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Montgomery and Bucks County, Rainy Day Puzzle Caches

Saturday was a rainy day, so I decided to do some puzzle caches around Norristown and Conshohocken. These were puzzles that I'd worked on at home. The actual cache finds were pretty easy, so I could do those while dodging raindrops. Well, not all were easy. "A Million Little Fibers" required a careful search among rocks. Then I was surprised to find a tiny snake sheltering under a rock just inches away from the cache. "Sculpture Garden" was another interesting one. It's a Wherigo tour of a sculpture trail in Plymouth Township.

The weather was better on Sunday, so I went farther north to Souderton, Perkasie, Plumstead, and Doylestown. I took a stab at some of the puzzle caches up that way too but I didn't have as many of those solved. "The Arboretum" was an interesting field puzzle. It's a walk around a small arboretum in Hatfield to get information from tree identification signs to derive the final coordinates. The treat of the day was a visit to the Doylestown Cultural District at night for one last (well, actually second last) cache before dinner. The building near the art museum was beautifully lit.

Saturday 2014-10-11:

21st Amendment Series-Al's Pride (Pennsylvania)
Scenic Park? (Pennsylvania)
Sculpture Garden (Pennsylvania)
Sandy's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Begochiddy (Pennsylvania)
A Million Little Fibers (Pennsylvania)
Wrapped Helically (Pennsylvania)
Mr Wyn (Pennsylvania)
Warmer Colder (Pennsylvania)
Chichen Itza (Pennsylvania)
Sinko Day Myo Uno (Pennsylvania)
Sinko Day Myo Dos (Pennsylvania)
Grass Geocache (Pennsylvania)
Down the Horse Trail (Pennsylvania)
Green Ribbon Trail (Pennsylvania)
Another Cache for the Preserve (Pennsylvania)
Gwynedd Wildlife Preserve (Pennsylvania)
Outdoor Destinations 4 (Pennsylvania)
North Wales Baptist Cemetery (Pennsylvania)
Sticky Situation - North Wales (Pennsylvania)
Vitamins and Minerals (Pennsylvania)
Hint Taken! (Pennsylvania)
Another one for Souderton (Pennsylvania)
Washington D.C. (1st U.S. District of 1) (Pennsylvania)
Standing On The Corner (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2014-10-12:

Friendship Park (Pennsylvania)
Once More unto the Breach, Dear Friends (Pennsylvania)
Yearning about the Yew Bushes (Pennsylvania)
Troop 229 Cabin (Pennsylvania)
It's a Frick (Pennsylvania)
Channeling My Inner Taxman (Pennsylvania)
Tag! You're it! (Pennsylvania)
The Arboretum (Pennsylvania)
Lawn Avenue Park (Pennsylvania)
Quiet Place II (Pennsylvania)
FTF - DSICGE (Pennsylvania)
WW Geocache Xchange: Nova Scotia to Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania)
Gobble Gobble! (Pennsylvania)
The Old Minsi Indian Trail Bridge (Pennsylvania)
I Can Take Another Hint! (Pennsylvania)
Deep Run Mennonite Church West (Pennsylvania)
Deep Run Mennonite Church East (Pennsylvania)
A Silly Cache (Pennsylvania)
The Great Grizzly 5K (Pennsylvania)
Happy October Revolution Day! (Pennsylvania)
The End of Old Durham Road (Pennsylvania)
The Doylestown 5K (Pennsylvania)
An Artsy Cache (Pennsylvania)
Central Bucks YMCA 5K (Pennsylvania)

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