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Morton Fox

Snowstorm, Malvern, Phoenixville

There was a snowstorm predicted for Saturday but I wanted to see how many geocaches in Willisbrook Preserve I could finish before it started snowing. The snow started at around noon, a bit earlier than forecast, but I had already finished one of the two trail loops by then. I got out of there quickly because I knew secondary roads would get bad. For the rest of the day, I attended to accounting, taxes, and household chores that I'd been saving for a snowy day. (Cleaning the bathroom on a weekend? It's madness!)

After shoveling snow to clear my sidewalk and driveway on Sunday morning, I went to Coopersmith Park in West Goshen. I'd passed by those caches previously but this time, I brought the required equipment. "Smackwater Jack" is one of those caches where you need to bring water to float the cache container up a PVC tube. I really only needed the bucket and duct tape though because the nearby stream was flowing. The other cache in Coopersmith Park was also pretty neat. "Heard It Through the Grape Vine" was a bunch of grapes.

Then I returned to Willisbrook Preserve to finish what I started the previous day. There was another layer of slushy wet snow everywhere so walking around was a bit more difficult, but most of the caches were still findable. After that, I picked and chose geocaches around Malvern and Phoenixville. These varied in difficulty and some hill slopes were slippery.

Saturday 2015-02-21:

Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie (Pennsylvania)
WP #1 (Pennsylvania)
WP #2 (Pennsylvania)
WP #3 (Pennsylvania)
WP #4 (Pennsylvania)
WP #5 (Pennsylvania)
WP #6 (Pennsylvania)
WP #7 (Pennsylvania)
WP #8 (Pennsylvania)
WP #9 (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2015-02-22:

Smackwater Jack (Pennsylvania)
Heard It Through the Grape Vine (Pennsylvania)
WP #10 (Pennsylvania)
WP #14 (Pennsylvania)
WP #13 (Pennsylvania)
WP #12 (Pennsylvania)
C.B. Two nuttin two (Pennsylvania)
Rock and Pole, Yayyy (Pennsylvania)
Take it to the High Ground (Pennsylvania)
Valley Creek Amphitheater (Pennsylvania)
Apocalypse Prayer (Pennsylvania)
Bracketized (Pennsylvania)
Evil One (Pennsylvania)
Hunter Stand not... (Pennsylvania)
Green 6 (Pennsylvania)
Kay Rocks (Pennsylvania)
S. R. 23 (Pennsylvania)
A Nano in a Park (Pennsylvania)
Call Me Four Pine Soul (Pennsylvania)
Call Me Two Holly Berry (Pennsylvania)
Call Me Five Dam You (Pennsylvania)
Walnut Street (Pennsylvania)
Bullseye! (Pennsylvania)

Tags: chester county, geocaching, snow, snowstorm

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