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Chincoteague and Assateague

Since I had a 4-day weekend over the Christmas holiday, I decided to take a short vacation somewhere that's new to me, namely Chincoteague. And while there, I visited the National Wildlife Refuge on Assateague Island too. Chincoteague is somewhat of a beach resort island. Two roads, Main Street going one way and Maddox Blvd going the other way, are where nearly all the businesses are located and those are mostly restaurants and beach gear stores. Since my visit was in the off-season and during the holidays, most of the stores and restaurants were closed but I still did have a seafood dinner, which was actually big enough to have leftovers to reheat in the hotel room microwave oven the next evening!

Friday's visit to Assateague was the centerpiece of the trip. What Assateague is known for are the wild ponies that live in the wildlife refuge. The whole town of Chincoteague is pony-crazy. The hotel where I stayed was full of pony pictures. Businesses, even convenience stores, sell pony memorabilia and plush toys. Even the town's trolley service is the Pony Express! So did I see ponies at Assateague? Yes, but they were rather far from the viewing area that day. But no matter. There was a lot more to see at Assateague, including the lighthouse, marsh scenery, and the visitor center with many educational displays.

And of course, there was geocaching too. 114 caches in 4 days! Most of those were over by West Ocean City and Ocean City, so I saved those for the last day because I knew I'd be passing through there on my way home. There were some interesting things out there, like the Jaws exhibit, an actual prop from the movie "Jaws". Also, there was a large chicken and a 13 1/2 speed limit.

Thursday 2014-12-25:

Merry Christmas! (Delaware)
Happy New Year! (Delaware)
Working At The Carwash (Delaware)
Tiny Often Empty Park (Offset): Pocomoke City, MD (Maryland)
Discover Me! (Maryland)
The Flying Bridge (Maryland)
Excalibur (2010) (Maryland)
Bob's Benchmark Challenge (Maryland)
Outta the Park (Maryland)
Odd Man Out (Maryland)
Through Our Eyes (Maryland)
Sassy's Newest Home (Maryland)
40 Days (or 40 deciliters) (Maryland)
Rosebud (Maryland)
"Y" NOT Cache? (Maryland)
Crossing the Wagram (Maryland)
Beaver... Darn! (Maryland)
You're (k)not in Virginia! (Maryland)
Maryland Welcomes You Again! (Maryland)
CSS Virginia (Virginia)
Marriage Tree Micro (Virginia)
Royal Dash-n-Cache #1 (Virginia)
Rocket's Red Glare (Virginia)
NOAA's Ark (Virginia)
A.S.S.ateague or Bust (Virginia)
Chincoteague Picnic Micro (Virginia)
Main Street Micro Teaser (Virginia)

Friday 2014-12-26:

DTSH? Series "Maddox Blvd" (Virginia)
"Where Y'all From?" (Virginia)
Assateague Lighthouse (Virginia)
Assateague Island On The Move (Virginia)
Captain Randy's Crab Float (Virginia)
DTSH ? Series "Memorial Park" (Virginia)
welcome to 'blood field' (Virginia)
DTSH ? Series, Tom's Cove (Virginia)
Ahoy Mate, Curtis Merritt Harbor (Virginia)
DTSH ? Series, Pony Centre (Virginia)
Chicken City Bump on a Log (Virginia)
Dead Presidents Cache (Virginia)
This one's for the Birds (Virginia)
"Stuck" on the new nature trail (Virginia)
New Nature Trail Home (Virginia)
Island Nature Trail (Virginia)
Patrick Star, a SpongeBob saga (Virginia)
Sponge Bob Square Pants, A SpongeBob saga (Virginia)
DTSH ? Series " Deep Hole Road" - Redo (Virginia)
Captain Chandler R.I.P. (Virginia)
Old-School Communication (Virginia)

Saturday 2014-12-27:

The trail ends here (Virginia)
Dookie (Virginia)
Bahia Tesoro (Virginia)
Vine n time (Virginia)
G'ma's Pirate Booty (Virginia)
Ewe Had Me at Cache...Ewe Had Me at Cache (Maryland)
Greatful Dead (Maryland)
Chincoteague Bay EarthCache (Maryland)
Farewell to Sassy (Maryland)
Turtle X-ing (Maryland)
(K)not our First Cache (Maryland)
Where Else Could it Be? (Maryland)
EEK!!! (Maryland)
Not Enough Volume (Maryland)
Foul Tip (Maryland)
Sturgis Memorial (Maryland)
1742 (Maryland)
Guarding Ninepin Branch (Maryland)
WGD 2012 - Eastside Park (Maryland)
Lil Chilly D (Maryland)
DE To MD On The Pokomoke River (Maryland)
Mud Hop Road Bridge (Maryland)
Line Road Chunk (Maryland)
Shot In The Dark (Delaware)
Kings Crossing STOP (Delaware)
Bridgett's Crossover Cache (Delaware)
"Toxic Waste" (Maryland)
Too Hot to Handle (Maryland)
Der Stealth-Meister's Freund (Maryland)
Welcome Back to Wagram! (Virginia)

Sunday 2014-12-28:

West OC Wetlands (Maryland)
OC Inlet EarthCache (Maryland)
Tree Olympics 003 (Maryland)
Berlin: Coolest Small Town in America 2014 (Maryland)
Harrison Hideaway (Maryland)
B.Y.O.T.P. (Maryland)
The Boat Yard (Maryland)
CAM 2012 - Rackliffe Plantation House (Maryland)
Honoring and Reflecting (Maryland)
The Vikings Of OC (Maryland)
Genesar (Maryland)
The Point South (Maryland)
Who Needs a Bigger Boat? (Maryland)
Howdy Y'All (Maryland)
Locals' shortcut (Maryland)
Honoring UH-1 Huey Pilots and "Dustoff" (Maryland)
OC C&D (Maryland)
In The Drink (Maryland)
Anchors Aweigh (Maryland)
A Cache For The Husbands (Maryland)
Sunset's View (Maryland)
It's Stanky! (Maryland)
You're A Life-Saver (Maryland)
ALR - 9-11-2001 Survivors and Victims Memorial (Maryland)
Resolve (Maryland)
Barking Blue Crab (Maryland)
Maw's Memorial Cache (Maryland)
A-Pier-Ance (Maryland)
Stella, Princess in the Sky (Maryland)
AA Mayfair Cache (Maryland)
Parker's Bayside Party Cache (Maryland)
Paul's Scrap Parts #5 (Maryland)
A Rockin' View (Delaware)
TommyD (Delaware)
Avaxtskyr (Cheesy cache #1) (Delaware)
Cotija (Cheesy #3) (Delaware)

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