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Thanksgiving weekend in Delmarva Peninsula, Doylestown

Since I had a 4-day weekend and there were two events towards the south that I could attend, I decided to take a 3-day trip to the Salisbury area as a mini vacation. On Thursday, I went straight down route 13 and went past Salisbury to Princess Anne and Pocomoke City, which were areas that were new to me. There were lots of geocaches down that way, although those were mostly clustered around the major towns with miles of open space in between. Generally, the area was flat and rural with wide-open spaces. I thought I might have trouble finding dinner on Thanksgiving Day but to my surprise, Ruby Tuesday in Pocomoke City was open. In retrospect, I needn't have worried. It's not really the everything-is-closed holiday it once was and many businesses have extended Black Friday shopping into Thursday evening.

On Friday, I went to the Light in the Darkness geocaching event at an Irish pub in Salisbury. It was a small event but it was good and I got to try a shepherd's pie as well. One common thread throughout the 3 days was the "WGD" cache series. These are from the Wicomico Geocache Dash annual events, which I haven't been to. I'm glad they left these caches out the rest of the year, and even for multiple years after, for everyone else to find.

On Saturday, I ventured to the rural areas (around Hebron and Quantico) northwest of Salisbury before returning to Salisbury to finish the caches in Pemberton Park. In the evening, I headed back north to Dover to attend the 14th Central DE Furbowl. It was only a short visit though because I had to continue my journey home before it got too late.

Sunday was back to a standard geocaching trip to Bucks County. I went to Abington, Horsham, Warrington, Doylestown, New Britain, and Jenkintown. There were a few surprises like Graeme Park, a former governor's residence and interesting stone house / museum that I'd never noticed before because it was set back from the main road. There was also this funny sign. (which is actually for a laundry / cleaning service) I also finally finished the caches around Bradford Reservoir, which I'd saved for when the weather is cooler since most of the walk is across an area with no shade.

Thursday 2014-11-27:

I Am Groot (Delaware)
Tighten-Up (Maryland)
Jurassic Park #2 (Delaware)
Jurassic Park #3 (Delaware)
Stokes Square (Delaware)
Slushy (Delaware)
#1Papabear slept here at the Hibernation Station (Delaware)
Baby Brad's Coin Cache (Delaware)
WGD 2014 - Poplar Hill Mansion (Maryland)
The Dude Abides (Maryland)
Shiver Me Timbers (Maryland)
Windswept Dr. (Maryland)
Hanging Around Town (Maryland)
16 Oz Coffee (Maryland)
Play Ball (Maryland)
Manokin River Micro (Maryland)
Beechwood Street (Maryland)
With Honor (Maryland)
Higher Education (Maryland)
Walking on Water? (Maryland)
Learning Curb (Maryland)
Training Day (Maryland)
Gotta Go, Again! (Maryland)
A lil outa the way (Maryland)
micro man (Maryland)
Road to Nowhere TB Motel (Maryland)
CJS - Delmarva Discovery Center (Maryland)
Charlotte's Country Cousin (Maryland)
Welcome to Pocomoke City (Maryland)
Stop! I'm right here! (Maryland)
Keeper of the Lot (Maryland)
The Pear Tree...Again (Maryland)
The Goose with a Big Brown Hat (Maryland)
L(azy) P(erson) C(ache) (Maryland)
Smokey's Hiding Spot CF-S27 Wells (Maryland)
Road To Nowhere - Fruitland (Maryland)
Walton's Legacy #4 (Maryland)
The Elements of the Big Picture (Maryland)

Friday 2014-11-28:

WGD 2014 - Henry Parker Complex (Maryland)
wonder walk (Maryland)
Dead End deal (Maryland)
WGD 2012 - Mason-Dixon Marker (Maryland)
The Big Apple (Maryland)
WGD 2012 - Nutters Election House (Maryland)
One At A Time (Maryland)
The Umpire Strikes Back (Maryland)
WGD 2014 - Moose (Maryland)
A Light in the Darkness (Maryland)
Do you love Pi? (Maryland)
Smoking Leprechaun (Maryland)
The Klingons are Coming! (Maryland)
Wetlands Walk- Bonus Cache (Maryland)
WGD 2014 - Pemberton Park (Maryland)
Harbor Point (Maryland)
A Shot In The Dark (Maryland)
Question Mark #6 (Maryland)

Saturday 2014-11-29:

Skate Or Die (Maryland)
Rockawalkin Cemetary (Maryland)
Ebenezer Graveyard (Maryland)
CITO pit-stop (Maryland)
mt.zion cemetary (Maryland)
Po' House (Maryland)
Athol Fishin' Hole (Maryland)
Bridge Street Mardela (Maryland)
Sacred Ground (Maryland)
WGD 2013 - Mardela Springs (Maryland)
TAD #172 N (Maryland)
WGD 2012 - San Domingo Park (Maryland)
Byaslag (Cheesy cache #2) (Delaware)
Around the Pond (Maryland)
WGD 2013 - Pemberton Pondside (Maryland)
CAM 2010 - Pemberton Historical Park (Maryland)
Don't Blink (or you'll miss this cache) (Maryland)
WGD 2014 - Parsons Cemetery (Maryland)
WGD 2014 - Ward Museum (Maryland)
Schumaker Park (Maryland)
Parker Pond Cache (Maryland)

Sunday 2014-11-30:

How Did I Get Here 2 (Pennsylvania)
Feed the Mosquitos (Pennsylvania)
Evergreen Manor Park (Pennsylvania)
1040 (Pennsylvania)
One Way II (Pennsylvania)
A Hard Cache for You III (Pennsylvania)
Don't Fence Me in XXVII (Pennsylvania)
1001 Caches (Pennsylvania)
A Grave Cache, Indeed (Pennsylvania)
The ghosts at Graeme Park 1 (Pennsylvania)
Does a Bear Cache in the Woods? (Pennsylvania)
Quickly LOG This Cache (Pennsylvania)
Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Pennsylvania)
Recycling Is Good (Pennsylvania)
It's Time for Another Multi (Pennsylvania)
"How Do You Find These Places?" (Pennsylvania)
Christmas in August (Pennsylvania)
9-11 Heros Run 5K (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for Dudes (and Dudettes) (Pennsylvania)
Do Cachers Value Smileys? - naoi (Pennsylvania)
Start Your Engines! (Pennsylvania)
Psithurism (Pennsylvania)
Summertime Fun (Pennsylvania)
L's (Pennsylvania)
In the Trees (Pennsylvania)
Another Cache for Dudes and Dudettes (Pennsylvania)
G.I. Army Ant - Warrington (Pennsylvania)
Common at Commons (Pennsylvania)
J-Town 5 - Slice or Hook? (Pennsylvania)

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