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Lancaster LXV, LXVI, LXVII - Birthday trip, Elizabethtown

Took the day off from work on Thursday because it was my birthday. After getting my free Grand Slam at Denny's, I headed over to Lancaster County. I thought it would be nice for a change of pace to take a stab at some geocaches that incorporate tours of the area. "E-Town Mural Trail - History in Pictures" was the perfect example. It was a visit to some murals and historic sites around Elizabethtown, followed by the final geocache at the town library. It's a fake book, which of course was placed in the non-circulating reference books section at the library. The tour was actually to gather information for both the final coordinates and the Dewey decimal number of the book. I got some of the digits wrong but was still able to figure it out. All in all, it was an entertaining experience. I also completed "Rudolf goes down in History....The Reindeer Series", a cache series I'd been working on and off for four years! Again, I didn't have all the information but was able to figure it out. The final cache for this was a bit of an adventure, with an old railroad bridge with gaps in the planks and an overgrown railbed to deal with. The cache description says "The rest of the way is a piece of cake" but that was written four years ago before the bushes grew up.

On Saturday, I returned to the Elizabethtown area. This time, I went for the series of caches along the Conewago Trail and the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail, which are connected. Most of the "Trail Watcher" caches along this trail are animals, such as the rabbit, dragon, and lizard. However, there were also a bowling ball (not part of the same series but still unusual) and an antique GPS. I also finally was able to find the caches I'd driven by so many times because those were close to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The rail trail, in fact, goes under the turnpike.

Sunday was another trip to the Elizabethtown area, to the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail in Conoy. I tackled the "LOST on the NW" series of caches, which were all along the river trail. It was 3 miles of hiking out to the end of the trail, where it looked like there was construction to continue building the trail under the railroad bridge, and 3 miles back. Most of those were quite easy, except "LOST on the NW: I am King of the World". A big tree had fallen over that one, so I had to climb around the top and bottom of the rock wall and through some bushes from a few different directions in the course of searching for it. Dinner was a visit to Hoss's in Elizabethtown. It's one of those places where one can have ice cream and French onion soup at the same time and dress up fruit with peanut butter fudge because all those items are at the salad bar!

Thursday 2014-09-18:

YMCABWV: Jennersville (Pennsylvania)
NTC - Toot, Toot, Lookout Below (Pennsylvania)
Rudolf goes down in History....The Reindeer Series (Pennsylvania)
Old Souls - LOST Vets (Pennsylvania)
The bell ringer (Pennsylvania)
Let's Play - Lakeside (Pennsylvania)
Souvenir Watcher Challenge (Pennsylvania)
All Decked Out (Pennsylvania)
Play Ball (Pennsylvania)
Tree Hanger 2 (Pennsylvania)
Etow Disc Golf (Pennsylvania)
Lake Placida Dam (Pennsylvania)
Tree Hanger (Pennsylvania)
The trees have eyes. (Pennsylvania)
Gorgeous Lancaster County (Pennsylvania)
Bellaire Woods Nature Preserve (Pennsylvania)
Oldmill Country (Pennsylvania)
Carl's Other Beer (Pennsylvania)
Beware of Ducks! (Pennsylvania)
Fence Me In (Pennsylvania)
Can you smell the chocolate? (Pennsylvania)
E-town Mural Trail - History in Pictures (Pennsylvania)

Saturday 2014-09-20:

Cache Watcher, a Challenge that's twice the "FUN" (Pennsylvania)
Grid Watcher - 366 Challenge (Pennsylvania)
LOST81 (2.0/2.5) Is this your exit? (Pennsylvania)
Elizabethtown Community Park (Pennsylvania)
Tree Watcher (Pennsylvania)
Pond Watcher " the scary one" (Pennsylvania)
Trail Watcher #5 (Pennsylvania)
Trail Watcher #6 (Pennsylvania)
Trail Watcher -- Creepy Crawler ? (Pennsylvania)
Trail Watcher #4 (Pennsylvania)
Conewago: The trees (Pennsylvania)
Let's Roll (Pennsylvania)
LOST81 (1.5/2.5) A walk on the Trail (Pennsylvania)
Burkhart (Pennsylvania)
The Old Swimming Hole (Pennsylvania)
Toby's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Poison Lava (Pennsylvania)
Hawk Eyes, No Eyes (Pennsylvania)
GC: Whaaat!!! That's A ........!! ~3~ (Pennsylvania)
Clue Me In: Gamepiece #12 (Pennsylvania)
Bright hope (Pennsylvania)
beaver hole (Pennsylvania)
Trail Watcher #3 (Pennsylvania)
Trail Watcher #2 (Pennsylvania)
Turnpike Thunder (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2014-09-21:

Barb (Pennsylvania)
Beth (Pennsylvania)
It's logging time! #1 (Pennsylvania)
Cluck for Luck #3 (Pennsylvania)
Grave Camo (Pennsylvania)
Find The CACHE (Pennsylvania)
Take a chance next to the tree (Pennsylvania)
Bad Luck Brian! (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the NW: tanked (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the NW: Kung Fu Panda (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the NW: Hobbit (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the NW: V for a caching Victory (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the NW: Say Ahhhh (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the NW: Aim High (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the NW: I am King of the World (Pennsylvania)
Across The Rail And Above The Trail (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the NW: I've Fallen and I Won't Get Up (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the NW: Arch View (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the NW: Little Levidan Run (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the NW: Sign of the Times (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the NW: Gravel Mounds (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the NW: Private Picnic (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the NW: Reely Movieing Along the River (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the NW: STINGER (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the NW: Step aside for traffic (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the NW: Did You Hear About This Cache? (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the NW: Hickory, Dickory, DOCK (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the NW: A Cache Between 4 Trees (Pennsylvania)
LOST on the NW: End of the road...or trail (Pennsylvania)
End of Line (Pennsylvania)
Betty (Pennsylvania)
Cory's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Dustin's Cache (rehide) (Pennsylvania)
Word Of Life (Pennsylvania)

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