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Phoenixville and Florence

Saturday was a rainy day, so I didn't plan on going out too far. Since most of the caches I planned to get were in Phoenixville and Charlestown, it was a good opportunity to pick up "13 Superstitions: Unlucky #13 and Friday the 13th!" along the way. It's the final cache in the "13 Superstitions" series and it was a good one. The combination lock on this one used codes from the other 12 caches. The most interesting cache site of the day was at "The Horizontal Trail". It's pretty neat that in the middle of Nantmeal Woods, there are musical instruments.

For Sunday, I planned to head up to the "Fall Get Together 2014" geocaching event in Florence. On the way up, I scooped up geocaches in West Deptford, Willingboro, and other towns along the I-295 / US-130 corridor, including some caches that I missed on previous trips. "Just Lying There Also", for instance, was tough to see earlier in the year but now that the leaves are off, it was easy to spot. Most of the woods and bush cache hides seemed easier this time of year.

Saturday 2014-12-06:

Panda Sanctuary (Pennsylvania)
Park Parking (Pennsylvania)
Brass In Pocket #2 (Pennsylvania)
Deep and Inside (Pennsylvania)
13 Superstitions: Unlucky #13 and Friday the 13th! (Pennsylvania)
Pickering trail East at Hallman`s (Pennsylvania)
Fishing on Pickering Creek (Pennsylvania)
Old Charlestown Cemetery (Pennsylvania)
Charlestown Mill at Pickering Creek (Pennsylvania)
Almost Sock Her (Pennsylvania)
A Sick More (Pennsylvania)
French Vanilla Won (Pennsylvania)
Little Logger (Pennsylvania)
doggie peed (Pennsylvania)
Behind Home Plate (Pennsylvania)
Heavy Hit Homer (Pennsylvania)
Pine Blast (Pennsylvania)
Little Loop (Pennsylvania)
Hard Wear Park n Grab (Pennsylvania)
Galactus: Devourer of Shopping Trips (Pennsylvania)
Rock My Soul (Pennsylvania)
Nantmeal Woods (Pennsylvania)
The Horizontal Trail (Pennsylvania)
Rocky Cave (Pennsylvania)
Stump Seating (Pennsylvania)
Naming The Bridges #7: "Foot" (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2014-12-07:

Gettin' Screwy In Nortonville (New Jersey)
Northside Nortonville Nano (New Jersey)
Royal Oil (New Jersey)
Star Wars Planets : Bespin (New Jersey)
Double Tracked (New Jersey)
Building Unknown (New Jersey)
ribbit (New Jersey)
Black Oak Down (New Jersey)
perfect cut (New Jersey)
Just Lying There Also (New Jersey)
Chase's Creepy Crawly Cache Series #8 (New Jersey)
On the Rocks (New Jersey)
3 sheets (New Jersey)
Take Me To The River (For My 100TH Hide) (New Jersey)
The Green Zebra (New Jersey)
6 Legged Creatures (New Jersey)
Jellyfish fields (New Jersey)
Stop the Insanity (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #69: Sea Scouts (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #66: Country Club Plaza (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #68: Obama Center (New Jersey)
Levittown Legacy #70: Woolco/Caldor (New Jersey)
Delaware River Heritage Trail (New Jersey)
Not a Nano or a Bison (New Jersey)
By the Numbers (New Jersey)
Fall Get Together 2014 (New Jersey)
Hoity-Toity (New Jersey)
Foul balls in the woods (New Jersey)
Crazy Eggs: Zippy Longstocking (New Jersey)

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