Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

West Goshen, Reading, Gloucester County

Saturday was about attacking some cache series to the north and northwest in Pennsylvania. First, I did the "Take A Walk" series in East Goshen Township Park. I found some of those caches earlier but the series was extended recently. It's not actually as much walking as the name implies because the park is chock full of parking areas, but I cut it into three small loop hikes. Then I headed over to Temple, a bit north of Reading, for the Chinese zodiac series. It's a series of 12 caches along the Muhlenberg Rail Trail in which every animal "is the BEST!" (BEST stands for Berks Explorers Seeking Tupperware, the Berks County geocaching group, so it's a clever way to name those caches.) After the two series and a few more caches, it was night. So I went to "Where Santa Threw Up (Night Cache)" in Audubon. It's an easy street corner cache but its actual purpose is to bring people to the most festively decorated yard in the neighborhood.

I had no concrete plans for Sunday, so I just headed a bit into South Jersey to find caches here and there in Gloucester County. I gave priority to some caches that I knew would be affected by the impending NJ state parks policy but also threw some urban and suburban caches into the mix. There were some interesting spots, like the tile flag sculpture and the Wenonah tea house.

Saturday 2014-12-20:

Take A Walk #14 (Pennsylvania)
Take A Walk #15 (Pennsylvania)
Take A Walk #16 (Pennsylvania)
Take A Walk #13 (Pennsylvania)
Take A Walk #12 (Pennsylvania)
Take A Walk #9A (Pennsylvania)
Take A Walk #10 (Pennsylvania)
Take A Walk #11 (Pennsylvania)
Indian King Tavern 1787 - Colonial Cache #9 (Pennsylvania)
PIG is the BEST! (Pennsylvania)
DOG is the BEST! (Pennsylvania)
ROOSTER is the BEST! (Pennsylvania)
MONKEY is the BEST! (Pennsylvania)
GOAT is the BEST! (Pennsylvania)
HORSE is the BEST! (Pennsylvania)
SNAKE is the BEST! (Pennsylvania)
DRAGON is the BEST! (Pennsylvania)
RABBIT is the BEST! (Pennsylvania)
TIGER is the BEST! (Pennsylvania)
OX is the BEST! (Pennsylvania)
RAT is the BEST! (Pennsylvania)
Sleep or Money? (Pennsylvania)
Haley's Place (Pennsylvania)
B.S. - X (Pennsylvania)
A Cheesehead's First Cheesy Hide (Pennsylvania)
BYE: Year 3 (Pennsylvania)
Family Fusion Wisdom Hunt: 3 (Pennsylvania)
Just Cleaning Up (Pennsylvania)
Where Santa Threw Up (Night Cache) (Pennsylvania)
The City Mouse (Pennsylvania)
Where The Bison Roam (Pennsylvania)
The Windy City (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2014-12-21:

Hotel Amenities (New Jersey)
Ring Around The Rosie (New Jersey)
WMA Challenge, A School for Nature lovers (New Jersey)
Cedar Swamp Road GRC (New Jersey)
TB Village (New Jersey)
George Eldridge Trail (New Jersey)
Flip Your Lid (New Jersey)
Associate This (New Jersey)
Macayla's Micro (New Jersey)
Fallen Friend (New Jersey)
Star Wars Planets : Dagobah (New Jersey)
Lyrics Series-The Beatles: Abbey Road (New Jersey)
Out Of Bounds (New Jersey)
Pine sol (New Jersey)
Man's Best Friend (New Jersey)
The End (New Jersey)
Can we get an icee? (New Jersey)
Mary's 16th Birthday Cache (New Jersey)
Left for Dead (New Jersey)
Why don't you have it yet? (New Jersey)
oak grove school (New Jersey)
a nano in pine hill (New Jersey)

Tags: berks county, chester county, geocaching, gloucester county

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