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Still not getting to Hanover and the mascot gig that didn't happen

On Saturday, I still didn't quite get to Hanover, although I have to say that it's been fun not getting there and I've already found many times the number of geocaches in Hanover on the way. This time, I visited two areas. First was the White Marsh / Parkville / Towson / Hunt Valley area to pick up a few new geocaches since last week and get some others that I missed on last weekend's trip. Interesting cache sites included the one where I snuck up behind the Korean War Memorial Highway sign on Route 43 and another near a stone goose whose costume changes by the season. The weird cache in the collection was the zombie hand.

After that, I headed to northern Baltimore County to Parkton and Freeland. There were a number of creative and funny geocaches in that area too. The funniest one was the outhouse geocache. Which was occupied. Oops! :)

On Sunday, I went to Point Pleasant Beach to do a mascot gig for CFF Great Strides. Or attempted to do a mascot gig, rather. When I got there, I found that the event organizers did not have the key to the bandstand, which we were supposed to use as the changing area. No changing area meant no mascot gig because we can't just get into costume outside and we'd have nowhere to rest and cool off between sets. So we had to call it off. Oh well. Still, I had fun and danced, out of costume, to a few songs the DJ played. It's an outdoor party, after all.

There wasn't any point in staying to the end of the event so I left at around noon and went for Plan B. I hit a bunch of geocaches in Point Pleasant, Lakewood, Brick, and Toms River, focusing on the areas near Route 88. Got a decent number of geocaches before dinnertime despite fighting the Sunday shopping traffic along that corridor almost the whole time.

Saturday 2015-05-16:

Members only wall (Maryland)
Korean War Memorial Cache (Maryland)
Take a Gander (Maryland)
I Pine For Wally (Maryland)
"Hohne" in on this Cache (Maryland)
Get in the Zone (Maryland)
P.O. Box - Parkville (Maryland)
Tall Cedars (Maryland)
Standing Guard (Maryland)
P.O. Box - Loch Raven (Maryland)
Flip Your Lid (Maryland)
The Thrifty Will Find Me (Maryland)
McGrubbin' (Maryland)
Here's Your Sign (Maryland)
This Cache Rocks (Maryland)
Looking for Lincoln #3 (Maryland)
Lefty's Right Hand Man (Maryland)
Beaver dam overlook (Maryland)
Leaping not reccomended (Maryland)
Backstage C&D (Maryland)
RAK #5 (Maryland)
RAK #17 (Maryland)
“A Sweet Piece of Fun” Trivia (Maryland)
Don't Fence Me In (Maryland)
DO BEARS _______ IN THE WOODS? (Maryland)
Calamity's "Mechanical Drawing 101" (Maryland)
Stop! There's Spooks on the Hill!! (Maryland)
Guardians of the Cache #6 (Maryland)
The Easter Bunny Hunt (Egg #3) (Maryland)
Guardians of the Cache #3 (Maryland)
RAK #10 (Maryland)
RAINBOW Cache (Maryland)
" Animated TV" Trivia (Maryland)
Take A Hike (Maryland)
FAMILY FUN Series-"Fairyland" (Maryland)
Old and Worn Out (Maryland)
Guardians of the Cache #5 (Maryland)
Hoffmanville Guard (Maryland)
RAK #24 (Maryland)
RAK #23 (Maryland)
In the Zone Country Drive #10 (Maryland)
RAK #22 (Maryland)
RAK #21 (Maryland)
River Valley Guard (Maryland)
Tooter (Maryland)
St. Peter's Guard (Maryland)
Trail Of Memories (Maryland)

Sunday 2015-05-17:

A tribute cache (New Jersey)
Smiley's are Fun to Find. (New Jersey)
Bailey asks "Where did that hospital go?" (New Jersey)
Sweet Shore Swag (New Jersey)
RT88 #6 (New Jersey)
RT88 #5 (New Jersey)
Point Pleasant Stop & Cache (New Jersey)
Just a LIGHT Hike (New Jersey)
RT88 #3 (New Jersey)
0 BAILEY Caches Here Till Now (New Jersey)
The Easy One (New Jersey)
RT88 #2 (New Jersey)
A Good Ol' P&G (New Jersey)
BAILEY C'S KAYAKS ON A LOVELY DAY (Double Redux) (New Jersey)
Bailey Target's a Turkey (New Jersey)
Nobody's Business But The Turks (New Jersey)
Bailey's Area 57 (New Jersey)
Jken324's 14th Hide (New Jersey)
It's Thanksgiving, Mr. Brown! (New Jersey)
Snow Insurance (New Jersey)
cone (New Jersey)
Miscellaneous Cache in Toms River (New Jersey)
Holly Oaks (New Jersey)
Through the looking glass (New Jersey)
For Princess's Only! (New Jersey)
just beyond the limits (New Jersey)
Nestled in the Trees (New Jersey)
Is It Your Turn? (New Jersey)
Fireplaces No More (New Jersey)
Take a Break (New Jersey)
Coffee, But Not These Donuts (New Jersey)
TIGHT END (New Jersey)
If U Seek Amy (New Jersey)
Drum Point View (New Jersey)
Helistop (New Jersey)
coleg100's first cache (New Jersey)
The Easy One 2 (New Jersey)

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