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LVGC Breakfast 2015, Lancaster LXX, York IV

This weekend was a breakout event after a snowbound winter. Other than a few patches of stubborn ice on the ground, all the signs of winter were gone and geocaches were once again revealed to the world. Saturday's excursion began with "LVGC Breakfast in the Valley 2015", a breakfast geocaching event at Borderline Restaurant in Bethlehem. After an eggs benedict and some conversation, I headed out eastwards into Bethlehem, Easton, Palmer, Forks. There was the "WPBP" series on the Wilson-Palmer Bike Path, which I started last year but didn't have time to finish. Well, I got nearly all of it on Saturday! Also, there were lots of geocaches placed in that area within the last six months, including the "Farmers view" series and the "Holiday Shopping" series. And I also got the "Challenge Park" trio, which I thought were all pretty easy challenges, except probably to new folks who haven't found enough caches to fill the requirements.

On Sunday, I started with some geocaches in Mountville and Columbia, to the west of Lancaster City, and then decided to expand my territory into York County. I'd actually been there a few years ago but thought that it was too far for a day trip. It actually isn't, compared to Lehigh Valley, except that the roads aren't as good so it feels like a longer trip. Since I hadn't been there in a while, there was a variety of geocaches, although mostly clustered around some shopping centers and a few major parks in East York, Springettsbury, and Spry. My overall impression of York is it isn't as interesting (in terms of culture, scenery, and variety of geocaches) as Lancaster but I haven't seen the other half of York, which may change my opinion. I loved that they got permission for those geocaches. I stopped at a fruit/vegetable market in Hallam to look for a geocache and the friendly store owner, who already knew about it, came out to say hello even though the store was actually closed on Sunday.

Saturday 2015-03-28:

LVGC Breakfast in the Valley 2015 (Pennsylvania)
Eighth Anniversary (Pennsylvania)
Twelve Step Program (more or less) (Pennsylvania)
The Wall (Pennsylvania)
Who Let the Dogs Out?! (Pennsylvania)
Walnut 1, 2, 3, or 4 (Pennsylvania)
BD I (Pennsylvania)
Challenge Park- Uncommon caches (Pennsylvania)
Challenge Park - Birthday month! (Pennsylvania)
Challenge Park- Tri State (Pennsylvania)
G.I. Army Ant - Bethlehem (Pennsylvania)
Play ball! (Pennsylvania)
Pine Barron (Pennsylvania)
Torpedo (Pennsylvania)
Hoof n' Mouth (Pennsylvania)
Holiday Shopping 4 (Pennsylvania)
Holiday Shopping 8, Blue Tools (Pennsylvania)
Holiday Shopping 3 (Pennsylvania)
7-10 Split (Pennsylvania)
Dude, Please Wash That Cup! (Pennsylvania)
Holiday Shopping 7, Orange Tools (Pennsylvania)
Holiday Shopping 9 (Pennsylvania)
NNN 2 (Pennsylvania)
The Seventh Balboa (Pennsylvania)
11.12.13 Hackett Park Hide (Pennsylvania)
WPBP 10 (Pennsylvania)
WPBP 11 (Pennsylvania)
WPBP 4 (Pennsylvania)
WPBP 1 (Pennsylvania)
WPBP 2 (Pennsylvania)
WPBP 3 (Pennsylvania)
WPBP 5 (Pennsylvania)
WPBP 6 (Pennsylvania)
Rat trap (Pennsylvania)
Crown plaza (Pennsylvania)
The SPA cache (Pennsylvania)
WPBP 9 (Pennsylvania)
why is every thing so green (Pennsylvania)
What a Lovely Large Mint You Have !!! (Pennsylvania)
Farmers view 6 (Pennsylvania)
Farmers view 4 (Pennsylvania)
Farmers view 3 (Pennsylvania)
Farmers view 2 (Pennsylvania)
Farmers view 1 (Pennsylvania)
One more tube (Pennsylvania)
Lower Mud Run Duck (Pennsylvania)
Upper Mud Run Duck (Pennsylvania)
Jurassic Attack's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Holiday Shopping 6 (Pennsylvania)
Holiday Shopping 5 (Pennsylvania)
Holiday Shopping 2 (Pennsylvania)
Holiday Shopping 1 (Pennsylvania)
Pieces of Pi (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2015-03-29:

Cafe cache (Pennsylvania)
A Plane Tree (Pennsylvania)
No tree here! (Pennsylvania)
Junk On The Trunk (Pennsylvania)
What's Next? (Pennsylvania)
Sit down and enjoy the view (Pennsylvania)
Don't forget to "bow" (Pennsylvania)
Sileo In Pacis - Mountville Multi (Pennsylvania)
S.O.S. - Branch Out (Pennsylvania)
Wiiiiiii (Pennsylvania)
Lucy's Favorite Walk III (My New Friend) (Pennsylvania)
Harry Potter IHO #4 (Pennsylvania)
Sileo In Pacis - Zion Hill Cemetery (Pennsylvania)
Inside The White Box #10 (Pennsylvania)
Don't hit the broad side (Pennsylvania)
York 100 - Grate Expectations (Pennsylvania)
ONE LANE BRIDGE (Pennsylvania)
Something Old, Something New (Pennsylvania)
Owen and Wil's Geocache fun (Pennsylvania)
Car Wash (Pennsylvania)
Holiday Lights (Pennsylvania)
Snake in a Tree (Pennsylvania)
LIAR DRAUG (Pennsylvania)
No Stamps Here!! (Pennsylvania)
BENCH (Pennsylvania)
YORK100+3=103 Here’s to you! (Pennsylvania)
What Is This? (Pennsylvania)
Faith 7 (Pennsylvania)
cache in the gaps #4 (Pennsylvania)
Cole's Behind (Pennsylvania)
BULL'S EYE (Pennsylvania)
KT'z Kache (Pennsylvania)
STP (Pennsylvania)
LPN #2 (Pennsylvania)
LPN #1 (Pennsylvania)
cache in the gaps #2 (Pennsylvania)
12 Days of Christmas - Day 8 (Pennsylvania)
RUTTER'S TB&TC HOTEL (Pennsylvania)
Annual.. Oh Joy!! (Pennsylvania)
Scenic York #2 (Pennsylvania)
Sierra Alpha Charlie (Pennsylvania)
Mill Creek Guard (Pennsylvania)
YELLOW BOX #1 (Pennsylvania)
Gooffy #3 (Pennsylvania)
Pack 50 TB Hotel (Pennsylvania)
Bottoms Up (Pennsylvania)
Wash Me! (Pennsylvania)
NKOTB #1 (Pennsylvania)
get well soon (Pennsylvania)
cache #1 (Pennsylvania)
cache #2 (Pennsylvania)
Block The Rocks (Pennsylvania)
Golden Cache (Pennsylvania)
Red Box #1 (Pennsylvania)
let it snow let it snow (Pennsylvania)
York 100 - In a Rut (Pennsylvania)

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