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South Jersey - Glassboro - Berlin, York V

For Saturday, I noticed a collection of new geocaches around Mullica Hill and Glassboro, so that's where I started. And the rest of the day was a trip around Turnersville, Williamstown, Waterford Works, Atco, and Berlin. I didn't intend for this to be a Weird NJ tour but that's how it went. There were a living room furniture set in the woods, a giant lumberjack (Mr. Bills Restaurant in Winslow), and the abandoned Atco drive-in.

Sunday was another trip to York after finding an Easter geocache in Lancaster. This time, I was on the north side of York, including Emigsville, Mount Wolf, Manchester, and part of West York. Easter was the perfect time for geocaching in York because nearly all the stores were closed for the holiday, so traffic wasn't so bad. On the other hand, it was a terrible time for getting dinner after geocaching because nearly all the restaurants were closed. So thank goodness there was a Chinese restaurant near the last geocache.

Saturday 2015-04-04:

Darby Derby (New Jersey)
A Savior Is Born (New Jersey)
Lamb Express (New Jersey)
Pony Express (New Jersey)
Zebra Express (New Jersey)
Wolf Express (New Jersey)
Pep Me Up (New Jersey)
Gotta Have it Fast (New Jersey)
Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner (New Jersey)
Bar Crawl 7 (New Jersey)
Lyrics Series-Led Zepplin: IV (ZoSo) (New Jersey)
He Shoots! He Scores! (New Jersey)
Troll's Cache (New Jersey)
Chase's Micro (New Jersey)
Irene Go Home (New Jersey)
Star Wars Planets : Dantooine (New Jersey)
Rocky Trail (New Jersey)
Hat Trick 5: Along the trail (New Jersey)
Owens Park #2: Music Trail Cache (New Jersey)
Another Flying Goose Cache-Williamstown (New Jersey)
The Buzz at Olympic Courts (New Jersey)
Volunteer Cache (New Jersey)
White Oak Branch WMA (New Jersey)
White Oak Branch (New Jersey)
Mr Bill's (New Jersey)
Trey's Memory Trail (New Jersey)
Gone Fishing (New Jersey)
shiny safety (New Jersey)
The Crazies Are Out (New Jersey)
Tunnel and Run (New Jersey)
Birch or Root Beer (New Jersey)
A Fishie Bramble (New Jersey)
Great Dane (New Jersey)
1/2 Way to No Where (New Jersey)
123ICU (New Jersey)
Ego Loop (New Jersey)
Drive in (New Jersey)
Feeling my way. (New Jersey)
Troop Cache (New Jersey)
Berlin P&G (New Jersey)
"ATF" (New Jersey)
Waiting on a friend... (New Jersey)
Where do we go from here? (New Jersey)
While we were out (New Jersey)
Foundinnj Hits 5,000! (New Jersey)

Sunday 2015-04-05:

Chocolate Easter Bunny (Pennsylvania)
I Hate These #4 (Pennsylvania)
Four Points (Pennsylvania)
Our Udders (Pennsylvania)
Senior Release #6 / More Rain (Pennsylvania)
What's the Score? (Pennsylvania)
Senior Release #4 (Pennsylvania)
Senior Release #1 (Pennsylvania)
York100/Hard Rock Cache (Pennsylvania)
If you hide it they will come #2 (Pennsylvania)
Roo's Rudy Way II (Pennsylvania)
Rabbit's Howse (Pennsylvania)
And the Sky Is Too...... (Pennsylvania)
12 Days of Christmas - Day 7 (Pennsylvania)
bubba's birthday cache (Pennsylvania)
Slow and Steady (Pennsylvania)
York100/Bop Til Ya Drop! (Pennsylvania)
ready set play (Pennsylvania)
cache in the gaps #3 (Pennsylvania)
It's About Time (Pennsylvania)
Cach in the Gaps 1 (Pennsylvania)
Quarles Kwik-E (Pennsylvania)
12 Days of Christmas - Day 12 (Pennsylvania)
12 Days of Christmas - Day 3 (Pennsylvania)
Rt. 83 TB Hop-a-ride 2 (Pennsylvania)
Senior Release #7 (Pennsylvania)
Senior Release #5 / Rainy Day (Pennsylvania)
12 Days of Christmas - Day 2 (Pennsylvania)
York100/Boardwalk (Pennsylvania)
don't you dread these (Pennsylvania)
Liberty Bell 7 in a sticky situation (Pennsylvania)
waterview in the park (Pennsylvania)
Johnston's Window (Pennsylvania)
Happy Hunting3 (Pennsylvania)
York100/Court of Valor (Pennsylvania)
'Eaven's Breath Chapel (Pennsylvania)
A Round Peg in a Round Hole (Pennsylvania)
That's No Bank Teller (Pennsylvania)
G R Bush (Pennsylvania)
York 100 - Clifford's Potty (Pennsylvania)
Sigma 7 (Pennsylvania)
Plumber's Nightmare (Pennsylvania)
Up On The Hill (Pennsylvania)
Hole-In-One (Pennsylvania)
Aurora 7 (Pennsylvania)
12 Days of Christmas - Day 11 (Pennsylvania)
Delco Plaza Guard Rail (Pennsylvania)
The Trackable Tavern! (Pennsylvania)
have it your way (Pennsylvania)
HOSSpitality (Pennsylvania)
my second home (Pennsylvania)

Tags: geocaching, lancaster county, south jersey, york county

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