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Lancaster LXVIII Pirates Series, Montgomery County

On Saturday, I headed out to Lancaster for the Pirates geocache series. This is another themed series where you have to find a set of caches to get information for the final cache. One of the caches had a problem but I didn't really need its part of the final coordinates since I could infer the latitude degrees from the general area. So I found the treasure chest! Of course, I also got some geocaches in Upper Leacock and Ephrata along the way since I didn't cover that area on my previous trips this year. This being Lancaster County, there was ample opportunity to view cows and covered bridges.

Sunday was a trip to Montgomery County to do some recent geocaches. I also retried some caches with which I had trouble during the summer because of thick vegetation. "Binary Bytes" was an example of that. Although it is a puzzle cache, the cache hide is tougher than the puzzle. The bush still had plenty of leaves but in early autumn, it had thinned out just enough for me to see the cache. "Everyone's Favorite Breakfast Pastry" was another one that was tough in the summer, not so much for vegetation but for ticks, as other geocachers have noted in their online logs. But I think a few nights with frost have brought them down to a minimum. I had no trouble anyway.

Saturday 2014-10-04:

PIRATES #3 - CUTLASS (Pennsylvania)
Sileo In Pacis - John M. Ranck Family Cemetery (Pennsylvania)
PIRATES#4 - WE LOVE RUM (Pennsylvania)
Slow & Steady Wins The Race (Pennsylvania)
The Bridge is Back (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - C4 (Pennsylvania)
Old Mill Stream! (Pennsylvania)
Sileo in Pacis - Salem U.M.C. (Pennsylvania)
X-Mark (Pennsylvania)
Maker Madness Surprise! (Pennsylvania)
South Side Rolling (Pennsylvania)
Rolling Around Roland (Pennsylvania)
Run. Mile One (Pennsylvania)
Queen Ann's Revenge (Pennsylvania)
The Revenge (Pennsylvania)
Posted (Pennsylvania)
PIRATES #7 - MY PARROT (Pennsylvania)
PIRATES #5 - IN MEMORY OF PETIE (Pennsylvania)
PIRATES #6 - PIRATE GARB (Pennsylvania)
PIRATES #2: Gold Hoop (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2014-10-05:

Zenaida Macroura (Pennsylvania)
Yorick (Pennsylvania)
Dresher Woods Cache (Pennsylvania)
Speed of Light (Pennsylvania)
Binary Bytes (Pennsylvania)
Benchwarmer's Delight (Pennsylvania)
How do you get to Wonderland? (Pennsylvania)
Operatic Cache (Pennsylvania)
Cache a Day Keeps the Doctor Away (Pennsylvania)
Strike Fast (Pennsylvania)
Cache Guardian (Pennsylvania)
Green Ducks and Turtles (Pennsylvania)
Eeyore's House (Pennsylvania)
Life Tastes Good (Pennsylvania)
Swaying Trees of the Lower Gwynedd Trail (Pennsylvania)
Use Your Geosense (Pennsylvania)
Everyone's Favorite Breakfast Pastry (Pennsylvania)
Middle Penn Oak Trail (Pennsylvania)
North Penn Oak Trail II (Pennsylvania)
North Penn Oak Trail I (Pennsylvania)
South Penn Oak Trail (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to our hood (Pennsylvania)
Fresh Trunk (Pennsylvania)
A Recreational Cache (Pennsylvania)
Totally (Pennsylvania)

Tags: geocaching, lancaster county, montgomery county

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