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Furpocalypse 2014

This weekend, I was in Connecticut for Furpocalypse. From all appearances though, it might as well have been FurFright Redux 2014. Same hotel, same events, same charity... heck, even some of the prizes and goodies from the games and contests still say "FurFright"! For their first year, it's fine to ride on FurFright's momentum but I hope they'll eventually try new things and remake the con in their own vision. For the most part, I had a good time, which is hard to explain since it's pretty much the same con as last year. It could be that a slight change in the mood made all the difference. Last year, I had the impression that folks were a tad cold and distant but there was none of that this year. The only real issue I encountered this year was one of the hotel guests (not a con attendee) was very rude but I never saw him again after Thursday, so good riddance.

- Friday evening, I got back from dinner in time to join the ice cream and trivia hour. I was surprised that my group won this time. One of the prizes was the quizmaster's fake hair, which I used later at the dance.
- I was at the Saturday Morning Cartoons panel when the fire alarm started, so everyone had to wait outside in the cold. I was wearing my fleece bat pajamas at the time, so it wasn't too bad. Also, at least the alarm wasn't at 4am like FurFright 2 years ago.
- Fursuit parade on Saturday was indoors with the final photoshoot in the ballroom instead of outside, because of the rain.
- Since I enjoyed the sewing panel at FAU, I attended one again at Furpocalypse. This time, I made a squeaky toy.
- Went to the Big Gulp Party on Saturday evening. Thanks to dalesql for hosting.
- Fursuit games on Sunday: First game was a relay race where we went in pairs and one fursuiter would push the other around the course on a dolly. Second game was charades. And the last game was the figure-eight musical chairs. (a FurFright original) I was on the red team (Team Ebola) and we got second place.
- I skipped the closing ceremony in favor of a little geocaching spree around Newington followed by dinner. (Goldburger at Goldburgers) I returned in time for the dead dog party and a bit of pizza. Originally, there was a second fursuit parade scheduled for Sunday night but it had been canceled by the con. We got a bunch of fursuiters together and paraded anyway, which was hilarious since no one expected it.

Also, there was geocaching. Connecticut does not have as high a cache density as the Philly area but I still found quite a number. I focused on the Milford, West Haven and Prospect Beach areas (Date Night, WOOF Series) on the way to the con. During the con, I dashed out for mini caching sprees in Berlin and Newington. On the way home, since I had an errand to run in Middletown, I got a few there and a bunch more in Trumbull (America's Pastime series) on the way home. There was some good hiking, although I think fall colors were already past the peak by that time.

Thursday 2014-10-30:

James Cooper Rest Area (New Jersey)
Shopping with Sam and Wally (New Jersey)
Kane Stadium (New Jersey)
The Money Man (New Jersey)
Arrive Alive! (New Jersey)
A FUN park and grab (finally) (Connecticut)
GWSC Bridge (Connecticut)
Academy Hill Veterans Memorial (Connecticut)
The Bard is Back (Connecticut)
Date Night #1 (Connecticut)
Date Night #5 (Connecticut)
Date Night #3 (Connecticut)
Date Night #4 (Connecticut)
Doggy Delight (Connecticut)
Cove River Historical Site (Connecticut)
Sea Bluff Beach View (Connecticut)
A Sound Prospect (Connecticut)
Colt 1911 (Connecticut)
Save Our Shore (Connecticut)
The Fishing Spot (Connecticut)
M9 Beretta (Connecticut)
P&V Geocache 1 (Connecticut)
Romantic Water View (Connecticut)
Cousin Clan #4 (Connecticut)
Cousin Clan #5 (Connecticut)
Easy as Ike (Connecticut)
WOOF Series #1 (Connecticut)
WOOF Series #2 (Connecticut)
WOOF Series #3 (Connecticut)
WOOF Series #4 (Connecticut)
WOOF Series #6 (Connecticut)
WOOF Series #5 (Connecticut)
CT's 100 Stars Challenge (Connecticut)
WOOF Series #7 (Connecticut)
WOOF Series #8 (Connecticut)
WOOF Series #9 (Connecticut)
WOOF Series #10 (Connecticut)
Quickies-#4 Just Joshin Ya (Connecticut)
RedRootRomp (Connecticut)
RedRoot2 (Connecticut)
Date Night #7 (Connecticut)
Mount St. Peters I (Connecticut)
Mount St. Peters II (Connecticut)
The River Runs Through It (Connecticut)
"My 9 to 5 view" (Connecticut)
One Man's Trash.... (Connecticut)

Friday 2014-10-31:

CT Eliminators Softball (Connecticut)
Historic Berlin (Connecticut)
Just Another Micro and a Big Gun (Connecticut)
Eat, Drink and be Merry Christmas (Connecticut)
Downtown Berlin: Main St. USA (Connecticut)

Sunday 2014-11-02:

Tegenaria Agrestis (Connecticut)
V is for Victory! (Connecticut)
There's No Such Word as Alot (Connecticut)
Expect Me: I have a good buzz going (Connecticut)
Take-Out but put back (Connecticut)
FW #18:Another P&g in Churchill Park (Connecticut)
FW#17:What's The Score? (Connecticut)
See More at Seymour (Connecticut)
WILLard you find me? (Connecticut)

Monday 2014-11-03:

Commodore Thomas Macdonough - War of 1812 Hero (Connecticut)
Remember Them (Connecticut)
Butternut Park (Connecticut)
Gnarly (Connecticut)
No Swag! Happy Birthday to Me 7/14/14 (Connecticut)
Shh... We're Resting (Connecticut)
Stars and Stripes Forever (Connecticut)
Emily's Cache 8 (Connecticut)
Emily's Cache 3 (Connecticut)

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