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Binky Lee, Abandoned Rails, Lawrenceville Jubilee

Since I had a mascot gig the next day, I decided not to venture out too far on Saturday. There were some single-park clusters of geocaches in Chester Springs and Phoenixville, which were good since I could park the rental car in one place and do a loop hike. The Binky Lee Preserve had the first set of caches. (BL series) It's a nice area with mostly grassy paths. Not all of the 14 geocaches there were easy, although with some effort, I found them all, plus a short centipede. Getting to the next set of caches proved a bit tricky because a street fair closed off half of Phoenixville and there was a closed bridge on the alternate route that I thought of taking. Eventually, I did get around to the other side of the Schuylkill River to Mont Clare for the "Abandoned Rails" cache series.

Sunday was the Hi-4 mascot gig at Lawrenceville Jubilee. This is the town that treats us well when we do the gig. We used their Main Street office as a break / changing room and it was stocked with drinks and donuts. This year, I did the gig with Zokki the hyena and Phil E. The latter was not part of Hi-4, but represented the Philly Pretzel Factory. Anyway, the event was a street fair that is two blocks long this year, a bit bigger than the year before. There was a fairly big crowd with some turnover so we didn't see the same people each time we headed out from the break room.

The gig ended at 5pm, so I still had a few hours of daylight. I noticed some good trails near Lawrenceville, so I took a walk along the Lawrence Hopewell Trail and the D&R Canal towpath for a dozen geocaches. It's funny that I never knew about the side entrance to the D&R Canal towpath all those years I lived in New Jersey. Better map data does help a lot.

Saturday 2015-05-02:

Single Number (Pennsylvania)
BL 7. Jack Sprat (Pennsylvania)
BL 14 The Farmer In The Dell (Pennsylvania)
BL 1. Mary Had A Little Lamb (Pennsylvania)
BL 6. Hot Cross Buns (Pennsylvania)
BL 5. Hey Diddle Diddle (Pennsylvania)
BL 13 Simple Simon (Pennsylvania)
BL 12 Three Blind Mice (Pennsylvania)
BL 4. Georgie Porgie (Pennsylvania)
BL 11 This Little Piggy (Pennsylvania)
BL 3. Five Little Monkeys (Pennsylvania)
BL 2. Birds Of A Feather (Pennsylvania)
BL 9. A Sailor Went To Sea (Pennsylvania)
BL 10. Pease Porridge Hot (Pennsylvania)
BL 8. All Around The Mulberry Bush (Pennsylvania)
Please Release Me, Let Me Go (Pennsylvania)
Liberty, and Justice For All (Pennsylvania)
French Creek Trail East (Pennsylvania)
Rapps Dam Bridge Redux (Pennsylvania)
GPSr Depot (Pennsylvania)
Hooked-tooth Fish-eater (Pennsylvania)
A Cache of an Urgent Nature (Pennsylvania)
Green Tree #2 (Pennsylvania)
Green Tree #1 (Pennsylvania)
Abandon Rails Too (Pennsylvania)
Abandon Rails, Still (Pennsylvania)
Abandon Rail Finale (Pennsylvania)
Abandon Rail High Tension (Pennsylvania)
Abandon Rail North By Northeast (Pennsylvania)
Abandon Rails (Pennsylvania)
30 (Pennsylvania)
Suburban Jungle (Pennsylvania)
Back Door Friends (Pennsylvania)
Java Break (Pennsylvania)
A Park Ridge Cache (Pennsylvania)
Yum, Global Food (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2015-05-03:

Off the Beaten Path (New Jersey)
Cherry Bough (New Jersey)
Ivy League Pavillion (New Jersey)
K-Nine Kache (New Jersey)
A&Z's Treasure Box Cache (New Jersey)
Central Jersey - West (New Jersey)
12.25 (New Jersey)
A Hole Big Mess (New Jersey)
Hanging at the Inn (New Jersey)
Tangled Mess (New Jersey)
All Choked up (New Jersey)
Bent Tree (New Jersey)

Tags: chester county, geocaching, lawrenceville jubilee, mascot gig, mercer county

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