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DE Furbowl 55, Cecil, Pottstown North

On Saturday, I only went for geocaches around Newark, Hockessin, and Cecil County because I was planning to attend DE Furbowl 55 that evening. Actually, there were quite a number of local geocaches by this time because I hadn't been going geocaching on weekdays after work because of the earlier sunsets. I also noticed that some new geocachers have been busy placing caches around North East and Rising Sun, which is good because it keeps the Cecil County area fresh.

In the evening, I had an early dinner and then went to AMF Prices Corner for Furbowl. The place was busy! It'd been 11 months since my last Furbowl and my understanding is attendance is regularly in the triple digits now. I wore the Rakket Raccoon fursuit this time. It was a fun time, although I didn't stay all the way to the end because I had to prepare for the next day.

On Sunday, my first destination was Uwchlan to get more of the "13 Superstitions" series. It was a bummer though that the final 13th cache was under repair, but at least I got the required codes from the first 12 of those. There were some rather creative caches in this series, among them, the black cat and the clump of clover. Thank goodness the latter wasn't too deep in the bush or it may have been tough to find! After that, I went farther north to Nantmeal and Douglassville. Monocacy Hill was surprisingly packed. I wasn't able to get a proper parking space in the main area so I only got the two closest geocaches that I could access from roadside parking near a side entrance. And finally, I went way north to Bally for the "Stove Road" series of caches. The "road" here is an old woods road that's rocky, somewhat overgrown, and barely discernible in some spots, but the 4 caches were pretty good and worth negotiating the terrain to get to.

Saturday 2014-11-08:

Just another light pole cache (Delaware)
Air Mail (Delaware)
Hockessin Friends (Delaware)
End of the Road (Delaware)
Cache Advance (Maryland)
Dancing Cecil (Maryland)
A Rocky Start (Maryland)
Just Off The Track (Maryland)
Laurel we hide (Maryland)
Periphery of Principio Plaza (Maryland)
Ceciltucky Dentistry (Maryland)
Pathway to Principio Plaza (Maryland)
Five N One (Maryland)
Pulaski Cache (Maryland)
Ghost Tree (Maryland)
SunOCache (Maryland)
Arrow Farm (Maryland)
Childhood Church (Maryland)
Roadside Trail (Maryland)
Headless Horseman's shrunken head (Maryland)
Community Park (Maryland)
Triangle Holly (Maryland)
Another billboard (Maryland)
One lane bridge (Maryland)

Sunday 2014-11-09:

Brass In Pocket #1 (Pennsylvania)
13 Superstitions: Knock on Wood (Pennsylvania)
13 Superstitions: Black Cat (Pennsylvania)
13 Superstitions: Salt (Pennsylvania)
13 Superstitions: Four-Leaf Clover (Pennsylvania)
Field Stones of Nantmeal Village (Pennsylvania)
Where the School Bus Turns (Pennsylvania)
Boarder Patrol (Pennsylvania)
Up Up and Away! (Pennsylvania)
Tylor's an Eagle (Pennsylvania)
Ironstone Trestle (Pennsylvania)
Ironstone Out Back (Pennsylvania)
" Stove Road Series " #1 (Pennsylvania)
" Stove Road Series " #2 (Pennsylvania)
" Stove Road Series " #3 (Pennsylvania)
" Stove Road Series " #4 (Pennsylvania)
General Conrad Stonewall (Pennsylvania)
A Titanic Hero: A Tribute to Annie Funk (Pennsylvania)

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