Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

York VI, York VII, and Spring Grove

Saturday's trip started with a few geocaches near Strasburg and Ronks. Then I went to West York. I actually didn't think York was that great, especially when I got closer to the downtown area. So I decided to head out to the countryside. Spring Grove was more to my liking. There was a big collection of geocaches, all placed for the Spring Grove Geotour, and most of those were rather creative. The most remarkable one was the motorized geocache. I only needed to bring an AA battery to use the gadget to retrieve the cache and log. There was also a dinosaur head geocache (yes, just the head), a multi-room travel bug hotel, and a funny geocache warning sign.

Went to the York area again on Sunday. I decided not to skip ahead to areas beyond Spring Grove, so I went northwest from York to Shiloh, Weigelstown, Dover, and Wellsville. It was a mixed day with some hiking and some difficult geocaches but nothing remarkable.

Saturday 2015-04-11:

Clover Hill (Pennsylvania)
How Can You Be Ronks When There Ain't No Right? (Pennsylvania)
Mother's Day 2012 C & D (Pennsylvania)
BJ's C&D #2 (Pennsylvania)
Opening Doors (Pennsylvania)
Local Lure (Pennsylvania)
Got Walt? (Pennsylvania)
Cats Weclome! (Pennsylvania)
Horsin' Around (Pennsylvania)
yellow box #2 (Pennsylvania)
YORK100/PLAY-NO MORE (Pennsylvania)
Fill'er up (Pennsylvania)
SG How'd You Get Here? (Pennsylvania)
Graybill Cache (Pennsylvania)
Sunnyside GR (Pennsylvania)
SGGT14 - Prehistoric Wetlands (Pennsylvania)
Over the Ledge (Pennsylvania)
SGGT - Not the Music City (Pennsylvania)
SGGT14 - Little Creek Clay (Pennsylvania)
SGGT - Welcome to the Grove (Pennsylvania)
SGGT - Spring Forge Pines (Pennsylvania)
SGGT - HQ (Pennsylvania)
SGGT - Bet Your Aunt Doesn't Cook this Good! (Pennsylvania)
SGGT14 - Thistle Hill Travel Bug Hotel (Pennsylvania)
SGGT - Local Heros (Pennsylvania)
SGGT - Community Hub (Pennsylvania)
The Royal Treatment (Pennsylvania)
SGGT14 - Phillips Vision (Pennsylvania)
SGGT - Pop Goes the Cache (Pennsylvania)
SG Fathers Day Cache (Pennsylvania)
So What Do You Do Now?? (Pennsylvania)
SGGT - A Cache of Good and Evil (Pennsylvania)
SGGT - A Decaying Cache (Pennsylvania)
York 100/Jefferson (Pennsylvania)
SGGT - Frederick Kraft (Pennsylvania)
SGGT14 - Authorization Needed (Pennsylvania)
See the Stars in the Morning Sky (Pennsylvania)
06 Crash Cache (Pennsylvania)
YORK100/STOP RIGHT THERE (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2015-04-12:

Old Souls - Mountville Vets (Pennsylvania)
The Dead Golf Course (Pennsylvania)
Hi ho, up the hill we go (Pennsylvania)
Rock on (Pennsylvania)
A Grate Little Park (Pennsylvania)
Hidden in the Sunset (Pennsylvania)
Sunrise Sunset (Pennsylvania)
Sunset Park (Pennsylvania)
The Boardwalk — Linear Park II (Pennsylvania)
GeoFriends Rock! (Pennsylvania)
Hi-Lo the Derry-O (Pennsylvania)
Sign Me Up (Pennsylvania)
WE IS close to home! (Pennsylvania)
Swampy Or Not Swampy? That Depends On The Weather! (Pennsylvania)
My tree (Pennsylvania)
Kid of tinkergang's first hide (Pennsylvania)
S.O.S. ZONING OUT (Pennsylvania)
This little light of mine (Pennsylvania)
A Piece of History (Pennsylvania)
Giant Johnny Pump (Pennsylvania)
Happy Birthday Cache 2 (Pennsylvania)
Swing and a miss (Pennsylvania)
A Different Kind of "Letter"box Cache! (3323) (Pennsylvania)
Can you here me now? (Pennsylvania)
Civilian Pavilion (Pennsylvania)
Bench Warmers (Pennsylvania)
Honey I've Got The Runs (Pennsylvania)
why not? (Pennsylvania)
Caching Companions (Pennsylvania)
PRINDLEPALOOZA #10 (Pennsylvania)
Conewago Guardian (Pennsylvania)
YCF #6 (Warrington Township Municipal Park) (Pennsylvania)
workin" at the car wash (Pennsylvania)
Gifford Pinchot Rest Stop (Pennsylvania)
Friendly Meeting Place (Pennsylvania)
draven's cache (Pennsylvania)

Tags: geocaching, lancaster county, york county

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