)
Trail Watcher #8 (Pennsylvania)
Trail Watcher #9 (Pennsylvania)
A Spooky Motel (Pennsylvania)
S.O.S. - By Hook or by Crook or by Nook (Pennsylvania)
NOT in the Forest (Pennsylvania)
Along the Way (Pennsylvania)
Beyond the Goats (Pennsylvania)
8 Such a POWERful Number (Pennsylvania)

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