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12-13-14 event, South Jersey, Croydon/Bristol

On Saturday, I went to the "12-13-14" event in a strip mall parking lot in Deptford. We had donuts and conversation. Unfortanately, much of the conversation was griping about the impending NJ State Parks policy on geocaches, which is too restrictive (according to nearly every NJ geocacher I've spoken with) and does not grandfather existing caches. This will result in probably thousands of geocaches getting archived for not falling within the new rules. Many classic geocaches, including the NJ's first cache (Gerbil Cache in Ramapo Reservation), will not qualify and it'll be a shame to see those go. I'm not looking forward to seeing how this will play out and I think it'll be a disaster, but I can't do anything about it anyway.

The other interesting activity that we did at the event was work on the "Bring A Friend (Or Two)" geocache. This is a special cache requiring an initial step with smartphones to obtain directions to the cache container. This step is for at least 3 people to gather at the designated spot and visit the GeoMob website with location-enabled web browsers. Once the GeoMob website detects that at least 3 devices are connected, it spits out the info. Anyway, we got the info and then I went to the final cache site with my group. (Once we had the info though, we could've gone to the cache site individually but visiting the cache in a group would be keeping in the spirit of the cache.) It was fun and a bit different from the usual.

On Sunday, I went geocaching in Northeast Philadelphia and Eastern Bucks County, in Croydon, Bristol, and Falls Township. I actually seemed to have picked some of the most challenging geocaches for the day's adventure, so that was exciting. "Garysaurus?", "Fresh Cache", and "Indian Creek Park Cache" were all placed in such a way that even though you could plainly see the cache, retrieval required some out-of-the-box thinking. Fortunately, I had or could find the tools I needed. Actually, in the case of "Garysaurus", my car was the tool. I parked directly under the cache and climbed up on the hood to get just enough height to get the cache. (No idea what people passing by on Route 13 thought when they saw me do that!) "Where I Go in Bristol, PA" is a Wherigo cache where one has to do a number puzzle with the Wherigo app in the field to get the coordinates. "Don't Get On The Bus" was in a terrible spot and it was obvious why many people, including myself, gave up on this cache previously. It's at an overflowing trash can by a bus stop. I was lucky this time that I happened to touch the cache almost right away because, even with gloves, I was not going to run my hands all over the trash can holder.

Saturday 2014-12-13:

12-13-14 (New Jersey)
Wet Lands (New Jersey)
7 - Yellow Snow (In Engine #Eight) (New Jersey)
Corner Of Bellmawr (New Jersey)
Bar crawl 6 (New Jersey)
Star Wars Planets : Endor (New Jersey)
Almonesson Park (New Jersey)
Bring A Friend (Or Two) (New Jersey)
Star Wars Planets : Ithor (New Jersey)
Chase's Creepy Crawly Cache Series #2 (New Jersey)
For the first time (New Jersey)
Lazy Society (New Jersey)
Chase's Creepy Crawly Cache Series #3 (New Jersey)
Land of the Broken Sleds (New Jersey)
RESOLUTIONS 3 (New Jersey)
6th Day of Caching, My True love bought for me.... (New Jersey)
Superbowl Touchdown! (New Jersey)
Bar crawl 4 (New Jersey)
Om-nom-osaurus Eats Hoagies (New Jersey)
The Lampost Chalenge-NOT (New Jersey)
Get Your Hot Dogs Here! (New Jersey)
Geo Dalmatian Letterbox (New Jersey)
Right in the V (New Jersey)
Bar crawl 3 (New Jersey)
intro geocash (New Jersey)
8 Mile Road - Oldmans Township (New Jersey)
PVC GRC (New Jersey)

Sunday 2014-12-14:

L & L's cache (Pennsylvania)
Do Cachers Value Smileys? - deich (Pennsylvania)
Don't Get On The Bus (Pennsylvania)
Delhaas a wall (and needs a CITO) (Pennsylvania)
Where's Dog V: Heroes (Pennsylvania)
Magnolia Lake (Pennsylvania)
Keep On Scratchen! (Pennsylvania)
Where I Go in Bristol, PA (Pennsylvania)
49 Strong (Pennsylvania)
Garysaurus? (Pennsylvania)
Fresh Cache (Pennsylvania)
Who knew pigs could fly #4 (Pennsylvania)
3 in 1 (Pennsylvania)
Indian Creek Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
225 One (Pennsylvania)
Rentals? (Pennsylvania)
ONE or the OTHER (Pennsylvania)
Don't Fence Me in XXX (Pennsylvania)
Take-Out Cache #6 (Pennsylvania)
Take-Out Cache #3 (Pennsylvania)
Coffee or Tea (Pennsylvania)

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