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York XI - Hanover Finally, York XII, Lancaster LXXI, and the bad brake

On Saturday, I headed up towards Hanover again via I-83 from Baltimore. There were still a bunch of geocaches to do before getting to Hanover. Those were mostly in Codorus State Park, itself a notable destination judging by the crowd and the two wedding receptions that day. (While looking for a geocache near a parking area, I overheard someone giving directions: "Go down the road. You'll see a Wedding sign but that's not ours...") After that, the next stop was Hanover town. Finally! It was everything I expected. The HGT series of caches is the Hanover Geo Trail. It's placed in a style similar to the Spring Grove GeoTour and highlights historic and other notable sites around Hanover. I got most of those caches in a day, although there are still enough for another trip out to southwest York County.

On Sunday, before continuing on to York County, I hit some downtown Lancaster geocache sites. There were a bunch of caches near some interesting public art sculptures: the lion fountain (the cache was actually hidden in his... uhh... no-no spot. :) ), bronze kids and dog sculpture, and Silent Symphony. (kinetic sculpture that spins in the wind) After a few more caches around the Lancaster suburbs, I continued onwards to York County. I got up to York Haven when the right rear brake locked up and the wheel wouldn't move. Fortunately, the car was on a quiet street when that happened. So I left it there and took a walk around York Haven for a few geocaches before calling AAA for a tow back home. The tow truck driver suggested that simply disconnecting the brake line may release the brake.

Saturday 2015-05-23:

Buddha Tree (Maryland)
Dead Zone (Maryland)
Cold Bottom (Maryland)
RAK #7 (Maryland)
Bad Day At Black Rock (Maryland)
Falls Road Lunch Time C&D Series #7 (Maryland)
1 Hot Potato (Maryland)
York 100/St.Jacob's (Pennsylvania)
Nano's nano (Pennsylvania)
Manheim Magic (Pennsylvania)
York100/Manheim ,St Jno's (Pennsylvania)
Welcome 1 (Pennsylvania)
The key cacheing in Schuylkill (Pennsylvania)
Guard Me (Pennsylvania)
SGGT14 - Keep Calm and Join the Band (Pennsylvania)
let it snow #2 (Pennsylvania)
HGT - Get a Leg Up (Pennsylvania)
HGT – Scoutmaster Bob's Cache (Pennsylvania)
HGT - A Thing of the Past (Pennsylvania)
HGT - Come Fly With Me (Pennsylvania)
I have Gas (Pennsylvania)
SGGT14 - Bird Brained (Pennsylvania)
Princess Natalie (Pennsylvania)
HGT - Lower the Boom-Can You Hear Me (Pennsylvania)
WildMed Bowman (Pennsylvania)
Hillside Pines (Pennsylvania)
Wally World C&D (Pennsylvania)
Wheres The Lumber? (Pennsylvania)
HGT - Fisher Crouse House (Pennsylvania)
HGT - This Could Be A Cheesy One (Pennsylvania)
wheres the pizza (Pennsylvania)
The Great Black Rose City (Pennsylvania)
Four (Now Three) (Pennsylvania)
Bullseye Hanover (Pennsylvania)
Hungry For A C&D? (Pennsylvania)
*Round and Round on 4* (Pennsylvania)
HGT - Ancient Wonders (Pennsylvania)
No More Peanuts (Pennsylvania)
York 100 - Neas House (Pennsylvania)
HGT - Slow and Steady (Pennsylvania)
HGT – Custer’s First Stand (Pennsylvania)
It's Not Shocking Has Moved (Pennsylvania)
Under the Bridge (Pennsylvania)
Bear Left (Pennsylvania)
Fix your ouchies (Pennsylvania)
Drive-Thru (Pennsylvania)
Soccer Anyone (Pennsylvania)
Great Clips (Pennsylvania)
An American Tribute # Tuklo (Pennsylvania)
Remote (Pennsylvania)

Sunday 2015-05-24:

Paul Revere comes to Amish Country (Pennsylvania)
GBGT- The Lake House (Pennsylvania)
All Weather Cache (Pennsylvania)
Torqueo Leonis Cauda II (Pennsylvania)
Stop...check the meter. (Pennsylvania)
In the Sight of the Steeple (Pennsylvania)
NTC - Cinco de L.O.S.T.o #5 (Pennsylvania)
Silent Symphony (Pennsylvania)
NTC - You won't make par from here (Pennsylvania)
NTC - Package Deal (Pennsylvania)
NTC - Fishing for a grate find (Pennsylvania)
Lucy's Favorite Walk IV (My Park) (Pennsylvania)
Bearly off the road...Again! (Pennsylvania)
12 Days of Christmas - Day 6 (Pennsylvania)
Concrete Anyone? Too (Pennsylvania)
Cache Builder # 4 (Pennsylvania)
Logan's cache (Pennsylvania)
chicken, chicken (Pennsylvania)
azalea's cache (Pennsylvania)
stay awhile (Pennsylvania)

Tags: automotive issues, geocaching, lancaster county, york county

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