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Red Lion Road CITO, DE Furbowl 57, Deer Accident

Saturday morning, I joined Delaware (and some Pennsylvania and New Jersey) geocachers in the "Red Lion Road Adopt a Highway CITO XII". It's a geocaching event to clean up Route 71 near Lums Pond. We met up at the start of the road by our "Adopt A Highway" sign. Then we split up into groups of 4 or so and each group took a 1/2-mile section of the road. It didn't look like there would be that much litter at first but I saw that whenever I went down the embankment from the road a bit, there were a lot of bottles and cans all over. So that's what I mostly did - I went up and down the embankment, filling up my trash bag multiple times. Then we trucked all those bags of trash back to the meeting spot and piled those up for DelDOT to pick up later. We put in about two hours of work but 30 people can pick up a lot of litter!

The rest of the day, I found a few local geocaches. Hiked a few miles in Middle Run, visited a scenic railroad bridge fishing area in Conowingo, and waded in a storm drain. (a geocache where slippers / flip-flops were useful) Then in the evening, I went to Delaware Furbowl 57. It's pretty amazing that a regular bowling meet has turned into a mini-convention with attendees from hundreds of miles away making a weekend trip of it. Had the opportunity to meet up with some folks I hadn't seen in years and also some new acquaintances I'd only contacted over Twitter before that. So that was fun.

On Sunday, I tried going to York via Maryland instead of via Lancaster, but actually spent most of the day in the Maryland countryside, around Jarrettsville, Monkton, White Hall, and Parkton, to the north of Hunt Valley where Fur 'the More used to be. Prettyboy Dam was the most scenic spot of the day and the red brain was the weirdest geocache of the day. Generally, I like the countryside better than the urban areas near Baltimore. People seem nicer too. Near the end of the day, I talked to someone living on a rural road, whose property was across the road from the cache. He seemed genuinely impressed by the assortment of caches in the countryside and the nearby town of New Freedom.

After dinner in York and dessert in Bird-in-Hand, I continued on my way home down Route 41. After I passed through Chatham, a deer ran out onto the road. I didn't even have time to react. The impact sounded like hitting a hard pillow. The deer fell over and slid some 50 feet onto the grassy roadside, where it twitched for half a minute before becoming motionless. (And unfortunately, I saw the death throes because the best place to pull over was right by where the deer slid to. What a nightmare.) You may notice, in the photo, a coil of red tubing around the deer. According to the state police, who inspected the deer and wrote the accident report, a likely reason the deer ran out onto the road is it got tangled up in that piece of trash and panicked.

As for my car, the right-side headlight assembly is pretty much a goner. Side panel is bent and there's a piece missing under the car too. However, I was still able to drive it home that night and to the body shop the next day for estimate and repair. I noticed the local Toyota dealership has a collision repair service tucked away in the back. I figured since I'd have to pay the deductible anyway no matter how I shopped around, I might as well get that done closer to home and hopefully by people more familiar with this make and model.

Saturday 2015-04-25:

Red Lion Road Adopt a Highway CITO XII (Delaware)
Climb On Up (Delaware)
The Bridge over Middle Run (Delaware)
Academy Kids Return (Delaware)
Racine A Long (Maryland)
Talk To Me Goose (Maryland)
Scrooge's New Hangout? (Maryland)
Coin Cache (Maryland)
Quarry Road Cache (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2015-04-26:

Don't Bark Up My Lane (Maryland)
Fields of Three (Maryland)
In The Holler (Maryland)
Deception: Halloween (Maryland)
Deception: Saint Patrick's Day (Maryland)
"The Village Smith(y)" (Maryland)
Tower View! (Maryland)
RAK #16 (Maryland)
In the Zone Country Drive #9 (Maryland)
In the Zone Country Drive #8 (Maryland)
Fly By The River (Maryland)
White Hall Toychest (Maryland)
Panther Branch Cache (Maryland)
tweener (Maryland)
RAK #12 (Maryland)
2 Hot Potato (Maryland)
Pole Position (Maryland)
Ein stück Graul-Gummi, bitte! (Maryland)
Masemore Bridge C&D (Maryland)
RAK #13 (Maryland)
Prettyboy Dam Cache (Maryland)
In the Zone Country Drive #2 (Maryland)
RAK #18 (Maryland)
In the Zone Country Drive #4 (Maryland)
In the Zone Country Drive #6 (Maryland)
In the Zone Country Drive #7 (Maryland)
RAK #14 (Maryland)
Parkton North (Maryland)
Squirrel's Cache Stash #1 (Maryland)
The Wheels On The Bus (Maryland)
A Homerun #2 (Pennsylvania)
Movember - Circle beard and mustache (Pennsylvania)
A Troll's Treasure (Pennsylvania)
Shrewsbury's Sudoku (Pennsylvania)
St. Pat's Lucky Hat (Pennsylvania)
JoJo the Magic Monkey (Pennsylvania)
OctobeR - R is for ruff (Pennsylvania)
Entering New Freedom (or Leaving...) (Pennsylvania)
Side-By-Side GR (Maryland)
O is for October (Maryland)
Movember - Fu Manchu (Pennsylvania)
RAK #8 (Maryland)
Railroad ballfields (Pennsylvania)
Birthday Cache (Pennsylvania)

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