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Quakertown and Lehigh Valley

This weekend was probably the peak of snow accumulation for the season. I went to the Quakertown and Saucon Valley area on Saturday and Lehigh Valley on Sunday, and the snow was pretty much knee-deep everywhere with some snow drifts up to waist deep. The worst part was the snow was semi-frozen so it was like walking on ice but falling through it on every step. I checked cache descriptions and logs to screen for ones were findable with snow on the ground, but I brought my shovel, stubby hammer, and chisel everywhere too, just in case. These tools came in handy at "Tree Hollow". I thought that one would be findable but the tree hole turned out to be completely below the snow level and the cache was stuck under ice. Still, I managed to find the right tree by trial and error, and got it out.

Sunday went much better. I went to Gracedale Open Space in Nazareth for the "GOS" series of caches. All of those were up in trees, shrubs, and stumps and definitely winter-friendly. There was one cache in that preserve, "Gracedale's Backyard", that was on the ground and completely buried under snow and ice. Although the hint was very specific, it actually referred to a nearby object, not the exact spot. But I took a guess at where I should dig and I was correct. That afternoon, I stopped at Wegman's in Hanover Township to see the Lehigh Valley geocachers at the "LVG G.E.M." event. It was a nice little gathering and after half a day of stumbling around in the snow, a bit of a break was welcome.

Saturday 2015-03-07:

My Minecraft - 1980's style (Pennsylvania)
Watering The Tree (Pennsylvania)
Lean and Green In Q-Town (Pennsylvania)
G.I. Dead Ant - Quakertown (Pennsylvania)
ROO's Rehide of "Gift" to You This Holiday Season (Pennsylvania)
Tree Hollow (Pennsylvania)
Decorated a Tree With A Cache (Pennsylvania)
For a Limited Time Only, Can You Guess this Song? (Pennsylvania)
Little Green Guy in a Green Tree (Pennsylvania)
Haney's Acorn (Pennsylvania)
Snake Around The Tree? (Pennsylvania)
No Gobblers here (Pennsylvania)
S Mall 2 (Pennsylvania)
"THGS": District 12 (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to the family #4 (Pennsylvania)
Spidey Hidey Hole (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to the family #6 (Pennsylvania)
At the hill (Pennsylvania)
Not Wally (Pennsylvania)
One More Saturday Night (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2015-03-08:

LVG G.E.M. (Pennsylvania)
GOS#14 (Pennsylvania)
GOS#13 (Pennsylvania)
GOS#11 (Pennsylvania)
GOS#12 (Pennsylvania)
GOS#15 (Pennsylvania)
GOS#10 (Pennsylvania)
GOS#9 (Pennsylvania)
GOS#8 (Pennsylvania)
Gracedale's Backyard (Pennsylvania)
GOS#3 (Pennsylvania)
GOS#4 (Pennsylvania)
GOS#7 (Pennsylvania)
GOS#5 (Pennsylvania)
GOS#6 (Pennsylvania)
GOS#2 (Pennsylvania)
GOS#1 (Pennsylvania)
Phantom of Vasquez Castle Unleashed (Pennsylvania)
Go West, Young Scoob (Pennsylvania)
Senior Reflections (Pennsylvania)
Gimme Shelter (Pennsylvania)
Rackabore (Pennsylvania)
DRMWVR'S Cuckoo's nest (Pennsylvania)
BOINGGGG!!! (Pennsylvania)
Cache and Dash for Traveling Cachers (Pennsylvania)

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