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Ocean Pines and Kent Island

There was finally some snow earlier this week. Although the snow on the ground wasn't much and was mostly gone by the weekend, it led me to decide to try geocaching in some parts of Maryland to the south that I hadn't yet covered. Saturday's trip was to Ocean Pines, just outside of Ocean City. Well, I don't know about the ocean part but there sure was a lot of lake scenery! Generally, the caches were similar to others found around Ocean City and I'd consider it an extension of my Chincoteague trip during the holidays. One problem I noticed in Ocean Pines though is the town planners seem to be averse to left turns. I found myself having to make a right turn and then a U turn so many times on that day, that it was tiresome towards the end.

Sunday's trip was down the Eastern Shore via Route 301 to Kent Island. That area was new to me too, even though I'd been as far as Queenstown on previous trips. Rather noteworthy was the series of caches on the Cross Island Trail. It's not a power trail because there were significant distances between caches but there were many spots along the way for scenic views of the coves and inlets. However, I stopped short of the Bay Bridge because of the $6 toll. That will have to wait for a time when I have a full day to devote to the other side of the bridge.

Saturday 2015-01-10:

Stealth test (Delaware)
Cheryl's GRC (Delaware)
Barking Up The Wrong Tree (Delaware)
Goat island (Delaware)
Our First Hide (Delaware)
Jefferson Odditree (Delaware)
Doughnut, Liquor and Lumber (Delaware)
Old Cache's (Delaware)
P.O. Box - Selbyville (Delaware)
St. Martin's Church (Maryland)
Bainbridge Stroll (Maryland)
Okito Box (Maryland)
Memorial Parking (Maryland)
You've Got A Point There. (Maryland)
Beware Of Bears (Maryland)
Separated At Base (Maryland)
Joined At The Hip (Maryland)
Three Of A Kind (Maryland)
Pennington's Snake Skin (Maryland)
Smileys' Cache (Maryland)
Nottingham Lane Nature Trail (Maryland)
A Pinch of Salt... (Maryland)
Tiny Bridgewater Park (Maryland)
Pin the Tail on the donkey (Maryland)
Eat, Drink and Refuel (Maryland)
MS11 - OCHD (Maryland)
Orange Tool Box (Maryland)
SonRise Cache (Maryland)
Bait Catching Bridge (Maryland)
The Stop at the Shore Park n Grab (Delaware)

Sunday 2015-01-11:

Suddlersville Middle School (Maryland)
Middle School Circle (Maryland)
Buggie Bertie (Maryland)
Chris and Kelly's Excellent Adventure (Maryland)
Overflow Parking (Maryland)
New Tell Uh Corn Cob (Maryland)
Small Bird Park (Maryland)
CROSS ISLAND TRAIL: Bridge Over (Maryland)
CROSS ISLAND TRAIL: A Birds Eye View (Maryland)
UP & Down! Up & Down! Up & Down! (Maryland)
CROSS ISLAND TRAIL: Mountains & Lakes (Maryland)
Cross Island Trail: Eeeeewwwwwww!!!!!! (Maryland)
CROSS ISLAND TRAIL: Lighthouse Lake (Maryland)
CROSS ISLAND TRAIL: Creepy House (Or Memory of) (Maryland)
CROSS ISLAND TRAIL: Don't Get The Bends (Maryland)
CROSS ISLAND TRAIL: Muskrat Love (Maryland)
SPIRIT QUEST: We Won't Ever Forget - Any of You! (Maryland)
R.I.P $2.50 Toll (Maryland)
R U Coming or Going (crazy) (Maryland)
Sssshhhh - They Will Hear You! (Maryland)
Along the Lane (Maryland)
SPIRIT QUEST: A Piece of History (Maryland)
Can You See What I See? (Maryland)
Realm of The Fae: The Fae Garden's (Maryland)
Junk in the Trunk (Maryland)
Gone Fishin' (Maryland)
Cabin Creek Peek (Maryland)

Tags: eastern shore, geocaching, queen annes county, worcester county

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