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Mount Holly, Penllyn / Lower Gwynedd / Horsham

Early Saturday morning, I headed out to the Rt 38 Diner in Mount Holly for "March Meet & Greet". Although this breakfast geocaching event was a tad early for me to travel out to, I'd still have made it on time if a truck hadn't overturned on the NJ Turnpike and tossed construction material all over the highway. Apparently, there was an icy spot on the southbound side and half of the truck flipped over the center barrier. But it was only a 15-minute delay so I wasn't too late. After breakfast, I went out to find some geocaches that were placed for the event. (Mount Holly Rail Trail series) I ran into Stews Crew and Lusophile on that trail, so we got those caches as a group. It's funny that I go 40 miles into New Jersey, only to meet up with geocachers from Chester / Delaware County, closer to my area. For the rest of the day, I focused on finishing groups of geocaches in some parks around Mt. Holly, Hainesport and Lumberton. The ground was snow-covered but it wasn't too bad.

On Sunday, I decided to hit the Montgomery County Cache Factory area, but this time, I started in Audubon, Norristown, and Penllyn before hitting Lower Gwynedd and Horsham. The whole area was rather wet and mucky from melting snow, but I wasn't wearing the good shoes anyway so I just splashed around everywhere. That's how I found "Rock Pile (2)". I spotted the cache at the exact moment I sank ankle-deep into a puddle. So I called that the "Mud Hole of Seeing". It's part of a series of caches but I didn't know it was connected to "Wow, That Took Me A Minute (1)" until I noticed that there's a tunnel under Route 202. Relatively long walk but it was great to get caches on both sides of the highway without moving the car. Incidentally, "Wow, That Took Me A Minute (1)" would've been very difficult in the Summer because it's in the middle of a thorny thicket, past some neck-high weeds. (A tough search in July and August, as one can see from the cache logs.) So it was good to get this cache when I did, before the Spring growth kicks in.

Saturday 2015-03-21:

March Meet & Greet (New Jersey)
Crazy Eggs: Pink Bandit (New Jersey)
Burlington County courts #2 (New Jersey)
A Walk in the Park (New Jersey)
Mount Holly Rail Trail #8 (New Jersey)
Mount Holly Rail Trail #9 (New Jersey)
Mount Holly Rail Trail #10 (New Jersey)
Indigo Sky (New Jersey)
Oh Golly Miss Dolly! (New Jersey)
Hidden Pocket Park (New Jersey)
Final Resting Place (New Jersey)
Glorious Ornithomimus Dinosaur Train Travel Stop (New Jersey)
The Minions (New Jersey)
STOP! (New Jersey)
Pine-e Surprise (New Jersey)
Hang Tight (New Jersey)
Beacon Hill Hidey Hole (New Jersey)
Trails to Scouting (New Jersey)
Burlington County courts #5 (New Jersey)
Tinker Bellie (New Jersey)
Burlington County courts #4 (New Jersey)
Sharon Smells (New Jersey)
Rocket Graveyard (New Jersey)
Baby Bird (New Jersey)
Almost To The End... (New Jersey)
Chloey's Cache (New Jersey)
Cul-de-cache (New Jersey)
Lil' Fish's 200th (New Jersey)
New York Nano (New Jersey)
Kawaii desu ne (New Jersey)
Middle of the road (New Jersey)
Timbuctoo (New Jersey)
Take Me Out to the Ball Game (New Jersey)
Fountain Square (New Jersey)
Making the Run (New Jersey)

Sunday 2015-03-22:

A Chance Meeting (Pennsylvania)
A Convenient Cache (Pennsylvania)
Take a Bounce Around Town (Pennsylvania)
Calvert Hurdle Park (Pennsylvania)
Centre Square Park (Pennsylvania)
Ho Ho Ho Don't You Know, Never Eat the Yellow ____ (Pennsylvania)
Mood Indigo (Pennsylvania)
The Trail Less Traveled (Pennsylvania)
Penllyn Cache (Pennsylvania)
Token to the Taxman (Pennsylvania)
Penllyn Pike Trail (Pennsylvania)
Cedar Hill Woods Cache (Pennsylvania)
Wooded Pond Trail #3 (Pennsylvania)
Wooded Pond Trail #1 (Pennsylvania)
Wooded Pond Trail #2 (Pennsylvania)
Into The Woods (Pennsylvania)
R. I. P. (Pennsylvania)
2000:1000, 2:1 (Pennsylvania)
Lo' these troubled waters (Pennsylvania)
That's Just Plain Mean! (Pennsylvania)
MY FINAL CACHE (of 2014) (Pennsylvania)
Hidey Hole (3) (Pennsylvania)
Rock Pile (2) (Pennsylvania)
Guardian of the Parkway (Pennsylvania)
Wow, That Took Me A Minute (1) (Pennsylvania)
Forest for the Trees (Pennsylvania)
Submitted for Your Approval (Pennsylvania)
Campus Cache (Pennsylvania)

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