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Deep Eastern Shore and Deep South Jersey

On Saturday, I decided to hit Cambridge in Dorchester County in Eastern Shore Maryland. That's the last big collection of geocaches before I get to Salisbury again. Cambridge is a moderate-sized town with an upscale downtown area, suburban-like strip malls, a waterfront on the Choptank River, and lots of historical markers on the Underground Railroad. The most significant landmark though, appears to be the Choptank River Lighthouse, which looks unusual to me because most lighthouses are much taller. Of course, there was a geocache right there: "Cambridge - Former MML Geotrail 2013". I visited some of the surrounding areas too. In Trappe, there's a scale model of a house in front of the very same house at the Rural Life Museum. And in Easton, there's a neat metal sculpture of a bull.

I thought it would rain or snow on Sunday but that never happened. I figured I'd not venture out too far, so I hit Deep South Jersey, which is only 10-30 miles from home. (for crows anyway. Taking the bridge and country roads makes it a tad farther.) Since there was no hunting on Sunday, I took a hike in the Salem WMA, stopping long enough to look at the brick ruins. Then, there was a severed foot geocache: "Tagged: DOA", a wordplay in several different ways. ("Tagged" series of caches, log sheet inside the "toe tag") I also took a short hike to the top of a hill in Bridgeton, which I later learnt was Mount Trashmore. I thought they did a reasonable job capping the landfill, although I still had to watch out for some pieces of rusty junk poking out of the dirt.

Saturday 2015-01-31:

Wild Turkey (Maryland)
One for the road (Maryland)
EL TORO El TORO (Maryland)
KO (Maryland)
Trappe - Former MML Geotrail 2013 (Maryland)
HRB Park (Maryland)
Barney Park Cache (Maryland)
Road to Nowhere - Cambridge (Maryland)
Royal Lite (Maryland)
You Smell That (Maryland)
Tomb of the Forgotten (Maryland)
2/16/13 (Maryland)
Get Some Info (Maryland)
Cambridge - Former MML Geotrail 2013 (Maryland)
No School Bullies Here (Maryland)
Great Marsh Park (Maryland)
Bayview Resort (Maryland)
Some Play to Learn (Maryland)
E=MC'CS' Squared (Maryland)
You Will CAtCHE A Keeper Here (Maryland)
A River Runs Thru it (Maryland)
Winery Quickie (Maryland)
CJS - Vienna Waterfront Park (Maryland)
John Smith Was Here (Maryland)
Indiantown (Maryland)
Road to Nowhere - Vienna (Maryland)
Maiden Forest (Maryland)
Big Liz (Maryland)
Nause-Waiwash Tribe Cache (Maryland)
Turtle Crossing (Maryland)

Sunday 2015-02-01:

Between Here and There (New Jersey)
Wha' Happened?! (New Jersey)
Box Trot (New Jersey)
Inspiration Point (New Jersey)
All in a Row (New Jersey)
Order Up! (New Jersey)
Tagged! Put It Back!! (New Jersey)
Tagged: DOA (New Jersey)
Tagged! Tri-Angled! (New Jersey)
Shiloh SDB (New Jersey)
SJCC: Rhododendron (New Jersey)
JAS V (New Jersey)
In the Hollow (New Jersey)
Resting Place (New Jersey)
Haunted Graveyard (New Jersey)
Cedar Hill (New Jersey)
REAL NAME!!!! (New Jersey)
Bateman's View (New Jersey)
(not) D'yer Maker (New Jersey)
Feeling Dandy at Gandy (New Jersey)
Money Island Cash, uh...Cache (New Jersey)
Way Out (New Jersey)
Right On The Money (New Jersey)
Willya Lookit the Caboose on THAT One! (New Jersey)
I got my crabs at Dividing Creek (New Jersey)

Tags: cumberland county, dorchester county, geocaching, salem county, talbot county

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