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York X: Southern York, North/Northeast Baltimore

This weekend was two days of not quite making it to Hanover, PA. Which is good because I need to make York County geocaches last a while longer so I don't keep going out farther and farther. On Saturday, I headed up through Maryland, first to Jarrettsville and then to Stewartstown, across the state line. The real treat though was Spring Valley County Park. It's a rough part of York County, full of unpaved roads, but the geocaches were good. A bit of a hike away from the parking area was a 13-year-old geocache, which is in surprisingly good condition. They don't hide those like they used to. Coordinates were rather soft, probably because those were read using a handheld GPSr from back in the day, but the cache was in a very likely spot so there wasn't an issue finding it. There was also a gnome house geocache. It's up a steep trail but worth the effort to see that.

On Sunday, I again planned to go to Hanover. However, when I took the White Marsh exit in Maryland, I saw that there were so many new geocaches since my last visit (I don't go to that area very often because of the $8 toll) that I decided to make a day of it. What's funny is geocachers here seem to love populating cemeteries with geocaches. I visited 3 cemeteries and quickly found all those caches, which were mostly short hops from cemetery roads.

I got my car back from the auto body shop on Friday, so it took only 3 days longer than the repair time estimate. It's like getting 1/3 of a new car since they had to replace quite a number of pieces in front that were damaged in the deer collision. I also noticed that they cleaned the interior and washed the floor mats, even though I didn't ask for that. So detailing must have been part of the repair package.

Saturday 2015-05-09:

Dancer (Maryland)
P.O. Box – Jarrettsville (Maryland)
Rutledge Smil(ie) (Maryland)
keep me on a leash (Pennsylvania)
pine grove (Pennsylvania)
A Ledge Above A Rutt (Maryland)
Blitzen (Blixem) (Maryland)
Warbler's Oasis (Maryland)
Snowball shack (Pennsylvania)
pinning for a smiley (Pennsylvania)
branch out for the new year (Pennsylvania)
Read A Book (Pennsylvania)
Rest In Peace (Pennsylvania)
At the bridge (Pennsylvania)
Twist and Stop (Pennsylvania)
Vittles here (Pennsylvania)
viewing hopewell (Pennsylvania)
bluebird reststop (Pennsylvania)
short eared owl lookout (Pennsylvania)
playing soccer (Pennsylvania)
Trash Walk (Pennsylvania)
Random Acts of Kindness (Pennsylvania)
In the Wildwood (Pennsylvania)
Maddy's GR Cache (Pennsylvania)
york100-stop for spring (Pennsylvania)
york 100- Hill Street Bridge (Pennsylvania)
Sprung At Spring Valley (Pennsylvania)
out for a ride (Pennsylvania)
Can there be any more Edges #5 (Pennsylvania)
Another Edge (Pennsylvania)
Dead End Edge (Pennsylvania)
Gnome Sweet Gnome (Pennsylvania)
end of the rail (Pennsylvania)
On The Edge - TB Hotel (Pennsylvania)
york100-is this road closed (Pennsylvania)
Streams Edge (Pennsylvania)
Can there possibly be any more edges??? #7 (Pennsylvania)
york 100 - fishing hole (Pennsylvania)
Rocky Top (Pennsylvania)
Grace's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Stine Hill Bridge (Pennsylvania)
William H. Kain Park & Grab (Pennsylvania)
PA Gas-N-Cache #1 (Pennsylvania)
Exit, stage left! (Pennsylvania)
El Árbol Cache (Pennsylvania)
NTC - Looks like a gnomon for a sundial (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2015-05-10:

Maryland House VII--Bushwhacker's Paradise (Maryland)
_______ Fried Chicken (Maryland)
Entling (Maryland)
B I N G O and BINGO was his name-o (Maryland)
Who Are These Men? (Maryland)
You Don't Want To Come In Here (Maryland)
Cone of Silence cache (Maryland)
In Memory: Orange Box Cache #9- White Marsh (Maryland)
Can You Hear Me Now? (Maryland)
A Giant Little Cache (Maryland)
A "WISE" Cache (Maryland)
Used to be a through road (Maryland)
Hiding in the Woods. (Maryland)
End of Silver Spring (Maryland)
Post 130 (Maryland)
Lord Byron (Maryland)
I am the god of War (Maryland)
Consonant Prescriptions Filled (Maryland)
Parkville-Carney Library (Maryland)
Ro Fo (Maryland)
Run For The Border! (Maryland)
Are You Loving It? (Maryland)
Easy Cache & Dash (Maryland)
Easy Cache & Dash 3 (Maryland)
Drink Up! (Maryland)
A Chiropractor Hide (Maryland)
Take Me To Church (Maryland)
Bay Bucks Behind Booyah (Maryland)
Radio Bits & Pieces (Maryland)
I'll "guard" your dollar. (Maryland)
King of the Hill (Maryland)
An Unexpected View (Maryland)
Wally's Watching (Maryland)
We're Watching Wally Too! (Maryland)
Easy Cache & Dash 2 (Maryland)
Running On Empty (Maryland)
Rite Under The Sign (Maryland)
Have It Your Way! (Maryland)
Friends in Lowes Places (Maryland)
Sunny Side MC3 (Maryland)
Sunny Side MC1 (Maryland)
Sunny Side MC2 (Maryland)
Indoor Love (Maryland)
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained (Maryland)
Vanguard before Garden of Honor (Maryland)
No Time for Regrets (Maryland)
Mausoleum for a View (Maryland)
Hello Darkness, my old friend... (Maryland)
Mr.Magoo Can Find Me, Can You? (Maryland)
I need a sign ! (Maryland)
Time to make the donuts (Maryland)
Grab & Go (Maryland)
The Get Well Soon Cache! (Maryland)
In Time It Will Bloom (Maryland)
We All Have Our Crosses To Bear (Maryland)
The Wall of Prayer (Maryland)
A knot in time (Maryland)
Lifehacksss Park and Grab Cache 2 (Maryland)
Austin's Storytime Cache (Maryland)
No Where Left To Go (Maryland)
Gottahava ryhmes with MaMa! (Maryland)
Pikachu (Maryland)
A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down (Maryland)
The "Envious" Cache (Maryland)

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