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Denton, Federalsburg, Millville, and Peaslee

After last Saturday's trip to Cambridge, I'd almost finished that section of Eastern Shore Maryland, except for Caroline County to the north. So this Saturday, I returned to the area. There actually weren't too many geocaches left around there, at least the ones that don't have strings of logs pointing out problems with the cache. You see, the problem with Eastern Shore geocaches is maintenance. Seems like a good many of those were placed and then never checked again. Nevertheless, I found what I could. There were some geocaches around Tuckahoe State Park and Recreation Area but the real meat of the day was Federalsburg. Those were all findable, even if some of the log sheets were wet. "Marina Walk" was the hardest one (Many DNFs in the logs and I was the first visitor in about 8 months) but I was lucky to see it without too much kneeling on the rocks. On the way to dinner, I decided to stop and try to find some caches I had trouble with previously. "Welcome to Seaford" was impossible to see because of the way it was placed. I reached up in a random direction and somehow knocked it over, probably about a 1 in 100 chance!

Sunday's trip was to the Millville area in Deep South Jersey. I seemed to have a lucky streak that whole day. For nearly every cache, when I started searching, I was already right where I needed to be to see it. That happened even at "Dam Micro". I was momentarily distracted because I saw the police pull someone over on the nearby road and stepped to one side of the rock field, and that's where the cache was! So I decided to try my luck on the Elvis Trail to see if I could find all 10 caches without help. And I did finish the series without too much trouble, even though some were tricky. These caches were all not far from a dirt road through the pine woods in Peaslee WMA, so one could drive to each cache, taking care to avoid the soft mud. After it got dark, I decided to hit the night cache in Belleplain State Park. "The Road to Hell is Paved..." was a bit confusing at first because it was unclear where I needed to start following the fire tacks. (Given coordinates were actually for the parking area, which I couldn't use because I didn't have a campground pass.) Also, some of the fire tacks, including one of the directional markers, were missing but I tackled the problems slowly and in the end, it was an enjoyable night trek to an easy geocache.

Saturday 2015-02-07:

47 (Delaware)
Krooked Katch (Delaware)
Holiday Hide (Maryland)
Fun At Tuckahoe (Maryland)
Lake Trail Cache (Maryland)
Tuckahoe Recreational Area (Maryland)
Matt's Treasure (Maryland)
Cole's Cache (Maryland)
Duelist (Maryland)
Lest We Forget (Maryland)
Maryland Municipal League Geotrail - Federalsburg (Maryland)
Federalsburg's Marshyhope Creek Bridge (Maryland)
goin' a little nuts...#3 (Maryland)
Federalsburg Hometown Veterans Memorial (Maryland)
Marina Walk (Maryland)
Wash Out (Maryland)
Little Brook (Maryland)
TAD #137 S (Maryland)
Welcome to Seaford (Delaware)

Sunday 2015-02-08:

Shalom Rocks (New Jersey)
Bike Lane (New Jersey)
Star Wars Planets : Mandalore (New Jersey)
Bad Angel Cache (New Jersey)
Halfway to Heaven (New Jersey)
Lucy, where are you??? (New Jersey)
Star Wars Planets : Kashyyyk (New Jersey)
Dam Micro (New Jersey)
World's Almost-First Vietnam Memorial (New Jersey)
"OYR" Wanna Be #3 In Millville, NJ (New Jersey)
Hunter's Mill, Finder's Cache (New Jersey)
ET 01 - Elvis Trail (New Jersey)
UP A LAZY RIVER (New Jersey)
ET 02 - Elvis Trail (New Jersey)
ET 03 - Elvis Trail (New Jersey)
JD02 - Hunt for the Jersey Devil - Small Cave (New Jersey)
ET 04 - Elvis Trail (New Jersey)
ET 05 - Elvis Trail (New Jersey)
ET 06 - Elvis Trail (New Jersey)
ET 07 - Elvis Trail (New Jersey)
ET 08 - Elvis Trail (New Jersey)
JD03 - Hunt for the Jersey Devil - Prickly Patch (New Jersey)
ET 09 - Elvis Trail (New Jersey)
ET 10 - Elvis Trail (New Jersey)
The Old Dam (New Jersey)
stopped at the stump (New Jersey)
COBRA (New Jersey)
Rewards Revisited (New Jersey)
The Road to Hell is Paved... (New Jersey)

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