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Radnor, Chesterbrook, Audubon, Horsham, and Penns Grove, Logan, Medford, Byrne State Forest

It was a rainy weekend so I decided not to go too far on Saturday, but somehow, even that trip ended up all the way over in Horsham. Anyway, I went for some of the geocaches near I-476 that on better days, I'd have passed by on my way to the MontCo Cache Factory. The surprise is a number of caches in that area were placed by scout troops. Scout caches are usually regular-sized, fairly simple, and close to the trail, so those are good for a quick walk and find.

Sunday was another trip into South Jersey to get those caches before the NJ State Parks policy takes effect. Actually, I'm not sure which ones will be affected. Certainly all the caches in Byrne State Forest will fall under the state policy but the fate of others may depend on whether Green Acres land, for instance, is included. Then again, given that Burlington County was enforcing its own rules, I don't think any cache over there is safe. Anyway, I thought the best cache of the day was "Dude, where's my Rambler?" It's hidden on a rusty Rambler in the woods. The old car photographs quite well, even in its advanced state of rust. Another interesting cache was "Cross Keys School". This one needed some online and field research to find the plaque with the information I needed for the final coordinates. But hey, it's the only way I'll learn some history. :)

Saturday 2015-01-03:

Of Historical Significance (Pennsylvania)
Rock Island Arsenal (Pennsylvania)
This Is the End of Ithan Valley Park (Pennsylvania)
Ithan Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Spectacular Crash II (Pennsylvania)
By-Way to the HighWay (Pennsylvania)
Pack 284 Cache (Pennsylvania)
CG's Hide (Pennsylvania)
Radnor P&W Horizontal (Pennsylvania)
Wilson Deer Park (Pennsylvania)
Chesterbrook: A River Ran Through It (Pennsylvania)
Girl Scout Troop#71969 Cookie Cache (Pennsylvania)
Redtail Cache Redux (Pennsylvania)
Outdoor Destinations 10 (Pennsylvania)
Cache for a Holiday, or any Day II (Pennsylvania)
A Cache for Hornbaker (and You) (Pennsylvania)
Office Center Drive Redux (Pennsylvania)
Another Horsham Micro (Pennsylvania)
No Credit Without Your Signature (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2015-01-04:

Blue Pills (New Jersey)
E.T. Phone Home (New Jersey)
Wild Goose Or Fine Dairy Products? (New Jersey)
Purple Pills (New Jersey)
You've Cat To Be Kitten Me Right Meow (New Jersey)
Green Pills (New Jersey)
Ted's Cache (New Jersey)
Dead End Decisions (New Jersey)
Dude, where's my Rambler? (New Jersey)
It's... Spring! (New Jersey)
Scenes from our favorite Italian Restaurant (New Jersey)
Ye Olde Cellar II (New Jersey)
Crazy Eggs: Soccerates (New Jersey)
Cross Keys School (New Jersey)
The Patriot (New Jersey)
You Dirty Rat (New Jersey)
Hats off to Mr. Ong (New Jersey)
Bats and Spiders (New Jersey)
Turkey Buzzard Bridge Road (New Jersey)
Charlotte (New Jersey)
Sombody's Watching You (New Jersey)
Stop Bugging Me (New Jersey)
Welcome Home (GALAP) Marcas Found (New Jersey)

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