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Pi Day, Lancaster LXIX Sticky Situation

Saturday was a busy day. It was Pi Day (3/14/15), so there were lots of geocaching events taking place. I picked three that didn't conflict and were all within 30 miles from home. So at breakfast time, I went to "A Breakfast Pi? S.T.R.A.N.G.E.!" at Wegman's in Downingtown. Then at lunchtime, I went to "Almost St. Patty's Day" at Charcoal Pit in Wilmington. Then at dinnertime, I went to "2015 NJ PI Event 3.1415" at East Garden Buffet in Sicklerville. Of course, there were other geocaches and some event bonus caches along the way. So all in all, it was quite a day. The funniest part was a group of geocachers from Chester County picked the same events that I did. So I kept seeing them every couple of hours!

Sunday was a comparatively laid-back trip to Lancaster County. I hit Lancaster and then worked my way north/northeast to Lititz, West Earl, Ephrata, Reamstown, and Denver. I love the humorous and creative caches that folks in this area place. "Spiders and Rats and Zombies, Oh My!" actually had a spider, a rat, and a zombie hand. Then, there was the toilet geocache. The story is that's the site of a hotel that was torn down but they left toilets all over the place. Later in the afternoon, I went for the "Sticky Situation" series in Ephrata, which had a bunch of neat fake food props. Among those were a spilled ice cream geocache and a donut geocache. I love these because it's obvious they're having fun with humorous and themed geocaches.

Saturday 2015-03-14:

A Breakfast Pi? S.T.R.A.N.G.E.! (Pennsylvania)
Poker2014 ~ Valley Creek (Pennsylvania)
Obligatory (Pennsylvania)
The Big Bang Theory of Geocaching (Delaware)
Streak Saver at Papermill park (Delaware)
Pi Day Puzzle Cache (Delaware)
Pot of Gold (Delaware)
Squirrel Tree (Delaware)
Almost St. Patty's Day (Delaware)
Diner Dash (New Jersey)
Malaga Woods #1 (New Jersey)
Malaga Woods #2 (New Jersey)
Malaga Woods #4 (New Jersey)
Malaga Woods #5 (New Jersey)
Malaga Woods #3 (New Jersey)
bar crawl #9 (New Jersey)
2015 NJ PI Event 3.1415 (New Jersey)
Who Doesn't Like PI? (New Jersey)

Sunday 2015-03-15:

Spiders and Rats and Zombies, Oh My! (Pennsylvania)
FitCircuit (Pennsylvania)
pray for a smiley (Pennsylvania)
The Twisted Tungsten (Pennsylvania)
LancasterPa#1951 - 5,000 Times (Pennsylvania)
Royal Flush Travel Bug Hotel (Pennsylvania)
CSI Lancaster 5 - Evidence (Pennsylvania)
Hop Along the Rail to Trail (Pennsylvania)
Snug as a BUG! (Pennsylvania)
RRRock (Pennsylvania)
Sleepy Hollow (Pennsylvania)
Twisty Tour #6 (Pennsylvania)
Sticky Situation 1 (Hubba Bubba) (Pennsylvania)
Sticky Situation 7 (Heiss Fondant) (Pennsylvania)
Sticky Situation 6 (Glazed and Confused) (Pennsylvania)
Just For The Heart (Pennsylvania)
Sticky Situation 2 (PB) (Pennsylvania)
Sticky Situation 3 (Sin Bun) (Pennsylvania)
Sticky Situation 5 (Elmer) (Pennsylvania)
Sticky Situation 4 (Aunt J) (Pennsylvania)
Sticky Situation 10 (La Brea) (Pennsylvania)
Sticky Situation 8 (Buffallo Delight) (Pennsylvania)
A Place Less Visited (Pennsylvania)
Hidden in the Park (Pennsylvania)
Strange Design (Pennsylvania)
A Place to Remember (Pennsylvania)
Kemper's Noisy Bridge (not so noisy though) (Pennsylvania)

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